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Landin’ at Lanvin Paris, France

So Much Stimuli in One Condo

Yesterday, I surfed for the first time in a few months. It was extremely fun and nice to get LOTS of fresh air on a weekend. Today, many bones in my body are hurtin’, so back at the computer.  Actually a bit overstimulated at the moment, TV is playing Blood and Chocolate, Radio is coming from my iPhone to the Beats Pill playing Chilltrax from somewhere in the World and yes, computer is also on blasting the Lanvin fashion show, as I read about Lanvin in M-The new class of Man Spring 2014.  The newest research says it’s better not to multi-task anymore. HA! When it all goes well together, it works well. They’re probably talking about multi-tasking while attempting to do very different elements of intrigue at the same time.

Out of all the different stimuli surrounding me, I picked the Lanvin Fall/Winter 2013-14 Runway Show to provide you with today.

Highlights include:

    • Big Backpacks:  Designers are pushing the Hi-End Backpack. In December 2013, I saw a Givenchy Backpack at Barney’s for over $1,000. Wonder how much these BP’s go for? When did Backpacks go from carrying books and pencils to school to the runway?  Crazy Eh?
    • Very Tight Ultra Skinny Trousers: These practically look like they are painted on. I like the fact that you can see the Kicks even better with the pants like this. They  look like they were sown directly on to the models. Probably a look that would work in Paris. Maybe just a tad uncomfortable.
    • Baggy, Long Big Bottom Pants: The Complete opposite of the skinny Jean.  These are so long they hit the floor near the ankle. Interesting look, yet too hard to see the shoes. And Hey, which trend is the trend? Tight and Skinny or Long and Baggy?  Hmm.
    • Colors: My favorite Blacks and Greys. Along with Taupe with matching Backpack, a bit of Red and a tad of white and off whites hues.
    • My Favorite Look:  The grey double-breasted Jacket that is short, cut off at the waist. With the pants that are tailored and cropped around the ankles.
    • Shoes:  I’m a sucker for white soled shoes and the beginning of the show has many of these, along with what looks like a slightly flourescent yet muted green sole. I also like the Cordovan boots. Nice contrasting color with the various shades of the pants. There are some white boots you may notice, those are just a bit too bright for my personal taste. But they do make a statement if that’s the look you’re looking for.
    • The Music:  Just chill enough to be up beat at the same time. Nice choice.

Before showing you some of my favorite White Soled Shoes, here’s a pretty funny quote from the Glossary area of the FYMW Book:

Vibrams: A particular brand of rubber soles. One popular version is their white wedge or “Cristy” sole seen on the boots of dudes whose pictures end up on the internet.  

Here are some of my favorite White Soled Shoes and Kicks. Note: The Rick Owens aren’t really mine, I took the picture of my feet in them at Barneys NYC.

streetzblog in Rick Owens Kicks

Rick Owens Ramones in Leather with White Rubber soles.


Grenson-Fred-Black Calfskin Leather/White Vibram Sole. Made in England. Bought at Barneys NYC. Jeans..Models Own.

Streetzblog in Black and White Soled JUMP Kicks

Black Patent/Whit Sole JUMP Sneakers from their boutique in Soho, NY. Carpet is from a room in the Roosevelt Hotel in NY.


Retro Air Jordan 3’s Black Cement-White trim

Green black white sole-Converse

Green and Black Converse All Stars with nice white sole. These are on my wish list.

Camo White sole-Nordstrom

Camo Dress Shoes with White Sole. Saw these at Nordstrom in Dec 2013. Tried them on but they didn’t quite fit. Too Bad. Could have worn these to work.

Streetzblog-ECCO-White Sole 2014

Ecco-Sporty Dress Shoe/Sneaker all in One. With White Sole. I do own these. Wore them to work 1x. I like hi-tops better. But will try them again one day.

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