Where the New Fashions Are? Tokyo-Spring 2013

The Tokyo Spring 2013 Fashion Week-Today’s Hot brands are Ne-net and Phenomenon
Ne-net-Where the Wild Things Are-Streetzblog.com

I do like the Flannel mix match plaids. Reminds me a bit of Spain’s Desingual brand. Although I’m not very fond of the “Where the Wild Things Are?” theme. It kind of scares me to tell you the truth.I dont know why but it for sure gives me the chills. Maybe because tonight is Halloween..maybe not..maybe its just creepy. However I suspect the designer Kazuaki Takashima needed some shock value to get noticed in the cluttered Tokyo Street Fashion Scene.

This BIG shirt sure looks comfy..but beware of the BIG Fuzzy Creature behind the model!

Tokyo Fashion Week 2013-Streetzblog.com
And for the ladies, here’s a sampling of Ne-net’s new fashions for females. And once again-Beware! of the Fuzzy Creature behind the model. OMG! Glad it’s Halloween today, this doesnt feel quite as scary as it usually would, or maybe it does. That bird is really starting to freak me out, he’s like in all the pix I have!
Phenomenon is the second brand we’re highlighting today. I like the fun flair of the tie-dye colors that designer Takeshi Osumi uses in this jacket design.
Phenomenon Tokyo 2013 Spring Collection-streetzblog.com
And Staying on Trend for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 here’s some of that eye-popping cobalt Blue from phenomenon. I’m thinking I may get a button down shirt of this color for Christmas, I do like the color on others, it just maybe a bit too bright for my usual palette.
Phenomenon-Tokyo Spring 2013-streetzblog.com
Happy Halloween! I apologize for not doing a Halloween Kicks 2012 blog this year. Maybe since I’m on a Kicks Probation until December 15th, it was just too hard to be inspired, since I cant buy anything. You can always check out streetzblog’s Halloween Kicks 2011-It has most of the hottest treats for your feet on there already. What’s your Favorite Tokyo designer or Street Brand? LMK on the comments section or hit me up on the streetzblog facebook page 24/7.

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