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Train in Game

New Video of Mermaid by Train Shows Lots of Hawaii and The 2013 NFL Pro Bowl!

This video is so much fun for me to watch, it’s Train and their Song Mermaid In Hawaii at the NFL Pro Bowl 2013! It shows them at the private VIP party performing in the pool-which BTW was amazing!It was completely mesmerizing watching the band perform in a luxurious swimming pool with Pink and Blue lights.

Train Performing Live in the Pool!  at the NFL VIP Party on Oahu- Jan 2013

Train Performing Live in the Pool! at the NFL VIP Party on Oahu- Jan 2013

Even though the lead singer-Pat Monahan said “don’t go in the pool, you may get shocked” I thought for sure someone was going to jump in. Is sure did look tempting!  But good news is no one did.

The video also shows Train at the beach, at Ohana/Family Day, performing prior to the game and even wandering in the stands at the game! Also check out sports illustrated swimsuit model Alyssa Miller as the elusive Mermaid, Hawaii’s star Ukulele player Aidan James and Daniel Dae Kim, star of Hawaii Five-0 and former star of Lost.

After seeing Train, it reminded me that WalterFrench has a new video out, so I went to look for it and didn’t find it yet, but came across this vid. It’s deserving of a blog post. Even if I watch it 2-3 times, It still confuses my brain to no end! Damien Walter’s said he filmed every shot Backwards. Even with bit of a hint to what’s going on, it still strains my brain. Pretty brilliant! See what you think?

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