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NBA Playoffs start this Weekend!

December 17-30 is my favorite time of year, but my second favorite would be April – June when the NBA Play-Offs happen. I like it best for the NBA Drive to the Finals Game that we play each year.  And of course I like it to see the Bulls, Knicks and Lakers and this year Steph Curry from that team in the yellow and blue.

If you want to play Drive to the Finals with us this year, click here and make sure you sign up for the 808Ballers League.  It’s lots of fun! Each day you pick one different player to do well in scoring, assists and rebounds. Then you get points.  You can only pick a person one time, so you can either save Lebron or use him early..up to you. It’s tons of great fun and really easy to play!  *I doubt I would have the patience to play the “real” fantasy leagues for a whole year. But this is E-A-S-Y!

BULLS-Streetzblog’s Top SIX Predictions for the NBA Play-Off’s 2013

  1. D-Rose will Play in the 2013 NBA Play-Offs!  Last weekend I heard my favorite announcer Jeff Van Gundy say that Derrick Rose was playing in full contact scrimmages in practice. And he said he looked like the best player on the court. I take that as the Bulls will use D-Rose as their “Secret Weapon”. They played all season with everyone else to get their confidence up. Now when it really matters,  in the 2nd or 3rd game of the Play-Offs they’ll “sneak” Derrick on to the court in the 3rd quarter to bust out 20-30 points. Then rest him until they need him to do it again.That’s what I would do if I was Tom Tib. I just hope the Bulls don’t play the Knicks. Hope it’s Bulls vs Heat in the Eastern Conference finals! *Check the vid out-March 26, 2013, Rose is not lookin’ gimpy at all. Rockin’ the cross over every which way and Loose! 
  2. Steph Curry from GSW will Light it Up: This will be his big coming out party. Curry can shoot the BEST in the entire league, he also has a mean crossover. Watch out World-A new Superstar is arising quickly.
  3. Bulls vs Thunder in the Finals: With Derrick coming baaack the Bulls will beat the Heat then take on the winner of Golden State vs Oklahoma and the Bulls will defeat the Thunder in 6 games.
  4. Lebron will get T’d up: When the Bulls play the Heat, Lebron will lose it and get T’d up then probably kicked out of a game or two. *I’m still upset that he didn’t go to the Knicks or the Bulls when he was supposed to. I even made and wore a shirt that said Lebron NYC 2010.  BTW: I do like Carmelo better nowadays so it all worked out well.
  5. Carmelo will average 42 PPG:  Yep, He’ll score 40-62 points in each and every Play-Off game. The dude is on Fiaah! In the Zone! Killin’ it! And next to Steph Curry he is the next best shooter in the game!
  6. Lakers have no chance:  After Kobe got hurt the first time, he should have sat down, He didn’t even rest after he got hurt the second time, now he is really gone and out. That last game he played in was a MESS. Phil Jackson would have sat him down to save his health. They say Kobe wouldn’t go out, at that time Kobe wasnt thinking straight either-I could see it in his eyes,  he needed to come out of the game!  Sux.



Makiki Heat-April 12, 2013

Makiki Heat on the Streetz

JPEG-Makiki Heat-streetzblogMakikiHeat-Streetzblog

Dreaming of living in NYC where everything seems to be happening, I thought I bet there are people wishing they lived in Hawaii. But just don’t hear enough about the various cities in Here.   So, My new Top 10 list will be called Makiki Heat. I live in Makiki and I thought Heat sounded good w/ Makiki.  I need to make it clear I am not a Miami Heat fan. Bulls, Knicks, Lakers fan in that order.

Just not sure of my graphics, the first looks a bit scary. I was going for the Cool, Hip, Hype, Happening vibe and ended up with Halloween. The second..aah maybe a bit better..LMK your thoughts? I  can work on it. For now, here’s what’s HOT at Streetzblog. Top 10 not necessarily from Makiki, just written in Makiki, Hip and Hot is from around the World:

  1. 3-D Printing

    Not really printing, but machines that make you practically anything just as almost as fast as printing on a piece of paper.  Big in Japan and I saw a pretty cool 3-D Printing palace open to the public just like the Kinko’s of yesteryear in NYC in DEC 2012.

  2. Crazy Bicycle Wheel Colors

    This is BIG right here, Right Now in Hawaii. I’ve seen flourescent pink wheels with orange stripping, bright lite blue bikes with Red wheels, Yellow wheels with black trim on green bikes. It’s crazy-Mostly guys riding these bikes. They look like regular bikes, just the colors are really wild!

  3. D-Rose

    My prediction is he will be back playing on the Bulls team during the 3rd game of the Play-Offs. I think he’s Tib’s secret weapon.  Let the Bulls win all season with who they have, give them lots of confidence. Then bring Rose in during the 3rd or 4th Quarter to score 20-30 quick points.  That’s What I’m saying. Look out Miami Heat, Rose is Baaaack! (Well Almost)

  4. Monocle Magazine

    I still like magazines and someone left a copy of Monocle at WishWashWonderland the other day.  Never saw it before. But it has some great Fashion Finds, trends, and lots and lots of pages. I’d recommend it if you ever see it at the Mag Store.

  5. Long Sleeve Striped Button-Down Shirts

    22-35 Year old men in Downtown Honolulu are wearing long Sleeve Dress shirts this “Winter”. I’ve seen solids, stripes, not too many all whites, but for sure the trend for 2013 is traditional yet slim fitting long sleeve shirts.A lot Less Aloha wear this year and lots more standard/mainland type of  work wear especially amongst the younger group of downtown office workers!

  6. Sears @ Ala Moana Center

    After all these years, Sears is going out of business. I don’t know where I would have bought clothes for my daughter when she was younger. Sears ALWAYS had at least two outfits that she could rock when all other stores didn’t have anything. I guess we’d be going to Forever21 nowadays. Anyway, Sears has prices so low it’s almost free.  40% off the already low sales price.  Like yesterday I bought a pair of work pants. Regular $58 on sale for $39 with the 40% off they were only: $24!!! My size and good Hi-Quality! Stock is still pretty good. What I did is grabbed all the pants I could find in my exact size, then tried them all on. 3 of the 6 fit so I bought them all. Dealeo of the Week!

  7. Pot Meets Pop

    This week’s StreetzBlog highlighted Street Brand. Join in the fun of the Jakarta Underground Subculture when you rock these babies. Complete with fun names of the Jeans; Signature 420’s for the guys and Mary Jane’s for the Gals. Classic

  8. Crawford Park

    Since this is the first top 10 of Makiki Heat, I need to include one of my favorite places in my neighborhood. It’s the basketball court near where I live. One of the best things about living in Hawaii is I can play basketball year round without worrying about snow on the court. It’s a great place to play, mainly during the morning and early afternoon. But, I warn you don’t bring your iPhone or anything too flashy. It’s been getting a bit sketchy lately. Good News is the Police drive by at least 2x when I play there. So, all is well. Just watch for the little “spy kids”  they get sent by their parents to check you out, then they come over. I leave before I even see the parents!

  9. Keeaumoku Seafood

    Also in Makiki near my crib.  Try the Ahi and Maguro Sashimi. Don’t even bother w/ rice or anything on the menu.  The Ahi is always very fresh and the Maguro melts in your mouth. Oh so Ono! Tell them you want what Scott orders and $25 worth and you’ll be good to go.

  10. Paul Van Dyk

    Legendary trance DJ Paul Van Dyk is coming to Hawaii on June 7, 2013 to play at Aloha Tower Marketplace. I used to play him and his remixes back in the 90’s. “For An Angel” used to be one of my most requested songs. PVD has also worked with big names like U2, Depeche Mode, Madonna, JT, Britney Spears, & Rammstein. 18+ to party 21+ to drink. Get your tickets here.

Makiki Heat-Pink-Blue-Streetzblog JPEG-NEW PINKMakiki Heat copy

Very Vanquish

Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope-a slight change, and all patterns alter-Sharon Salzberg

I think this quote goes well with these kicks..dont you?

Adidas Jeremy Scott Black/Green Kicks at the Vanquish Store in Shibuya

Adidas Jeremy Scott Black/Green Kicks at the Vanquish Store in Shibuya

One of my really good friends emailed me the other day and said he was in Tokyo, I immediately said “Get me some street clothes magz and stop by Vanquish in Shibuya”. That BTW is what I always tell people who go to Japan.  This friend actually went to Vanquish..I still dont know about the magazines, but these pix are awesome! I feel like I went there myself.  

Street photograph of the Real Vanquish Store in Shibuya, JPN

Street photograph of the Real Vanquish Store in Shibuya, JPN

Ever since I saw those patent leather Hi-top Brogues from Vanquish I have wanted to go to Japan just to go to this store! I even took 8 weeks of Japanese class in preparation for my future trip.

Picture from the Vanquish Windows April 2013

Picture from the Vanquish Windows April 2013

I couldn’t believe it when my friend said he was a few blocks from what I think is my favorite store I’ve never been to. And checkity-check it out-He procured us some pretty slick pix!  I dig these multi colored Adidas x Jeremy Scott Kicks. I suspect you can find them at, but it’s much more fun seeing them at the Vanquish store in Shibuya.  All pictures courtesy of my good friend-Stephen.

Adidas x Jeremy Scott Multi Colored Wings at the Vanquish Store in Shibuya, JPN April 2013

Adidas x Jeremy Scott Multi Colored Wings at the Vanquish Store in Shibuya, JPN April 2013

One day I will make it there. Until then Enjoy the pictures from my friend.  Here’s the Kicks I wore on Easter Sunday! I think the picture is deserving of a blog entry.  Whatcha’ Think? It’s been triple filtered with Photoshop Lite, Snapseed and Instagram.

My Easter Kicks-March 31, 2013

My Easter Kicks-March 31, 2013

Here’s the New trailer for The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio(Blood Diamond, Basketball Diaries & of course Titanic), Carey Mulligan (Wall Street, Public Enemies) Tobey Maguire(Spiderman), Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers&London) and Joel Edgerton (Zero Dark 30, Smokin’ Aces & Warrior). The newest trailer features quick snippets of some new music by Beyonce, Andre 3000 and Florence + The Machine. And BIG rumours that Jay-Z will be hitting us up with a new track for the film!

My sister was reading this book back in November 2012, I borrowed it at the beach a couple of times, but for some reason it really was confusing to me. By the looks of the trailer that confusion will turn into #goodtimes. And I say pretty much any movie with Leonardo in it tends to ROCK!. So, I’ll be there May 10th for the first showing. Looks and sounds good and check out the Mansion they live in!! Wowza!

If you get a chance tune into on Saturday April 6 from 6p-9p HST, I/Sniper Wells will be filling in for Nocturna on the Feast of Friends Show. I’ll be playing some classic Industrial Dance, Goth, Underground 80’s and of course some “Ultra Bangin’ Beats!”  Have a Great Weekend.

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