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NYC Streetz-Day 3-The Best Day of the year-12-20-12

“Take me to Astor and Broadway”

That’s 6 of my most favorite words in the Whole wide World!

When I first came to NYC in 1987, that’s where a friend of mine from the New Music Seminar took me and that’s still my favorite place to go. Back in the day, she took me there and the stores were a bit different, yet still awesome. In the late 80’s I shopped at Unique Boutique, Antique Boutique, and of course my favorite-Canal Jean Company. Thanks so much to my friend who first turned me on to this awesome area of town.

What i recommend is walking from Astor & Broadway all the way down to Canal-if you get lost just keep heading to the nice looking building at the end of the street.

Since, I do need some sleep and tomorrow’s the big day for the Jordan Xl BRED release, I will keep this brief and fill it in later on this week or next.

Here’s my recommendations for 2012, some are str8t down Broadway and a few you’ll need to make a right or a left here and there, but all is easy to find:

  1. Astor Street Hair Cutters: (Astor And Broadway)
  2. SuperDry:
  3. The NYC book Store:
  4. Atrium:  “This is the place that would be the Hypebeast store if Hypebeast.com had a store”.
  5. The Adidas Store:
  6. Blades:  Need some SB’s or 5Boro Gear, they have it.
  7. Bloomingdale’s in Soho:
  8. Premium Laces: (68 Spring St)  Say Hi to Eddie and Matthew, tell em’ Streetzblog sent you and see what you can find! I bet you’ll get some nice looking Kicks. They specialize in Supra, but don’t let that fool you, they have lots more to be found, just be patient.
  9. Baltazar Restaurant:
  10. The magazine Store diagonally across from Baltazar:
  11. Old Navy:
  12. ChinaTown:
  13. Little Italy:
  14. Rag&Bone:
  15. John Varvatos:
  16. Kid Robot:
  17. Hester Street Fair:

So I need to get some sleep and tomorrow is the big release date for the Jordan X1 “BRED”, it’s also museum day. So, I’ll see you at FIT and the Harry Potter Exhibit.  I usually take at least one day off from carousing to get some culture and save  a bit of $$ by going to the museums. Tomorrow is the day. I’ll finish up many more great details on this blog posting later this week or early next week, depending on my connection. for now, that’s the quick list of the greatest shopping I’ve ever been anywhere near.  Hope you have just as much fun as I did!

Yep, This is really them! Jordan X1 "BRED" Black/Red DEC 2012

Yep, This is really them! Jordan X1 “BRED” Black/Red DEC 2012



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