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Spring it on at H&M

Get your H&M Look for Spring

With H&M arriving to Waikiki about a week ago and it being just 10 minutes from where I live, I figured I’d track down the looks you may see at the new store.  First up is the Spring Men’s Lookbook, second the Spring Women’s Lookbook and third, upcoming Swimwear by David Beckham for H&M.


Hot & Playful Men’s Lookbook Spring 2014

For Men, I did see some of these looks at the new store. The bag he has is in black, the one I kept thinking they must have somewhere. They did have the brown last week and it was on sale with the Red Dot, great price, but I really do need black. I also noticed the floral prints both in the video and in the store. Although, I didn’t see the stylish over the knee day shorts at the store. I just might need to pop on back down there this weekend.  I was just telling someone that Tower Records used to be the place to hang on Saturday nights, I think H&M might be my new favorite. Well, at least on Sats I don’t have a glamorous party or premiere to go to. (Kinda’ Like Tonight).

For Women, I like the short sexy shorts and the stunning green dress is quite nice and would fit the Hawaii vibe quite well. When I checked out the women’s section of H&M, I didn’t notice too many of the clothes except a pretty dope Swedish House Mafia shirt. And I did see that they had an amazing amount of Golden Accessories. Maybe next time I’ll have more time to peruse the women’s area.  At least that way I can keep my self out of the Men’s area for a few minutes and stay within budget..LOL

Sauve & Sexy Women’s Lookbook Spring 2014

May 22nd is the debut of David Beckham Swimwear Summer 2014

These are very, very small. Must be for Southern France or Brazil. I rarely see anyone in anything this small in Waikiki. Could also be H&M’s marketing machine in full motion. Showing Beckham in such short swimwear probably garnered H&M a lot of shares, re-blogs and editorial from many world-wide media machines.

David has some really nice ink, all black and grey which looks quite nice. Did you know that on his left arm he has his wife’s name, Victoria Beckham in Sanskrit and it has an extra H?  Victoria is spelled Vihctoria  I say, no biggie, it still looks very nice. And since he’s added so many more tattoos since he got it, who knows, it may have been tricked out and fixed up by now. BTW: Rihanna  has two prayer Sanskrit tats, the newest is also misspelled. I don’t have any Sanskrit Tats, but I do have an Om Nama Shivaya on the back of my left arm. One day a nice Hindu man that I worked out at the gym with asked me about it. I told him: It was a pretty cool Krishna Das Tune.  He next told me the whole story of Good and Evil and what the saying really meant-Wow! I’d be like the worst person on a Tattoo TV show. When I like something I just get it. I have 14 tattoos and no real in-depth stories about any of them.

Becks short swim shorts

The swimwear is getting a bit longer. Here is the second of three pictures from the collection.

Becks Medium short swim shorts

And the Third Shot features a pair of trunks in trend with the 13-26 year old surfers at the moment. A tad above the knee. Me, I’m waiting for the 4th picture with the swimwear that goes a little below the knee. Many people like me grew up with MIchael Jordan and his baggy, longer shorts  I always try on my swimwear before I buy them to make sure they cover my knee. I do need to say that mine aren’t as baggy as they used to be, but I still feel much more comfortable with them a bit below my knee.  I suspect with these pictures, most people weren’t really looking at the clothes all that much. So, you got Streetzblog to let you know a bit more  about them.  Hey and maybe since it’s Hawaii and it’s swimwear, Becks may come for a visit in late May.  I know he stopped by the Times Square H&M a couple months ago. It could happen and if he does make it here, I am going to make sure he gets  a Starbecks shirt for himself and his entire family. I still have about 150 of them in my house. The female Japanese tourists turned out to be the biggest market for them, thus I don’t have any Smalls or Mediums left, just a pretty big box full of L, XL and XXL.  On that one, I didn’t know my market as well as I should have.  Although, I sure have had good fun with the shirts, so all is well.

Becks longer Swim Shorts

H&M is known for being on trend and in the moment, thus pictures two and three will probably do quite well. Picture one, most likely in certain portions of the world, possibly where you live?  What do you think of H&M’s Spring line,  Beckham and/or the new line of trunks? See you on the streetz and hopefully at the beach!

*Note: I do recommend getting  a pair of Beckham’s Sleeping pants. I have a pair of dark navy and they are extremely comfortable, were a an awesome price and they are holding up quite well.  He also has quite comfortable T’s and some brand new designs in the Sleepwear/Pajama or the newest word for this category: Lounge Wear section of H&M including some pretty cool and comfy Navy, Grey, Green and black colored fabrics.

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