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Color Changing Camo Clothes

Camo Color Changing

Check out these camo clothes that change color with the temperature.  Cabela’s ColorPhase technology makes it possible to wear the same thing all day, yet it will change color as the temperature goes from warm to cold/Green to Brown. It’s like those color changing T-shirts from the 80’s taken to a whole new level.

Wouldnt it be fun to have a suit that did this. You could wear the green suit to work during the day, then without changing clothes, walk outside into the cold and you’d be in your brown suite ready for the evening.  But the funny part is if you were on a date and went somewhere warm, your date might freak out a bit when your suit jacket goes from the nice brown to a green during your appetizers.

What do you think of these new camo clothes or what would you like to see change color throughout the day?

See the video below on more on Cablela’s ColorPhase camouflage Technology. Information for this blog post is courtesy of Springwise.com

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