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Ships Ahoy!

It’s about Midnight here in Honolulu on Sunday October 27th 2013 and I’m presently in London via the internet at the Maison Bentley Blog Paaardy!  I stopped by the party earlier today, but when I saw the fancy yacht that the party is being held on I had to run back home to change out of my T-shirt, Shorts and Flip-Flops or as we call them in Hawaii-Slippers.

I Changed into my newest kicks from Marc Jacobs, a Tommy Bahama shirt to match them, my Harajuku T shirt to wear underneath, my Dolce & Gabbana plaid pants from Barney’s NYC and my streetzblog x CityStars Snapback.

I want to get back to the party quickly, thus I have everything I’m wearing in the capsule collection as seen above. (It’s much quicker to upload a capsule collection then one by one) Oh, and since it is past Midnight here, the Drink Departments are closed, Thus my bevie of choice for the evening is the Bob Marley Mellow Mood Sweet Tea as also seen above.

Thanks again to the Maison Bentley Style Blog for having this wonderful party.  What a fun and Exciting idea. Cheers and Aloha from Makiki, Hawaii to London, England and to everyone else from around the World.

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Blogger, Designer, Artist.Owner: Streetzblog.com You can contact me at (808) 275-1106 anytime.

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  1. Slick party, and no hangover. Virtual events have no limit. Fun.


    • It was lots of fun! Met people from all over the World. Had virtual Cristal, went on a nice luxury Yacht, heard many great tunes, and then there were even after parties to go to. The whole thing was really great!


  2. You are looking slick — I am digging your kicks! My Alala’s were pretty comfortable, but I think that Hawaii Slippers would never fail anyone in the comfort department (unless the toe thong broke….)~


    • Thanks! I’ll check out your Alala’s after I get off of work today. Comfortable shoes are awesome. My feet hurt almost all the time, mostly from Nike that are not wide enough. Yep, our HWN slippers are great. practically everyone who lives here has a pair or two or three. Take Care, SM


  3. Hello! Here to join the party. I’ve brought you some Merlot and dark chocolate cupcakes x


    • Yum. Such and incredible choice that go great together. I was having so much fun with the Cristal,I almost forgot to eat. Thank You much. And nice party you are having over at your place. I went there for the after-party festivities. BTW: Nice Outfit! TU


  4. Whoooooo hoooooo! The champagne is waiting! xxxx


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