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Just Jordan!

It’s Gotta’ Be the Shoes!

Check out this fun Cartoon, it’s the Trae The Truth “All-Star” Special Featuring the AJXX8. What are you going to Rock this Weekend? Ol’ School? Retro J’s? The New 28’s? Maybe the new 1’s or 3’s? How bout them Barkley’s or Maybe some Melo’s, D-Rose’s or KD’s?  I know I’ll be working at the Great Aloha Run Sports Expo this weekend and I’ll have a different pair of kicks Friday Thru Monday. I started early today with my FAV and most comfortable Blazers with the Nike Brand Sign that reflects all the colors in the world, thus matching anything and everything I wear!

Next up is one of my favorite commercials of ALL Time, not just my favorite Kicks commercial. But this is why I wear my J’s even when they hurt my feet. And I swear they did make me jump higher back in the 80’s and 90’s. And today, with a little extra insoles and a half-size up, I actually do wear my Jordan Altitudes to play ball in. Not quite jumping as high, but it’s still gotta’ be the Shoes!

Now with MJ’s B-Day just a few days away, look what I found! The “Gotta Be the Shoes” (Michael Jordans 50th anniversary) tribute show! Over 7 minutes of Kicks, Action and lots and lots of Michael Jordans Greatest moments!

Jordan thru the years: I grew up in the first suburb outside of Chicago in Evanston, Illinois. So, of course I was a big Bulls Fan, then a Bulls and Jordan Fan. My first pair of Jordans were the 4’s and I wore them until they completely fell off my feet. And I’ll tell you, I know FOR SURE I could jump higher in them than anything else in the world. One day I swear, I know I was in the big space of the net and seriously, I just missed the rim by not two but 1.5 inches! I know it was the shoes. 

Thanks Jordan, thanks Nike, your shoes kept me out of trouble for at least a  few years. I remember even beating the big 6’2 guy at the park one day. The one and only time we went one on one. Nowadays, My feet kinda’ hurt in my Jordans and I wear most of them out at night. But like I said earlier, I still play in my AJ13 Altitudes size 10.5 with some extra bouncy Dr.Scholl’s inner soles in them..And I swear, I still get that extra bounce in my step..it’s gotta be the shoes!

Here’s the most up to date Jordan commercial that I bet we see a lot this All-Star Weekend. It’s got an “aw’lright” tag line – “Dare to Fly”..but if I was head of Brand Jordan I would have had Mars in it in and what would he say in the end..Yep..”It’s Gotta Be the Shoes”.

And Last Vid for today’s blog post is the Air Jordan XX8 Designer insights from Tinker Hatfield and Josh Head. They say in the video that this the XX8 is the most technilogically advanced AJ Basketball Shoe. Me, I’m not sold yet, they look like Kicks to wear out on a Friday night. Really not sure if I’d play in them. But, after all this hype this week, I’ll be at Footlocker on Sunday to check them out. At retail of $250, If they help me get anywhere close to touching the rim, I’ll cop em’. If not, I won’t. The commercial no longer says “It’s gotta’ be the shoes”.


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