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What’s HOT-Memorial Day Monday-2013

The Makiki Heat Hot List-Memorial Day Monday

Makiki Heat-streetzblog-Heat on the Streetz-2013

Streetzblog “Makiki Heat” Top 8-Memorial Day Monday-2013

1. Kate Moss St. Tropez Tan:  39 Year old Kate Moss is the new star of St. Tropez Self Tanning Products. It seems like Kate Moss has either been 29 or 39 for the last 20 years, never seems to age. She is the Self Tanning products first ever face and BODY for its debut global ad campaign.  I could use some self tanning products. Might protect me better from the real Sun.  Yesterday I played basketball for exactly an hour, got the worst sun poisoning even with lotion on me that I couldn’t go to the beach today. Ugh!   Been using Frozen blue and green gels, ibuprofen and Aspirin since last night.  Finally seems to be working. Might make it to the beach by dusk.

Kate Moss wearing the"Ultimate Tan" - St .Tropez Self Tanning creme and spray-picture courtesy of

Kate Moss wearing the”Ultimate Tan” – St .Tropez Self Tanning creme and spray-picture courtesy of

2.Prada’s Writing Competition:  Budding Blogger and writers check out the Prada Journal’s vision shaping reality writing contest. The Contest runs through June 18th and instead of 1st 2nd and 3rd place categories the company will devise a subset of style categories to choose winners.  I’ll be entering a couple of things later in June, I just need to let the theme simmer a bit more, now my brain can’t quite conceptualize what to write in regards to “What Realities do our eyes give u? And how do these realities get filtered  though lenses?”  Then, I Hope to win a shopping spree at Prada.  The Ala Moana Store sure has nice sunglasses, shoes, Messenger bags, and suits, just a little pricey and for some reason I’ve never been invited to a sale there.

 3.  TCA-3 Siphon-Vacuum Coffeemaker: If you like the taste of Coffee better than the Buzz of Coffee, check out this master brewmaster. It looks pretty cool and sounds like the coffee tastes pretty good, I just don’t think I’d have the patience to wait for it to brew. You can get one of these at Amazon or if you’re in NYC, check out the Blue Bottle’s backroom Siphon Bar to try a tasty treat.  And this machine brings us to Makiki Heat’s Hot List number 4.


4.  Breaking Bad Finale: That funky coffee maker reminded me of Walt and his Chem-Lab in Breaking Bad.  For some reasons I thought the BB Finale was coming in June, but we need to wait until August 11, 2013. This will be the last season, I say this totally sarcastically “I wonder what will Happen?” You know either all of them or most of them will die or go to jail. Even though I like the show,It’s about time! How many years can you continue to make millions of dollars from Ice without getting busted or shot to the morgue.

5. Nails Inc. Feathers:  Get your nails lookin’ fly with these colors that create a feathery effect when applied to your feet or toes.  Available for $9.50 here.

Fly Nails! Picture Courtesy of

6. XOX Betsey Johnson: New Reality TV show on the Style Network.  Features Designer Betsey Johnson and her daughter Lulu as they flow through their daily routines. Whether you’re into clothes, the Fashion Industry or just entertaining TV, this is the show for you.  Betsey Seems to always be having fun, her daughter seems to like Champagne and drama, between the two, there’s lots of good tv to be seen. Betsey seems to give her daughter Lulu a lot of money and Lulu calls her mom a “Disneyland Character”, that didn’t seem all that nice to me, but caught my attention enough to watch the first show.  I saw show number 2 last night and supposedly there are at least 6 shows to go. They eat lots of Italian food and never seem to cook at home, I would like to live with them! YUM!
7. Cafe Sistina: Northern Italian Eatery on the island of Oahu where I live.  In my mind there aren’t very many Italian places where I live, so I just go to the same one all the time. The Food is tasty and they remember me there.  Order  the Veal Picatta w/ lemon and butter without the wine sauce..and substitute the Penne with Angel Hair pasta, don’t forget the delicious cold Antipasta Misto and you’re good to go. I’ll be there tonight.
8. The Beats Pill Wireless Speaker: Great Neon Colors, Surround sound from such a small speaker and no cords! I tried these the other day at work, within seconds I had my iTunes library playing from my iPhone wit ZERO cords. Extremely easy to use Blue Tooth technology. And very nice loud solid sound.  Great for home, the Beach and the B-Ball Courts.  I’ve got the Bright Neon Orange Pills on my “Wish List” for Summer 2013!
Beats Pill-Streetzblog
Here’s one more picture of Kate Moss getting her tan on and a Nice Big Pic of the Beats Neon Orange Portable Wireless Pill Speaker.  Have a Great Week!
Kate Moss Streetzblog

Beats-Pill-Neon Orange-streetzblog

Fast & Furious & Full of Action

Spoiler Alert-I saw Fast & Furious 6 on Tuesday May 21, 2013-I usually don’t write about movies I’ve seen because I tend to tell too much. So don’t read any further in case I say too much about this movie.

I’ve been to 5 of the 6 premiers for the Fast & The Furious Franchise movies, only missed one, which I saw opening weekend (close enough). Even though, Paul Walker isn’t in it, my favorite is Fast and& the Furious-Tokyo Drift. From that movie is the reason I have a 2012 Black Mitsubishi Lancer & my daughter has a 2008 black Mitsubishi Lancer.  I suspect my second favorite would be the new F&F-Six. It’s really fun to see all the old cast members and if I needed to put the movie into a one sentence capsule it would be: Fast & the Furious Six has tons of action, it’s very entertaining, has cryp familiar faces, a couple car races, a massive amount of explosions and is like watching Oceans 11 or 13 vs GI Joe or the Avengers.

What’s Hot and Not about Fast & Furious Six


1.  Fast Cars:  At least 2 car races,  3-5 car chases, a speed racer style racer ala mad max & a Tank.

2. Lots of  Familiar faces:Vin, Han, Brian, Letty, Riley, The Rock,  Mia, Gal, Roman, Luda, Rita Ora, Elena, even Jason Statham/Ian Shaw shows up near the end.

3.  Classic F&F Humor:  Like when the Rock shoots out the candy machine and when they make fun of Tyrese.

4.  BIG finale-then BIGGER real Finale:  Just when the movie seems like it ends, it starts all over again with an even better finale Scene. Crazy!

5.  Mostly Happy Movie:  Only one person I cared about died, the rest I either cheered or laughed when they got toasted.

6.  Up Beat Soundtrack: Continues the tradition of catchy, beat bouncy EDM and Hip Hop through most of the flick. I especially liked Here we Go by Hard Rock Sofa  when Vin raced Letty. That was Bangin!!

2 Chainz & Wiz Kahlifa  with “We Own It”


1.  No Mitsubishi Lancers: Come on now. You get me to get TWO cars and for the last two movies I’ve noticed ZERO Mitsu Lancers, actually barely any imports in the last two movies. Mostly American Muscle cars and Military lookin’ vehicles.

2.  Cool People die:  I personally didn’t think it was needed at all. But Hans girlfriend dies. Then the already dead Han gets killed again in a flash-back?/flash-forward? at the end of the movie.  NOTE to F&F. I usually fast forward through Tokyo Drift when Han dies the first time. I surely didn’t need to see him die again in Fast Six.  Ugh!

3. No new Tech gadgets:  There’s no new fun smartphones used by Vin’s team.  They use ratty old walkie talkies. What’s up with that? Where’s the Samsung Galaxy S6? or the iPhone6?

Well with 6 HOTS and just 3 NOTs, I would give it a for sure “Go See at the Movie theatre” rating. I may actually go again this weekend. I will just leave before Han dies…again.

Luda & Guetta, & Usher are Getting Fast & Furious with “Rest of My Life”

The newest Daft Punk song-Get Lucky featuring Pharrell Williams sounds like 2008 Chromeo to me. What do you think?

Collecting Jersey’s Like a Sneakerhead Collects Kicks!

Wow! That’s a lot of Jerseys!



I gotta say I sure have way too many Kicks in my home than I really need, but I’ve never seen a Jersey Collection like this before. There’s over 60 Jersey’s in the picture above.  Fun game to play here is “What Famous Player(s) is he missing from the collection.  There’s a bunch of Jordan’s, Lots of Celtics, Hardaway’s, even Barkley. But who is he missing?  Have fun trying to figure it out.

I thought I had too many with 6 or maybe 8 of them. I know I have a couple streetzblog Jerseys in Brooklyn and Chicago style, a few Jordans, a Melo, a Lakers, and even a couple older All-Star Lebrons. What do you think of having over 60 of these?

Thanks to Lang Whitaker from the All Ball Blog on for tipping me off to this nice picture of Reddit User Macgarnickle’s massive amount of Team Gear. Wonder what team he really cheers for?

I’m bummed that the Bulls lost and D-Rose never came back, for even 5 minutes! I guess we will never understand that big mistake. If he could play in practice, I agree with Kenny “The Jet” Smith, he should have come out for 5 or 10 minutes at least. Sheez!  Hope he still stays a Bull, after not playing something must be up? He has a lot of fans he’s going to have to win back after this bizzare train of events.

Oh, and did you see D-Wade in the game yesterday?  He had a little Band-Aid on his knee, wasn’t playing to well. Then his coach said he had to go change his Sneakers. I don’t know if he changed his kicks or not, but He came back with a BIG Ol’ Bandage on his knee that was like 2 feet long and 3 inches deep! Next thing you know he pops a 3 then flies through the air and slams it home like it was 5 years ago. Amazing what a Bandage could do!

It gets better, when asked by Craig Segar “What exactly did that bandage do for you? D-Wade gave him a HUGE smile, then said something like, “Oh, A lot of things”.  I bet, next time I feel sluggish on the courts I’m going to tell my Court-Mates that I got to go get my D-Wade Band Aid!

Have a great evening! Go Knicks!

Got My Eye on This Scion

Steve Aoki’s getting ready for Fast&Furious 6


Superstar Vegas DJ Steve Aoki worked with Orange, California-based MV Designz on customizing this Styling, Sleek, Black, totally tricked-out Scion. Just by looking at the outside of the car, I would like to have this. It looks totally banging and just in time for the new Fast & Furious 6 movie coming out next week.

The outside may look pretty awesome but being a DJ myself, The real Killer stuff  comes in the inside of Steve Aoki’s new Car. It comes with custom-built Pioneer speakers, a Fog Machine and of course a mixing station. The only bummer is this is SA’s car and will only be attending Scion events through the year.  At the moment, not for sale, but I’m sure the guys in Cali could hook it up for some Big time Kala.

For now, I’m going to get my Mitsubishi Lancer washed, spray some of that Bright, Wet, Bright & Slick Silicon on the tires and check out the premiere of Fast & Furious 6 on Tuesday May 21st.  Sure hope it’s not all muscle cars and they have some Mitsu’s in the movie.  If the movie has some Imports in It, I’ll let you know how it is late Tuesday night, if it’s all muscles cars, I won’t be doing a blog posting.  Still trying my best to keep things High, Groovy, Positive Tip.

BTW: I’ve been streaming the new Daft Punk Album this evening. Not sure if it’s really them. Everything so far sounds very mellow, laid back and slightly groovy.  Sounds pretty French Eclectic.  If it is it, I do here two Chromeo sounding tunes that would sound good with a re-mix or two.  One being “Up All Night to Get Lucky”

LMK what you think about the car or the new Daft Punk album.


BEE wants a New Drug

American Psycho Meets Huey and Al

In the 1980’s for some crazy reason I thought the only Hip and Cool authors in the entire world were BEE-Brett Easton Ellis and Jay McInnerny.  I would watch TV, go to the movies, Hit up many parties, play basketball and the only reading I did was from magazines and whenever BEE or J-Mac put out a book.


I think about it now and wonder how I survived. Nowadays I read at least 4 books a month if not more.   Nowadays I’ve been reading every book that Jason Starr and Charlie Huston put out.  Along with the blazing through the “Hunger Games” Trilogy and lately I’ve read Back to Back to Back books by Future Predictor Extrordinaire-William Gibson.

American Psycho-streetzblog

The video below originated with BEE’s Book, “American Psycho” which many years later became a movie.  I think I’ve read the book 5 times, but here’s a little  secret-I’ve never ever read the really gruesome 3rd or 4th chapter, I always skip that.  And whenever the movie comes on TV, I check it out, even though it’s majorly cut-up. And I will argue with my sister till year 2044 that the character in the book and movie is really doing all those things.  My sister thinks he just dreamed it all up. What do you think?

The video below has SO much symbolism and metaphor in its quick 2-3 minutes, it’s worth watching 3-4 times to get it all in.  It’s from James Franco’s Funny or Die Youtube TV show, Funny or Die.  If you’ve seen the movie, read the book, lived in the 80’s, or none of the above, I think you’ll crack up at all the inside and outside jokes featuring Huey Lewis and Weird Al Y!  Enjoy!

BTW: I did NOT like The Miami Heat’s BirdMan HIT-actually Hockey Hip Check on the Chicago Bulls Belinelli. Not cool dude! And I’m keeping to my story, D-Rose will be back THIS Friday May 10th 2013. He will play against the Angry Bird and the rest of the Heat! And Bulls will win the series!

Just Doin’ It!

NYC Streetball B-Ball movie Just released today-Monday May 1st-2013

Doin' It in the Park-Streetzblog

Doin’ It In the Park is the new Streetball basketball movie By Bobbito Garcia that just came out Today/Monday May 1st 2013.Bobbito is the mad skilled dribbler who appeared in the Nike commercial that featured  sounds of  B-Balldribbling and no other talking.  He also had a really HOT show on ESPN about celebrities and their kicks & He produced and starred in Bobbito’s Basics to Boogie.  I’ve  always been a big fan of Bobbito-An OG sneakerhead and he taught me some pretty happening dribbling tricks through his B to B DVD.  What I really liked about Bobbito is when I was having a bit of trouble with one of the dribbling skills, he returned my email back in 2004 and gave me the encouragement to accomplish the skill that I still use in the park to this day! His new movie  “Doin’ It In The Park” has a digital download for just $9.99 and is available here.

I personally still need to finish watching The Knicks and Celtics game on my DVR, then the Bulls vs Nets Steph Curry & GS tomorrow. Then I will for sure order this movie.  NYC streetball is a big passion of mine.  I’ve watched the Goat’s story in the movie “Rebound” 8X.  If I didn’t need to be awake at 5A Thursday May 2nd (My Birthday) I’d order and watch it right now. I’ll check it out Sunday when I have more free time, then I can head out to MY Park across the street from my condo and try out some of the skills in the new movie. That’s a plan!

Check out the Trailer for the new movie here, it even has some vintage Dr. J footage in it:

Hey! Where is D-Rose, I thought he would be back by this WEEK! What is up with my prediction, my sister lives in Chi-Town too and said he would be back on Thursday May 2nd. Sure hope he comes back soon, can’t have them losing in round one!

If you’re in Honolulu this weekend, stop by and visit Streetzblog this Saturday May4th between 4P-10P at the Downtown Chinatown Block Party to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo. We have a booth and we’ll be selling special sunglasses that BLINK to the BEAT of the MUSIC. They go for $39.99 retail. And we have a special Synco de Musika Special on them this Saturday. One for $20 or 3 for $50. Stop by and get yours this Saturday or just stop by, say “Hi” and get some free Streetzblog stickers. Hope to see you this weekend!

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