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The General Idea is a Pretty Good One!

“When I haven’t Any Blue I Use Red”-Pablo Picasso

Over the last year or so, I’ve been seeing some eye-popping colors in Men’s shoes. Mark McNairy’s yellow soles, the recent Cole Haan Collection, and some nice Purple, Yellow and white Boots from DSquared to name a few. But, from Chic Men’s magazine to one of last week’s issues of WWD, I was really noticing some wicked Rubbery soles, Cobalt Blue Soles, and brogues in bright orange. I was on a mission to solve the mystery of the designer making these lavish Kicks that I sure would want to get a hold of in the near future. Luckily in one of last week’s WWD’s, I noticed in the fine print on one of the pictures the word General Idea, I’d seen this name once before but thought it was in context of the article not the name of the designer, but yes, it is the name of the designer and the mystery is solved.

In addition to some nice shoes, they have some  pretty great looking futuristic yet classic clothes in slick greys, pops of purples and the like. Here is the General Idea Fall/Winter 2013 Show.  Not sure why the audience is void of Women, but it is.  Other than that I’d say General Idea has some great ideas, Kicks and Clothes.  Check out the show:


Here is the link to purchase some of the Bright and Nouveau Riche Kicks. I really am not sure at all why they call it General Idea New York, then sell most of their shoes on a Foreign Site? I would recommend a New York site with American Money, these look quite expensive in the Korean currency. And shipping who knows? Hey- I wonder if Rodman has a pair of General Idea Kicks? LOL.  At least we do know the shoes are available somewhere. Maybe that’s part of the mystique about General Idea? It took me a while to figure out who they are? Now, it’s a bit hard to Aquire the footwear? I suspect it’s all part of the master marketing plan. Things that are harder to find, become more sought after.  The similar marketing strategy has worked HARD/WELL? on me and my bank Account when it’s a Retro Jordan!

Up next is the General Idea Spring Summer 2013 Behind the Scenes and in front of the scenes Fashion Show. As you can see there are both male and females at this event. Looks like lots of people enjoying taking pictures with BIG tablets and the guys in the seats have some pretty nice kicks on too! I show you this VID, not because it is the most recent, but it’s what is for sale right now-March 2013. Check out the Flo Green Camo Clothes and of course the Flourescent Yellow and bright  Pink Kicks. The pull tabs on the backs are also quite nice!

And Here’s a picture of what I earlier called “Wicked-Rubbery Soles” If you know the official name of this type of sole, LMK. I was thinking of doing a blog on kicks with these soles in the near future.


Kicks to Rock the Shore and Light up the City! General Idea Boat Shoes with Wicked-Rubbery sole!

And Before I get myself back to my job, here’s the pair of kicks I have my eye on for a possible future purchase:

General Idea-Hi Top Brogue Boots-White Sole-Red Pull Tabs. The MOON's

General Idea-Hi Top Brogue Boots-White Sole-Red Pull Tabs. The MOON’s

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