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The March 2014 Style Vibe to Perfection

Style in style -Sweet clothes for March

The Shirt: Fitted plaid in medium nice shades of grey and blue. Notice the top button is buttoned, the bottom loose and flowing, see the detail on the button down collar, And the fit is not too skinny and for sure not to oversized at all. Quite a perfect fit, colors on spot and worn with style and flair. Also, shirt is untucked below the jacket, one of my favs to rock at a Sunday Brunch.   Looks like it could be Rag & Bone or McNairy. I would guess $200 or more. Don’t know for sure, but quality, fit and style make me think it’s from a pretty posh brand.

The Pants: A perfect shade of black with just enough drop to be modern, yet not overly done to become parachute pants. Nicely tapered down the leg. Once again, not to tight or too loose, perfect fit. I would suspect, not Dockers, maybe Armani, Prada or Givenchy.

The Jacket: The darker color matches nicely with the pants and the Golden Color goes quite well with the man’s Skin-Tone. Sleeves a tad too long to be practical, yet the length gives it a nice Street Vibe, so no biggy. He could always roll them up a bit.  And maybe, its more me than others, but sleeves tha are too long on shirts and jackets just drive me crazy as the day goes on.  Brand, possibly Vintage theatre garb or Versace. I bet it or something similar can be found on Ssense.

The Haircut:  One of the most popular cuts for the first quarter of 2014. I think it would look a bit better with less on top. But this is the look at the moment. Fits the Vibe of the outfit nicely. And No I wouldn’t add a mustache or a beard, even though many hipster sites are pushing that look pretty hard right now.  And also no, he doesn’t need a Monocle to look cool. Could use a bit more of a 5:00 O’ Clock shadow stubble, but once biggy.

The Stare:  Looks like he’s about to smack a rat or jump over a slush puddle. Not too happy, not too sad, gives the whole look some extra personality.

The Shoes: I know you can’t see them, but I can style the kicks extremely easily with my imagination.  This outfit would look good with Black High-Top Grenson’s with the white soles, a pair of all gold low-top Adidas, Black or Navy 8 eyelet Doc Martins, maybe some Marc Jacobs tinted black/Gold High-Tops or even some nice standard black combat boots (Pants tucked into the left with tab out and full length with a slight unnoticeable quarter cuff pant leg on the right ..of course).

For March 2014, Streetzblog goes with an A+ on this look.

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What do you think? Rock it or Schlock it?

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  1. Thank You for the re-blog. I appreciate it. And, I found some really good reads and pictures on your blog. Have a nice weekend. I’ll stay in touch. Maybe we can guest blog with each other..spotting trends where you live and where I’m at? Thanks Again, SM@SB


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