Instagram and #NYFW 2014

Social Media Blows Up #NYFW 2014

At a time when I probably should be writing about the Olympics, I’m still too fascinated with NYFW. This video totally exemplifies why. It shows how fast things are getting to us and how easy it is to access things we could never see before until the magazine came out with the look.

Just think, a couple blogs ago, I took pictures of an entire fashion show while watching it live on my iPhone. Incredible! Between YouTube, Instagram, and emails directly from the designers, it’s so fun and easy to see the looks of Fall/Winter 2014-15.  I wonder what those $200 magazines in NYC think of all of this, YIKES!

I also ponder how the Big Designers will stay in business, If they show us ALL what they have 6-9 months ahead of time, that seems to be a lot of time for knock-offs to be created and sold.  The publicity the designers are all receiving must be 100x what it was 3 years ago, just wondering if it’s good or bad for them.  Seems it gives the Fast Fashion stores a giant head start on what will be hot. But, you know the fashion shows have become such a spectacle, I suspect many of the designers have some other clothes and kicks that they will come out with when the time comes around. Either way, interesting to wonder about?  eh?

And I didn’t even mention 3-D printing.  That will be one of the biggest game changers since Social Media.  As it progresses and becomes easier to produce, we will all eventually be able to make whatever we want whenever we want.

Racked did this video and it features the Paper’s Mickey Boardman,Mobile Media’s co-Founder Brian DiFeo, and Designers  Tommy Hilfiger and Kenneth Cole.

BTW:  When I was in NYC in December 2013, I asked the owner of “Around the World Magazines” how business was going. He said a bit slow in December but when the kids come back to school in January it will pick up.  Then I asked, how long he thought magazines would be around.  He said something like: We still sell them and they still do pretty well, some of the Digital versions are getting better, but not quite there yet.  Then he said…I think I’ll keep the store open for another 2-3 years, then retire. I hope that’s realistic because I really like his store, I would hope he’d stay open 5-10 more years. But the way things are changing so fast…What do you think?

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  1. Donna Karan let us know how she would “fix” fashion “Really simple. Do not deliver Fall until September” in the Feb 10, 2014 WWD. How does that sound for fashions future?


  2. High Street May need to “Blow Up” their world a bit too. Might need to get things faster from Runway to the Stores. I know H&M moves pretty quickly and when I was in NY in DEC, its hard to believe but Forever 21 actually had a pretty hip and up to date Men’s selection. I even bought a pair of dark camo pants I wore this weekend. Never thought I’d be shopping at Forever 21 and they only cost $12 US. Fit and look nice.

    Thanks for stopping by, Will you be having a second annual Blog party? That was really fun!


  3. The Sartorial Coquette

    Great post! I definitely agree with you – the style industry is changing.


  4. They say the six month ahead of the season is due to the Magazines wanting time to plan…but for how much longer will the magazines hold the power? already the info is out via the internet and magazines run the risk of looking has-beens. And if the power does change with the times I really hope the six month window for the high street to copy is firmly closed..and locks added xxxx


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