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We Are One

Image courtesy of the LA Clippers Website-Tuesday April 29, 2014


Who’s in the Shoes?

Who Can You Spot?

It’s really fun to watch this Nike Winner Stays video.  There are many famous Soccer/Football players, plus cameos from a bunch of other Celebrity’s and Sports Stars. Take a Look-See and find out who you can spot.  So Far, I’ve seen Kobe, Rooney and Ronaldo. Fun and entertaining. Who do you see?  Who is missing?  Let me know in the comments section. Kind of like Where’s Waldo for 2014. Have Fun!

I know who I think is missing-David Beckham, but I bet he wears Adidas? Yeah, he’s an Adidas guy. Oh Well.

The Guys with the Pearl Necklace

TrendCity or NotReally?

The latest trend in Men’s Jewelry is the Pearl necklace rocked by both Mega-Man of the Moment Pharrell and the longest standing Main Man of Hip-Hop Jay-Z. What do you think of this trend?  Rock or Not?

I like pearls, especially the black opalescent Tahitian Pearls and some of the other pearls that change with the light. They are really dope when the light hits them and they completely change color. I say R-O-C-K.

Check out Jay-Z’s kicks, they look to me to be the He Got Game Kicks that Jesus Shuttlesworth/Ray Allen wore and were the most spotted Retro Jordan’s in NYC by Streetzblog in December 2013. I may need to get a pair of those. They keep popping up and being seen by me way too much.

Well, this is a hard one to admit, but I rocked some Pearls 17 years ago.  I wore them to a family dinner in the suburbs of Chicago. I thought they looked real solid and something a Rock Star would wear. They were a strand of Greyish Black Pearls with a nice Silver chain. I seriously thought they looked very stylish. But, man I got teased right and left that night. I doubt I can find them now, but I did really have a nice lookin’ Pearl necklace. I think I nabbed it from my sister..LOL.

And if it means anything, I’ve been wearing a small dark pearl earring and an opalescent Pearl earring in by left ear since November 2013. My Diamond is still in my right ear. I’d like to take credit for the new trend or no trend. But, let’s give the props to Pharrell and Jay-Z.

This is not a commercial, but if you would like to get some Pearl earings  or a necklace, Check out Na Hoku Jewelry at Ala Moana Center and make sure you ask for my favorite friendly store Sales Associate, SallyAnne. I always get my charms for my mom from her and I bought my two Pearl earrings from her too. It’s not nearly as fun as seeing her in person, but you can check them out on-line if you live outside of Oahu.

What do you think of the Pearls on guys Look?  LMK.  See you this weekend at the Harlem Globetrotters, University of Hawaii, and of course..either at the new H&M in Waikiki or Ala Moana Shopping Center.

*This trend was spotted and tipped off to me by my friend Rolanda.

Nothin’ but Noten

Dries Van Noten Men’s Fall/Winter 2014 Runway Show Paris, France

Day-Glo Yellow/Green, some Plums and Purples, Greens, Blues and my favorite high frequency theme color for the season, more Greys & Grays and a bit  of Black. All accompanied by an up dated remix of the Rolling Stones tune…Sympathy for the Devil. Thanks to Fashion TV for the clip and WWD for the info on where the show took place..the former stables underneath the Grand Palais.  Seems like the Grand Palais is a place I need to add to my bucket list.

Don’t forget to take the Grey or Gray Survey, by the time 50 Shades of Grey comes out on February 14, 2015, we’ll  find out if you like it spelled Grey or Gray? So far, I’ve either found our made up 84 (As of 4/20/14) ways to say the word grey, I suspect by 2015, we will be way above 100, have fun adding to the list and we’ll mention your website/blog with a pingback to your site. Get ready for an upcoming post on Spring suits for Men See you on the Streetz. Happy Easter and Happy Week to you, your friends, family, co-workers and school-mates.

Spring into Style

MDA Soiree 2014


MDA Spring Soiree 2014

Last Saturday April 11, 2014 marked the beginning of Spring with the 15th Annual MDA Spring Soiree. Each year, this event marks the night that everyone wears the newest styles and fashions for the coming Spring and Summer Months.  This year the invitation said Black Tie or Sparkle.  Here’s a few pictures on how the crowd interpreted this theme.  Along with the Fashion and Style pix are some beautiful shots of Waikiki to help you enjoy the atmosphere of this year’s party. For Additional pictures of this years Soiree, check out Honolulu Pulse.


Stay Cool and look Great in these Spring Time Suits

Guys if you’re looking to stay cool and look hot this Spring. Check out  some of the following Spring suits  from Bonobos for some nice options. The Cool Cottons and stylish seersucker suits are guaranteed to help you stay nice and comfy, yet still very stylish for the warmer weather Soirees, Yard parties, Roof partying or just kickin’ it on a Saturday night.

Let’s check out some of the newer very on trend Cotton suits.

I’m digging these seersucker suits, especially the navy blue.

Or you can be traditional and stick to the wool suits updated in the newer slimmer cuts. They carry various Wools from 110’s to 130’s. See more here.


Or you can cut it up with the Is this trending this year or last year’s double-breasted suit. I think It doesn’t really matter, If you look good in something wear it. And these DB’s are slimmer and sleeker than the suits from 10 years ago. I remember huge shoulder pads and fairly baggy fits on the older double-breasted suits. These are slimming and cut for the Modern Dude.  Oh and make sure you keep them buttoned when standing, then you can unbutton them while sitting. Although I do like watching David Letterman at night especially because he’s from NY, it drives me crazy when he doesn’t button up his DB’s. I sometimes catch my self screaming at the TV for him to button up, but of course I know he can’t hear me. Maybe, he’ll read streetzblog and start buttoning up his Double-Breasted suits.

Check out this nice Dark Navy wool DB suit. the fit is quite nicely tailored, which produces a great silhouette for many a body shape.

If you look good in DB's, wear them. This is cut so sleek it almost looks like a single breasted suit from this photo angle

If you look good in DB’s, wear them. This is cut so sleek it almost looks like a single breasted suit from this photo angle

The Modern Fitted Double -Breasted Suit. Make sure you keep it buttoned up for Ultimate style!

The Modern Fitted Double-Breasted Suit. Make sure you keep it buttoned up for Ultimate style!

If you get invited to a Black Tie Gala Bonobos even has some tux’s for you. These are also cut close to the body and look crisp, clean and ready to Rock at your next party.

Black Tie means Black tie. This is what you should be wearing. You can always turn it up a bit with a fancy pocket square.

Black Tie means Black tie. This is a great choice for you to wear. You can always turn it up a bit with a fancy colored pocket square.

Colorful Pocket Squares for your next Soiree, Garden Party, Roof Top Gathering or Wedding

Colorful Pocket Squares for your next Soiree, Garden Party, Roof Top Gathering or Wedding

Another Black tie Affair Suit/Tux. This one with a very nice lining.

The Black Single Breasted Tux with a very nice lining.

I hope some of these options help you out when you’re getting ready for your next Spring or Summer Event. See you on the streetz or maybe at a Spring or Summer party. I wouldn’t mind being invited to a Roof Top Gig, I’ve never been to one of those before. I’m personally thinking about getting the Seersucker suit or the navy Double-Breasted. What is your favorite look?

Trad Ivy meets Big Time Street

Brooks Brothers hooks up with Supreme NYC


Street and Skate Store Supreme has teamed up with traditional Ivy League Brooks Brothers for a Bold and pretty darn stylish Seersucker release featuring the jacket seen above and matching pants. As you can see the Jacket has the Red and White Supreme tag along side the classic Dark Navy and white Brooks Brothers Tag on the sleeve.  I suspect these are two tags that will stay on most buyers sleeve as they rock this look for Spring 2014.

The picture above appeared on the Supreme London Store Manager’s Instagram @mrjagger_  After researching it a bit on the net, it seems it’s a picture taken from an article in an upcoming issue of the UK’s Man About Town Magazine. The release date of the Jacket and pants still seems to be a mystery. Update: Monday April 28, 2014.  The Seersucker suit will be available in store NY, LA, London and on-line Thursday May 1, 2014. Available in Japan on Saturday May 3, 2014.  Price $549.  While doing this blog posting I noticed that most Supreme drops are on Thursdays. More pix of the  suit here.

The April 10 newspaper edition of WWD confirms that this jacket along with a pair of trousers will be released soon by the two Mega Brands.  According to WWD the lining will have a black and white star pattern and the suits silhouette is Brooks Brothers’ slimmer and younger Fitzgerald model.  The two piece seersucker suit will be available at Supreme.  From what I’ve seen during my December trips to NYC, Supreme has some pretty long lines for their limited edition Shirts and Kicks. I would suspect a BIG line for this gear. And I kinda’ doubt it will show up on their on-line boutique. But it’s for sure worth a try to look and find out. I wonder if like the shirts and kicks;  if this suit goes for double or triple on E-Bay? My vote would be yes.  And Yeah, I admit it would also keep the tags on it and wear it out of the house just like the picture above.

Brooks Brothers has done some things with Junya Watanabe in the past and they typically work with designer Thom Browne with their Black Fleece label.

Supreme has collab’d with many including Nike, North Face Comme des Garcons, Vans,  Champion and in 2011 they worked with Adam Kimmel on an unlined black and navy two button suit jacket and pants made from Italian cotton Twill.  I think that this Seersucker collab is a Big Time Winner for both the younger and older fans of both brands especially the Supreme followers.  I could see this jacket worn by many a bike courier and fashion designer in NYC and by many others in various professions throughout the world.  Streetzblog recommend that you should get this very stylish suit collab if you can!

Here’s a pic of the Adam Kimmel x Supreme Black and Navy two button suit Jackets with custom fitting pants. Picture is courtesy of

Adam Kimmel x Supreme Spring  2011

Have a Good Friday and a Happy Easter.  If you get a chance check out my radio show this Saturday April 19th from 3p-6p Hawaii Time on You can catch it on the tune in app or by going directly to  See you on the Streetz, on the radio, at church and at the Beach this weekend.

Here’s the most up to date picture of the suit (Monday April 28, 2014/Picture courtesy of Supreme)




Will the Jordan XX9 help you jump higher?

Jordan XX9 Preview

Jordan 29 Black Orange and Ice Blue sole-Nike

Here is a preview of the new Jordan XX9. I was wondering where the 29’s were when the February 2014 All-Star Game happened. Nike typically releases their newest Jordan in conjunction with the NBA ASG. I don’t know when these come out, but it’s now April, February was a bit back. I doubt we have to wait until Feb 2015?

I do really like the fact that the Jordan brand went back to naming the shoes with numbers. When they screwed up and made up a new name instead of number for the shoe, I just boycotted and didn’t buy them. I’m so glad they have gone back to 28 then 29. Next one will be 30 which undoubtedly will be a BIG release.

The huge highlights of the 29’s is they have the design woven directly into the shoe and boast a special plate on the sole that should help you explode into the air, easier and with more propulsion. Hearing Tinker Hatfield tell us this, isn’t quite as awesome as seeing Michael Jordan actually doing it. But maybe, these will really help you jump like an NBA Baller? I know when I wore my V’s back in the day I could jump higher because the Ad campaign told me I could. Now maybe, the shoe will actually help everyone jump higher. For me the placebo effect of knowing I could Be Like Mike worked perfectly well.

Because back in the 80’s It was the Shoes that made me jump so high! I believed it and I seriously came one quarter of an inch from hitting the rim in the Jordan 5’s. Most of the time I hit the middle of net, but that one summer I did come very close to a real D-U-N-K!

With the XX9’s, we’ll just need to wait and see and give them a try when they do come out. I like the Black, Big Orange Jumpman and Ice Blue sole colorway. The other, ahh not so much, looks like a retro 3 mixed with a Gen release. Wonder how they hold up in the rain? Will they finally come out with some wider widths? Will these help you jump higher? Will you cop em? LMK. See you on the Streetz, maybe the court and this weekend for sure at the Beach. Happy Easter!

Hawaii’s Top Two for Memorial Day

Next stop is Hawaii for Top Model and Hot DJ


Landin’ at Lanvin Paris, France

So Much Stimuli in One Condo

Yesterday, I surfed for the first time in a few months. It was extremely fun and nice to get LOTS of fresh air on a weekend. Today, many bones in my body are hurtin’, so back at the computer.  Actually a bit overstimulated at the moment, TV is playing Blood and Chocolate, Radio is coming from my iPhone to the Beats Pill playing Chilltrax from somewhere in the World and yes, computer is also on blasting the Lanvin fashion show, as I read about Lanvin in M-The new class of Man Spring 2014.  The newest research says it’s better not to multi-task anymore. HA! When it all goes well together, it works well. They’re probably talking about multi-tasking while attempting to do very different elements of intrigue at the same time.

Out of all the different stimuli surrounding me, I picked the Lanvin Fall/Winter 2013-14 Runway Show to provide you with today.

Highlights include:

    • Big Backpacks:  Designers are pushing the Hi-End Backpack. In December 2013, I saw a Givenchy Backpack at Barney’s for over $1,000. Wonder how much these BP’s go for? When did Backpacks go from carrying books and pencils to school to the runway?  Crazy Eh?
    • Very Tight Ultra Skinny Trousers: These practically look like they are painted on. I like the fact that you can see the Kicks even better with the pants like this. They  look like they were sown directly on to the models. Probably a look that would work in Paris. Maybe just a tad uncomfortable.
    • Baggy, Long Big Bottom Pants: The Complete opposite of the skinny Jean.  These are so long they hit the floor near the ankle. Interesting look, yet too hard to see the shoes. And Hey, which trend is the trend? Tight and Skinny or Long and Baggy?  Hmm.
    • Colors: My favorite Blacks and Greys. Along with Taupe with matching Backpack, a bit of Red and a tad of white and off whites hues.
    • My Favorite Look:  The grey double-breasted Jacket that is short, cut off at the waist. With the pants that are tailored and cropped around the ankles.
    • Shoes:  I’m a sucker for white soled shoes and the beginning of the show has many of these, along with what looks like a slightly flourescent yet muted green sole. I also like the Cordovan boots. Nice contrasting color with the various shades of the pants. There are some white boots you may notice, those are just a bit too bright for my personal taste. But they do make a statement if that’s the look you’re looking for.
    • The Music:  Just chill enough to be up beat at the same time. Nice choice.

Before showing you some of my favorite White Soled Shoes, here’s a pretty funny quote from the Glossary area of the FYMW Book:

Vibrams: A particular brand of rubber soles. One popular version is their white wedge or “Cristy” sole seen on the boots of dudes whose pictures end up on the internet.  

Here are some of my favorite White Soled Shoes and Kicks. Note: The Rick Owens aren’t really mine, I took the picture of my feet in them at Barneys NYC.

streetzblog in Rick Owens Kicks

Rick Owens Ramones in Leather with White Rubber soles.


Grenson-Fred-Black Calfskin Leather/White Vibram Sole. Made in England. Bought at Barneys NYC. Jeans..Models Own.

Streetzblog in Black and White Soled JUMP Kicks

Black Patent/Whit Sole JUMP Sneakers from their boutique in Soho, NY. Carpet is from a room in the Roosevelt Hotel in NY.


Retro Air Jordan 3’s Black Cement-White trim

Green black white sole-Converse

Green and Black Converse All Stars with nice white sole. These are on my wish list.

Camo White sole-Nordstrom

Camo Dress Shoes with White Sole. Saw these at Nordstrom in Dec 2013. Tried them on but they didn’t quite fit. Too Bad. Could have worn these to work.

Streetzblog-ECCO-White Sole 2014

Ecco-Sporty Dress Shoe/Sneaker all in One. With White Sole. I do own these. Wore them to work 1x. I like hi-tops better. But will try them again one day.

Luxe Life Louis

Luxury at it’s Finest

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2014-15 Men’s Fashion Show

I never knew Louis Vuitton made this many clothes for Men. When I think LV, I think female handbags. Nice to see all these high quality Luxe-Life fashions for men from the king of logo’d bag.

Highlights Include:

  • Fabric:  So luxurious, it seems as if you can actually touch and feel the fabric as it flows along the runway.
  • Color:  Still liking the Blacks and Greys for the Fall/Winter 2014-15 Season.
  • Jackets:  Traditional overcoats with untraditional fabrics. Stripes and very subtle plaids. There’s one in this show I would buy in a heartbeat. Understated, yet when seen up close, extraordinary use of  discrete color and plaid.
  • Sunglasses:  Can’t go wrong with the Cobalt Blue and Black tones. Slick, Cool, Modern, Accessable and right on trend.
  • The Floor:  Before I saw the fashion Show, I saw a picture of the futuristic blue hued floor. This is what attracted me to the runway show. Quite nice use of color and space.
  • The Bags:  Check out that Silver Metallic rounded Oblong. Luxe-Life Fashion meets Urban Survival, meets Possible Militaristic Missions.


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