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What’s Hot-NYC Dec 2013

Mid-Town and Up-Town NYC Dec 2013

  1. The Color GOLD:  Whether designers took their tip from the iPhone 5S or not, the color of the Winter Season in Mid Town and Up Town NYC is Gold. Gold metallic kicks, Golden Store windows, Bright Gold Jewelery ala 1980 big chain link necklaces and more!
  2. Brown Boots:  Mostly on the ladies. Just about an inch below the knee. Dark Brown, mid browns and some light brown. All in sleek or subtle brown leather. Many with zippers on the back of the leg.
  3. DC x Skull Candy Kicks: Wouldn’t call this the hottest pick, yet I’d never seen these before and they hit on the Gold trend. Black kicks with DC logo and the Skull Candy Skull logo embossed in Gold.
  4. Funky Sole Shoes:  Bright Blues, Yellows, Greens, even Camo. The sole of the shoe is just as important as the shoe.  I’ve also seen a bunch of Gold and silver Metallic shoes, kicks and pumps.
  5. The SFA Yetty:  These big furry flobs of fur are in the Saks Fifth Avenue Windows. So sweet and cute. You can get a picture of one upstairs. But if you want to buy one, they “say” they are all Sold Out. If I were them I’d get some made quickly. Lots of children and children at heart including us were looking to get one or two or ..
  6. NY Rangers Game:  This was the first time I’d seen a hockey game in Mad Square Garden. It was very exciting. It moves a lot faster than basketball, yet very fun to watch. And this game had extra flurry. The Rangers were losing 3-1 in the last period when they came back to tie it 3-3. then it went into a 5 minute over-time. Was still tied. So they did this Shoo-Out Thing. It was extremely exciting. Just one guy on one goalie. So Awesome and everyone stands and screams, oohs and aaahs. I really dig a good shoot-out as they are called. What fun!
  7. Tags:  I may add to these, for now, here are a few cool tags to tag your Instagram & Tweets if you are coming to NYC for a Holiday. Or if you want to fake it and just try to get famous in the center of the universe.  #NYMADE This is the tag for the Knicks and the Knicks games live at #MSG/Mad Square Garden.  If you’re checking out the Rangers tag your tweet or instagram with #NYR and #NYC and you may end up on the jumbotron. And my favorite so far, TSQselfie-It says on the ad, BE FAMOUS! Take a selfie and tag it with #TSQselfie and it will be posted on the back of an old tricked out multi media magazine stand smack dab in the middle of Times Square.  Also use, #streetzblog #StreetzNYC #StreetzHI #StreetzCHI and I’ll be seeing you on the Streetz. This week in New York City, next week in Chi-Town.

*Note: I did go to Barney’s to see the Jay-Z Collection, that I wrote about a few weeks ago. The windows outside were really fun and the collection was pretty interesting to check out. It was in a special dark black multi media room with sound and videos.  However, the price points on all the items were all above $500. So, a Bit hard to shop. Oh, they did have a $150 bottle of cologne, but as far as clothes and watches, very expensive collection.

Check back later this week as streetzblog goes Downtown, Soho, Noho, Chelsea and other fab places in the Center of the Universe-NYC during the Holidays!

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Hot for the Holidays-December 6, 2013

What’s Hot for the Holidays-2013

Beats by Dre x Alexander Wang

Makiki Heat-streetzblog-Heat on the Streetz-2013

Streetzblog Hot List-2013

These are just rapid-fire ideas for your shopping pleasure in no particular order.  If you’d like some free custom ideas, fill out the form at the bottom of the page. LMK who you are shopping for, Male/Female, relative? age etc and I’ll email you back a personal selection within 48 hours of 5-10 items you can get in various price points. You know I love to shop, so I’m pretty sure I can handle this task pretty well for you. Have a Happy Holiday Season!

1. The Peanut Butter and Jelly Wallet and Hot Dog Pencil Cases: So Colorful and fun! Great Conversation starters. Available at the museum shop at MOMA NYC.
2. Valentino Camurock: Bright Pink, army green, dark brown handbags. Might be pricey, but great vibe for the winter doldrums.
3.Moto Lights’s Plexiglas shade:  You gotta’ see this one to really get the right effect.  It’s like a car light, a pair of skiing goggles and a light for your house all in one.  Comes in a great cobalt blue that reflects whatever else is in your room. And for lazy people like me, you can just plug it right into a light socket, no tools needed.   Available for 230 Euro at
4. NBA Christmas Jerseys: Last year they went with the BIG COLOR versions. I picked up the orange on orange Carmelo Jersey. This year, the NBA is opting for the short-sleeve T style Jerseys for Christmas Day. Last year, the special jerseys sold-out. so yo may want to get yours now. I can’t tell if I dig these or not. Might need to see them in person. Available at NBA.COM.
5. The Chillsner: This is an in-bottle drink thru beer chiller. Just put the silver sipper in the freezer for a few days, then insert into a cold bottled beer and drink. A nice replacement for the 1980s Coozie. Available at
6. Area: 1983-1987. Some really great pictures in this book including Andy Warhol, a greenish grey swimming pool in the club w actual people swimming in the “water”, Boy George getting a drink from a interesting Statue, JFK Jr. Grace Jones and many other fabulous pictures from this famous club that was only around for 4 years.
7. Golden Metallic Coach Tote: The color of this is just totally awesome, full on goldish bronze metallic. Can be worn as a cross body bag with the optional longer strap. Price seems pretty good too! $268 at Coach.Com
8.Pentax Q7 Camera: These babies come in 120 different color combos! And it’s boasted as the “world’s smallest, lightest interchangeable lens system”. Also great for insta-glammers, it has 19 build in effects. $500 at
9. BeoPlay H6 Headphones: Headphones and Mini Boom Box speakers are Big items this Holiday season. This pair of headphones is for those looking for total comfort. They are specially made in New Zealand using soft supple cowhide leather. Of course being from bang and olufsen they provide a delicious combination of pristine and powerful sound. $399 Available at
10. Robert Clergerie and Opening Ceremony Exclusive White Brogue:  The low-top brogue seems to be the “IT” shoe for Women this Winter season. Why not get your hands on an exclusive pair? $585 at
11. Italia Independent Sunglasses: Black rimmed with a nice bright blue, then you turn your head and they turn into blue/green/orange mirrored lenses. Instant Style! $147 at
12. Vans Triple Crown of Surfing Gear: Great gifts for Kama’aina and people from all over the world. Choose hats, shirts, posters and more from the three jewels of the Triple Crown. The Reef Hawaiian Pro, The World Cup of Surfing or the Billabong Pipe Masters. Available at
14.Alexander Wang x Beats by Dre: Exclusive designs of very sleek luxe headphones designed by Alexander Wang in Matte Black and gold-Oh these babies are sweet! The case is also nice in glossy stingray w clip and zipper. Also available the Beats Pill and the Urbeats earbuds. Headphones $499, Pill wireless speaker, $299 Earbudsv$149. Available at an on-line pre-sale event on December 15 at beatsbydre. Then available to everyone on December 16 at or
15. The Customized Karl Lagerfeld Rolex Watch: This also comes in one of my favorite colors of the season-Matte Black. It’s a limited edition time piece that features the Lagerfeld signature cameo at 7 p.m. his signature at the base and his infamous cameo camouflage on the watch face. A bit pricey but I don’t know a Rolex that’s not. $25,820 at the Karl Lagerfeld flagship boutiques in Paris and Munich.
16.Fendi Buggie: This is a rather strange and expensive bag tag. The Mink or Fox fuzzy charms come with their own personality. Funny, Snobby, Angry, Crazy, and Playful. The Orange haired Buggie I saw looked pretty pissed off, guess he was the angry one. I’ll keep my eyes open in HI, NYC and Chicago to see if I see any on anyones purse. $550 each available at 212-759-4646.
17. iRobotBraava 380t: This is on my Christmas list. At the place I live I don’t have any carpets, just floors. This “Floor Mopping Robot” automatically slips and slides around your home, mopping and sweeping your hard floors. What a perfect gift..And I bet if you have cats, it could be Big fun too! $299.99
18. ION Archive Turntable: Get out your old records and get ready to hear them again. Not only will you hear them on the built-in speaker system, you can turn the records into digital music with a simple USB connection. $69.99

Beatz by Dre x Alexander Wang Headphones

Beatz Pill x Alexander Wang

6 Tips for the Billabong Pipe Masters

Lindsey Lohan watching the Pipe Masters on the North Shore of Oahu 12/10/11

Lindsey Lohan watching the Pipe Masters on the North Shore of Oahu 12/10/11

  1. Know the Dates:  It can get a little confusing figuring out which contest is happening what day when it comes to the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. The first contest is the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa, the second is the World Cup of Surfing at Sunset Beach and the third and final jewel in the triple crown is the most exciting event; the Billabong Pipe Masters. Each of the three has its own dates. The dates to know for 2013 for the Pipe contest are:  December 8 thru December 20. *The contest won’t be on everyday during this waiting period, but will happen during these  dates.  Also, right before the waiting period are the Surfer Poll Awards at Turtle Bay. These occur on Friday December 6, 2013. This is a good time to spend the night at the Turtle Bay Hotel, great for catching Pro Surfers and Celebrities in the lobby.  Last year, Jen Law was staying at the Turtle Bay the same day as the Surfer Poll Awards. Who knows who will be there this year!
  2. Arrive at the Beach Early:  Last year I left my condo on the South Shore at 6:15  a.m and needed to park 3 blocks from Event. The year before I left at 5:45 a.m. and caught the last spot right in front of Pipeline. The event usually doesn’t start until 8:00 a.m. but you can always sleep on the beach. If you sleep in and come after 10 a.m. there’s lots of very slow traffic to deal with, not good.  But, if you do decide to come late, I recommend paying the $5-$15 for parking. It’s way worth it!
  3. Get the Vans APP:  The App will text you daily updates on whether the contest is on or not. Typically the daily reminder comes in to your phone at 7:45 a.m. I used to use the App only for that, but this year with the advances in my iPhone, I’ve actually watched a few heats on my phone. The quality come in more crystal clear than my home TV!
  4. Food and Drink:  I’d recommend stopping by Foodland the night before or the day of the event. Pick up some sandwiches, spam Musabi, some fruits and veggies.  Get yourself plenty of water (freeze it the night before) and something with Caffeine in it.  At the event, it can be hard to find Food and Drinks.  Usually the sponsor has some free drinks but it varies when the  samples are available – this year it is Glaceau Vitamin Water which BTW doesn’t have caffeine in it.  In regards to food, many years there is nothing to eat other than the occasional Cliff Bar.  Although, the last two years the Cholo’s wagon has been at the event.  If they are there you are good to go with food on-site. But if they sleep in or aren’t there this year, it’s better to come prepared with Foodland goodies.
  5. Watch Kelly Slater and John John Florence:  Everyone surfing is awesome and dependent on how big the waves are, risking their lives to bring you great entertainment. You can see a great waves ridden by everyone who participates. You’re just guaranteed a good time when Kelly and John John hit the water. Both find barrels where no one else looks and I’ve seen the biggest ariels ever launched in contests  from these two surfers.
  6. Hit The After-Party:  When the Pipe Masters contest is done,  stay near the Volcom house or head down the beach a bit. Typically all of the surf companies throw some pretty awesome parties. I like hanging outside of Jamie O’Brien’s Home. In 2011 when I was there, he had a DJ, a Rasta Band, a Rock Band, then another DJ set. If you can get into the parties, charge it. If you aren’t on the list, no worries, some of the best times can be had on the Beach just outside the surfer homes. And you can still check out the waves. This is when you see some really Gnarly Wipe-Outs and some Giant BIG-AIRS. The after parties in the homes or on the beach can be just as much fun as the actual Contest.


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