Flight K1X Now Boarding for Take-Off

James “Flight” White Takes Off from the Free-Throw Line!

Despite D-Wade’s enthusiastic attempt to get Lebron James into the 2013 NBA All-Star Game Dunk contest, he will not be there. At least this year we do have James White from the New York Knicks who sky’s high and has some pretty dope new Kicks made by K1X. I wondered where he got shoes from, they are usually all one solid color and I’ve seen him in both the Orange and the Blue versions.

You can get a pair at Kickz.com..but year’s ago when I bought a pair  on the website, the shipping charge was almost as much as the Kicks and I had to go to Kinko’s to fax them a copy of my driver’s licence. It is a site in Germany. but hopefully by now they have worked out the kinks they had back when I bought a pair.

Here’s the Line-Up for this year’s NBA All-Star Dunk Contest. (Better be better than last year, that I think was the worst ever!) And it’s been a few year’s since Nate Robinson and Dwight Howard dueled it out in the best dunk contest since Jordan won a couple of them back in the Late 80’s.

James White (Knicks)
Terrence Ross (Raptors)
Gerald Green (Pacers)
Eric Bledsoe (Clippers) He’s pretty cool!
Kenneth Faried (Nuggets) The guy with “the hair”
Jeremy Evans (Jazz)

And keeping on the MJ50Tip, here’s a quick look at Michael’s notorious Foul-Line Dunk! (courtesy of TNT)

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