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T-Time at Lovefest 2013

Scene on the streets-Love Festival Saturday July 20, 2013


Hottest Fashion Statements at This Year’s Love Festival in Hawaii-2013

This year I had a great time working the front. A perfect spot to spock out the clothes of the young, the beautiful and at times slightly buzzed crowd. Here’s What People were wearing. In the comments section LMK what you wore or what you wore to your country’s biggest Summer festival this year. Let us know what’s trending where you live!

  • Flourescent Everywhere: Mostly Bright Yellow, Bright Neon Green, Bright Pink.
  • Groups of 4-5 in Various Characters. Like Sesame Street, The Avengers & Barney & Friends.
  • LOTS of BIG TOP Hats. Black, Purple, Yellow, Green & Grey.
  • Colorful Animal Caps. Like cats with many tails, dogs with big ears, Elephants with long trunks.
  • The Color Purple
  • DJ’s wearing Jordan Cement 3’s, Jordan 20’s, & Air Max 90’s.
  • Lots of Batmen. Batman logo’d T’s and many Bat masks.
  • The Black Love Fest short shorts with Big furry Boots.
  • People wearing 10-30 of the colorful beaded Rave Bracelets. I remember making those back in the 90’s for Christmas presents for my family and friends. Too funny that they’re so Hip nowadays. Note:  They were great Christmas presents and very fun to make!

My Favorite T-Shirts Included:

  •         Molly is my Home Girl
  •         We Are All Going to Die-sounds a bit morbid at a rave but was on a Happy Vibe shirt
  •         The Official Red & Black on White Love Fest T’s
  •          I’M so FKN HI
  •          Pencil Neck Geek
  •          POG-Parent On Guard-I didn’t quite get this one, but creative-ish
  •          Nerd to the second power, was like the word NERD w/ a small 2 above the D
  •          And one girl made her own T with so much writing on it, it would take the whole night to read the whole thing. I asked her what it said, she just stared and said nothing.

What did you see at Love Fest? or at a concert/Festival in your part of the country?  Let us know in the comment section.  Have a Great Weekend!

StreetzBlog Logo black bg

Chris Brown in Hawaii!

Power 104.3 1st Annual PowerBash set for Friday August 23, 2013 at the Waikiki Shell

designed by romeo valentine for

Streetzblog’s got the 411 on one of the biggest concert events of the Summer in Hawaii 2013.  Chris Brown, Honey Cocaine and Glasses Malone are set to fly over to our island of Oahu in a few weeks for the 1st ever PowerBash.  August 18, 2013 update:  Chris Brown, Iggy Azalea (“Work”), Honey Cocaine ( One of Tyga’s Artists), Glasses Malone (YMCMB), DJ Sourmilk (World Famous Dj from Power 106 and the LA Laekers), HOK (LMFAO Choreographer/Dances in Chris Brown’s “Fine China” video), U.G.L.Y (Local boy AKA Braxton Olita/Signed by Chris Brown/Former drummer for Ashley Simpson).

Tickets for the PowerBash go on sale now at For more information follow #powerbash on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  And check out @streetzpix on instagram for some backstage shots once the big night begins. Now, I gotta’ bust out my XBox Kinect to work on my dance moves to get ready for the BIG show. See you on the streetz or at the Show. And don’t forget to say “Hi” this Saturday July 20th at the Love Festival at Kakaako Park. I’ll be wearing my black Patent Leather Jump J75 Kicks with a special Love Fest Streetzblog shirt.  See you soon! official


$120 White and Dark Navy T’s!

picture of the A.P.C x Kanye West capsule collection of clothes

The A.P.C x Kanye West capsule collection came out on Sunday July 14th (Bastille Day) and SOLD OUT immediately, crashing the A.P.C web site.  People also lined up outside of A.P.C’s Soho Store from 7AM which also sold out of the minimalist garments.  When I say Minimalist I mean Minimalist. I checked out the site and the shirts that were sold out were PLAIN white and PLAIN dark navy blue “Hip-Hop T shirts!” Basically, nice fabric/Egyptian Cotton in extra long length-but no visual or logo on the outside!  Just the inside tag has an A.P.C and KANYE on it. *When I go to New York I typically see a lot of advertising for A.P.C, but for some reason I’ve have never been to the Soho Store, maybe I’ll stop by in December 2013.

The collection also included some hoodies and two pairs of Jeans.  The T’s were $120 each! The short sleeve hoodie (Kanye wore prior to the sale) was $250, the long sleeve hoodie was $280 and the skinny jeans were $265-One Pair was faded the other clean, dark blue. Last I checked Ebay prices were double and even triple.

But good news if you’re into these clothes you can still get some on a “Pre-Order” basis at A.P.C.  But I think  this sale wil end soon. I read somwhere that things will be on sale through this Wed July 17, 2013.

Me, I will be passing on this. The stuff just wouldn’t look right on me.  Especially the T’s, be careful of how they might fit on your body shape. Just because Kanye looks good in them with his Cement 3’s or own brand of Kicks, doesn’t mean we all will look good in the same clothes.  But might be fun to try and order a few things if they are still available and sell them later on ebay. But by then, we’ll probably be on to something else. I think it’s pretty crazy how fast things sold and how there isn’t even a logo to let people know you paid $120 for a T!  Maybe you could paint a big K on the Front. That’s what I’d do if I bought the “Hip-Hop” T- shirt. I’d make it a little “Punk”-Rock.

What do you think of the A.P.C x KANYE Capsule Collection?  “Street” or “Take a Seat”

The Call & The Response

D. Rose created the video: “Derrick Roses Vegneance-the Return is Near and Lebron Responded with his own video.  What fun this is! The D.Rose vid is great, shows him slamming all over the Heat. Good to see his fighting spirit is back in action. Plus I watched a Las Vegas pre season game yesterday and the Bulls had one guy who scored 31 points and another that had 22 rebounds. I’d never heard of the two newer players, but they were GOOD. Hope they make the team.  Here’s D. Roses “Vengeance Video”:

And here is Lebron’s Response Video,”The Throne”:

For the record, Streetzblog is picking the Bulls to win it all in 2014!  See you on the Streetz or at the B-Ball Park.

Check out these new Kicks from Public Enemy:

Not the Mykki Mouse Club

This Video is so crazy, I just needed to post it to See what you think? Beware, it is a bit creepy, yet the creativity is on Fire. So, it’s worth a watch or two. LMK what you think?

I found it on a site in Europe, but later found out it’s American. And total Coince-a-Dinky, Flostrodomus who is performing at this year’s Love Festival on July 20 in Hawaii helped to produce one of the tunes on Mykki’s earlier MixTapes!

Love is in the Air for the 15th Str8t year!


LOVE Festival 2013 Details Here:

Love Festival Hawaii is the original and first  Ultimate Dance Event in Hawaii.  This year marks the 15th year of the event. I was at 1-4 and the last 2. Here is just a sampling of this years (2013) Offering.  I can’t wait for this year’s event especially AC SLATER.   Check back to this post anytime for updates. I’ll be doing them every other day or so until the night of the show.

AC Slater: Who I have on my master play list, These are my 4 favorites that he was either responsible  for doing or remixed: “Flickery” by the  Audio Bully’s-one of my favorite London Bands-who I bet could do a great remix of  “Waikiki Beats”.  “Chrome Knight” featuring one of my home boys bands “Chromeo”, AC SLATER’s own “Jack got Jacked” (Udachi Remix) and “Stomp Yo Shoes” (One of my favorite Electro bands the Bloody Beetroots clap remix-Aston Shuffle Vocal) *And I’m very sure that AC’s own “Little Chronic” will “blow” up  BIG at this year’s event!

Check out LC by AC right here;

Here’s one of AC Slater’s latest hits:

Performing at Love Festival 2013 on July 20th at Kakaako Park – 40 artists on 6 Stages including:

Flosstradamus, DJ Craze, G-Spot, DJ REZA and more.  Including: Modern Romance, Mike D, Daniel J, DJ KAM, Brett Bakman, Soundsex, Tide, Techmarcher and even more!  Tix available here

In the meantime, let’s go from Hawaii to NYC and Check out this Vid on some of the history on NY nightlife I found on the toast blog. Some of the cinematography is pretty amazing. Stories are true, I remember being at few of them..LOL.

“Luxe” Life “Kicks” Fix official

I Almost “Luxed” Control!

I prefer real life in person window shopping over Internet Window Shopping. But I really needed a rest this 4th of July Weekend so I tried the relaxing in-home version of window shopping and ended up finding many High-End-Luxe Sneakers, Shoes and Hi-tops.

Without reading anyone else’s trend opinion for the Fall 2013 season, I found High Shine Leathers, Patent Leather, & Black to be my favorites.  Might be because that’s what I would like to wear or the fact that my feet really hurt. Either Way I made it through the Window Shopping without buying any new Kicks.  I was very close a couple of times, but figure I can just look around my condo and find a new pair or two to wear this Summer & Fall.  If you like anything here, many can be found on  LN-CC shoes or check out all the major designers on The Cut.

Lanvin High Shine Derby

Lanvin-High Shine-Derby-streetzblog

These exemplify Many of my chosen Hot trends perfectly.  High-Shine, Black and Nice soft comfy Leather. They also take an excellent que from Nike’s clear and Ice soles. Check out the transparent soles on these babies. Sweet! And they have just a bit of Subtle blue on the heel, the color for of the Summer and yet another big trend I’ve been seeing on Men’s shoes over the last couple of years-the interesting slices of colorful soles in Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red and Purple. Lanvin Men’s snake-skin Panel Derby shoes in Midnight Blue (My favorite color other than Black) $1,123 on sale for $787.

Lanvin Canvas & Patent in Black w/Golden Strap

jimmy Choo shoes patent

Even though these are low tops, I still like the black canvas and patent leather. They look sleek, slick and probably just as wearable out on a Saturday night as to work on a Monday morning. Lanvin Deacon Canvas and Patent Leather Sneakers in Black: $765.

Lanvin Suede and Patent in Black

Lanvin Suede and patent leather sneaks $495

Another pair of low tops  , but irresistable. Simple yet elegant. And they bring back memories of one of my first pair of kicks-My Pro Keds Low in Blue back in the late 70’s.Would look great with a slim fitting black suit with thin purple stripes along with a pair of dark purple socks. Lanvin Suede & Patent Leather Sneakers in Black. $495

Jimmy Choo Shoes in Black Alligator

Jimmy Choo wish list-streetzblog

This is the first pair that caught my attention on my Luxe Kicks internet window shopping spree.  Elegant Crocodile with soft leather construction and a slightly faded outer portion for that perfect worn in look. Belgravia Crocodile-Embossed High-Top Sneaker in black.$765.

Jimmy Choo Shoes in Red Alligator

Jimmy Choo Shoes wish list-streetzblog

Same pair of Kicks just different color-way. Belgravia crocodile-emobossed High-Top. Rich Burgundy $765.

Saint Laurent Classic black High Tops

Saint Laurent Wish List - streetzblog

Very understated yet full of style. This would most likely be my favorite of the pack. Even though I have every shade under the rainbow of kicks in my room, I tend to wear the more comfortable  and less attention grabbing the most.  I like the gold Saint Laurent label at the top of them. I wouldn’t mind wearing these to work sometime.  When did the Brand stop using Yves at the beginning of their title? I’ve noticed a lot of Saint Laurent branding over the last couple of days. Saint Laurent SL01H High-Top Sneakers in black. $575.

Paul Smith High Shine Black and Full Grain Green

Paul Smith Wish List-streetzblog

These would be my choice to purchase when I get a “Bonus” at work or design the next big “App”. Luxurious, attention-getting, one of a kind and very good-looking. Black suit, Black T-shirt, Black Socks and these is all you need. Paul Smith Grand Longwing Leather brogues with rubber sole/High Shine Black with Full Grain leather Green. $560 Also check out Paul Smith’s Bronze High Shine Grand Brogues. I totally dig this color-way. $586.

Comme Des Garcons Paris Cat Walk-Spring 2014

comme des garcons wish list-streetzblog

These would be the “Teaser” shoes for today.  Spring 2014! I’ve seen these before in one of those $175 Fashion mags and now I found them on The Cut. Something to look forward to once we’re done with the black/Patent/High Shine or last year continuing through this year’s very colorful  soles. Buckled Cat patterns in a Nifty gloss to be worn of course…without socks.

comme des garcons wish list streetzblog

Hope you enjoyed today’s Shoe’s & Kicks Fashion Show. Can’t wait to buy my own High-Shine Shoes, maybe in September? Next Post will feature LoveFest 2013 coming up in June on the island of Oahu. Until then .. Have a great time on the Streetz of Summer 2013.

Get Ready to Rock your Red, White and Blue!

Fashion Finds for the 4th (2013)

I like these stylish Skinny Jeans for Women. Just enough flair for the 4th of July with even more Chic Hipness to be the Understated Style Queen at the Party. They are  Frankie B Jeans-Stars and Stripes/Skinny and available here at  Probably one of the best sites for Great Stylish Clothes for Independence Day!

Frankie B Jeans-Stars and Stripes skinnyAnd this Shirt is one of my Fav’s for this year’s Independence Day.  It’s  a Wildfox Couture American Beach Party shirt. Also available on-line at

Wildfox Couture American Beach Party V Neck

Or if you are really last-minute, I know Old Navy does a yearly Tee that won’t break the bank. Get there quick, they are usually just $5 so they do sell fast. Typically they are white with red and blue. This year they are even better than usual in a nice dark Blue! Here’s a nice ladies T available now at for even less than $5 for  Just $3.97!!!!

women's Old navy T-Blue
For the Guys, basically any Jordan BRED will look well on Thursday. Or you can check on these great kicks:
Jordan 4 Toro Bravo RED
air-jordan-BIG RED-4-toro-bravo-streetzblog
Or the Foamposite Red,Black, thermal

I’m going to the beach on the 4th of July wearing my favorite camo Volcom shorts, my blue, Red & White All-Star 2011 T-Shirt and my Jordan Cements 3’s. What will you be wearing this Long Independence Day Weekend?

On the Streetz of U.H

Makiki Heat-streetzblog-Heat on the Streetz-2013

I took 2 Computer classes over the weekend from 9A-4P on Saturday and Sunday. During the break from Day One’s class I had the opportunity to hit the streetz of the University of Hawaii-Manoa Campus.  Here’ what I saw as  art, Interesting or both.

Makiki Heat-University of Hawaii @ Manoa-6/29/13


The Free Store

This Free Store is located in the Art Building. It’s basically a free thrift shop. Drop Something off or pick something up.  The day I was there, it had a dusty carpet, 2 Books, an old car stereo and what looked like a pretty nice flannel shirt.  I suspect I’ll come back  sometime and donate a few things to give it a bit of an upgrade. I’m on a big time mission to declutter my home and office. The concept of the free store is a good one, it just seems a bit run down and I did step on a bit of glass-yikes!


The Broken Emergency Phone

On the TV news, I’ve heard of a few break ins and a bit of crazy things happening at U.H over the last couple of years, so when I saw the Emergency phone was broken, I figured it needed a picture taken of it. Mainly because I know UH has put a lot of effort into increasing security and this didn’t quite match their efforts. I also took a pic of it because it looks a bit artistic with the Pink Pastel and the Flo-Yellow in front of the green background. It almost looked like it belonged over in the Art Area near the Free Store.

UH Sign-streetzblog

Emergency Overted with the Security Escort Service

So, all is well with the safety efforts. This sign was just 10 feet away from the funky phone. And there were two PAY PHONES next to it. Pay Phones? I haven’t seen a pay phone in years. I’m sure the Pay phones were put there, near the Sign and also in place of the broken emergency phone.


4th of July Tie Dye

This is my favorite find. Something Different, interesting, new and innovative all in one sign. What Fun! Tie Dyeing Just in time for the 4th of July.  And it says Shirts are free, Kinda of wish I had a real student I.D. Sure hope they have Blue and Red Dye!


The P/Parking Machine

Ooops! I totally forgot to take a picture of this. I’ll get it on July 11 during my next computer class. Actually it’s more of a funny story and you can imagine the picture of the Parking machine.  I was walking back to class and bumped into a guy who said “I sure hope I don’t get towed, I couldn’t figure out where to pay for parking”  I was like “Uh, you pay at the green Parking machine” So I walked the man over to the machine and it has a HUGE P on it, the man said to me “See, that’s a P for Phone, it’s not a parking machine, it’s a phone.” Too Funny!

U.H Shoes-streetzblog

And since I’m a shoe guy

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the shoes made by the art students. They were all quite well done and nicely detailed.

On the Streetz in less than 20 minutes at University of Hawaii’s Manoa Campus. Who knew a few minutes of wandering could bring so much fun to the World. (All pictures taken by me with my iPhone4-s, Didn’t trick them out, you can see those at STREETZPIX on Instagram)

Party Rock was a Song that came in number ONE as the song of the Summer a couple of years ago. This year we have another Unanimous Song of the Summer for 2013.  Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky”.  This vid has all the lyrics, It’s a good way to learn the words before your next Bar-B-Que, Bar Hop or Beach Blast.

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