Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bangatos-JV F/W 2014-15

John Varvatos Men’s Fall/Winter 2014-15-Milan

What’s not to like? The Majority of the Best guys colors throughout. Black, Grey, some more Black, Grey and a touch of silver.  Then a bit of dark plum which almost looks Black.  And just to let you know there is a bit of off-white towards the end.  I suspect JV would probably call it Ivory. White or Ivory, quite a hard color to pull off for myself. And, just wait, the Coolest part of the show is the surprise ending.  Pretty Stunning, pure Rock n Roll to the highest fulfillment of one’s imagination and best thing is it’s real. And I do like the coat that John Varvatos is personally wearing. Those military buttons on both sides of a jacket always get me…every time.

I went to the NYC John Varvatos store in Soho in December 2013. It was really close to going to this runway show. The vibe of the store fit the fashion so perfectly and the people there were some of the nicest in town. They asked if they could hang my jacket and even asked if I wanted a real Drink! I did let them hang up my coat, but passed on the drink.  It’s never a wise decision to Drink and Shop, in person or on the web.

The clothes in the store were mostly Black, Grey and deep dark plum and that was in December 2013. This show was pure Rock n Roll and so is their store. If you get a chance to visit it Let me know how the experience was?

Last year I watched their website for months trying to nab some Varvatos x Converse kicks at a nice sale price. I didn’t get the kicks, but as soon as their dark grey zippered Men’s suit jacket went on sale, I bought it. Note: It’s cut a bit too slim for me during 9 out of 12 months of the year. But I suspect I can wear it by Memorial Day Weekend. Just hope the gig I go to is Air Conditioned. It’s more of a NY kind of jacket than a HI Jacket. But I’m good to go for the 50 Shades of Grey movie premiere, wherever that will be when it comes out.

What was your favorite Show in NY, London, Milan, or Paris? Did you get to go? Or is it on your bucket list? Personally, I was thinking the NY shows would be the place to be, but now I’m thinking .. Maybe Paris? I’ve been seeing some really nice pictures of the Eiffel Tower and really yummy things to eat on Instagram lately. Hmmm. For now, See you on the Streetz of Hawaii on the island of Oahu.

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