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Where the New Fashions Are? Tokyo-Spring 2013

The Tokyo Spring 2013 Fashion Week-Today’s Hot brands are Ne-net and Phenomenon
Ne-net-Where the Wild Things

I do like the Flannel mix match plaids. Reminds me a bit of Spain’s Desingual brand. Although I’m not very fond of the “Where the Wild Things Are?” theme. It kind of scares me to tell you the truth.I dont know why but it for sure gives me the chills. Maybe because tonight is Halloween..maybe not..maybe its just creepy. However I suspect the designer Kazuaki Takashima needed some shock value to get noticed in the cluttered Tokyo Street Fashion Scene.

This BIG shirt sure looks comfy..but beware of the BIG Fuzzy Creature behind the model!

Tokyo Fashion Week
And for the ladies, here’s a sampling of Ne-net’s new fashions for females. And once again-Beware! of the Fuzzy Creature behind the model. OMG! Glad it’s Halloween today, this doesnt feel quite as scary as it usually would, or maybe it does. That bird is really starting to freak me out, he’s like in all the pix I have!
Phenomenon is the second brand we’re highlighting today. I like the fun flair of the tie-dye colors that designer Takeshi Osumi uses in this jacket design.
Phenomenon Tokyo 2013 Spring
And Staying on Trend for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 here’s some of that eye-popping cobalt Blue from phenomenon. I’m thinking I may get a button down shirt of this color for Christmas, I do like the color on others, it just maybe a bit too bright for my usual palette.
Phenomenon-Tokyo Spring
Happy Halloween! I apologize for not doing a Halloween Kicks 2012 blog this year. Maybe since I’m on a Kicks Probation until December 15th, it was just too hard to be inspired, since I cant buy anything. You can always check out streetzblog’s Halloween Kicks 2011-It has most of the hottest treats for your feet on there already. What’s your Favorite Tokyo designer or Street Brand? LMK on the comments section or hit me up on the streetzblog facebook page 24/7.

Dot Dot Dot Shades Dot Dot-G.V.G.V Spring 2013

G.V.G.V Tokyo Collection-Spring 2013

The G.V.G.V designer is known as MUG and he/she used insects as their inspiration for the Spring 2013 Fashion Show in Tokyo. I totally Dig this Photo with the Sunglasses matching exactly with the background. awesomeness! Nice Creative work-Mug! Congrats!!


The collection included Dragonfly inspired clothes using iridescent fabrics for tailored pencil skirts, cropped Jackets and slim pants. These sunglasses have the dragonfly vibe and I would definitely rock em’! I’ll label these babies: “Retro Swinging 60’s ala’ New Wave Futuristic Liquid Sky Vibe Shades”. Oh Yeah! I’m digging the G.V.G.V creativity-Now I gotta’ go and check the web and see if they have clothes for Men. I sure hope so!  This is a designer I could see working for!

Hot Fashions in Tokyo-Spring

“Hawaii Designs”-A/F 2012-Coming Soon!

Hawaii will be doing a “Hawaii Designs” Series beginning November 1st thru December 31st.  intermittently with the regular blog posts. We will spot light a minimum of 5  with a  maximum of 10 Designers of clothes, fashions and accessories.  So far, we have 2 done ready to post, 2 in the works and are deciding on the others.  

You can look forward to the first of the series to drop on Thursday November 1st 2012.  I’m sure we’ll talk to you before then, but just in case..Have a Happy Halloween this Saturday October 27th and Wednesday October 31st.  What songs do you want to hear this Halloween Season?

Hello to Halloween

Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton-Spring 2012

The Sixties Vibe Is Rockin’ The Runway in Paris!

Personally I don’t carry a handbag, but if I did, I would pick Louis Vuitton as my brand of Choice. I doubt you can ever go wrong with the classic dark brown and light brown logo’d version. And I totally loved the Graffiti versions a few years back. And in the art and stye world-The “Pop Art” Swinging 60’s Vibe is one of my favorites of all time.  Thus, I couldn’t resist showing you what’s in store for Louis Vuitton Spring 2013, courtesy of designer Marc Jacobs via the Paris Runways and WWD. (Photo’s Courtesy of Giovanni Giannoni & the WWD Print Edition via my iPhone4S)

Block Rockin’ Pop Art

Pop Art Block Rockin Beats
The Girl on the left wins the “Stare-Down” Contest:

MJ for LV-WWD-Spring
Pop Art Streetzblog Style

CHECK out the detailed Escalator and Flooring!
Which Bag Shall I Choose Today?
Special Thanks to: WWD, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and the Paris Runway shows!

And…Streetzblog’s Goes Black and White

For Additional Fashion and Photograpy inspiration from the Swinging 60’s I suggest the movie: BLOW-UP

See the Inspiration?

Blow-Up Swinging 60's

*Picture courtesy of the


Find Out Bond’s Gear Here Before the Movie premiere on November 9, 2012

It’s a Nice Picturesque Sunday Morning in Hawaii-Trade Winds are blowing just a bit and Sun is Shining perfectly.  The Beach is only 10 minutes from my condo, but Sunday mornings are my favorite day to rest my aching feet, eat a tasty breakfast, have a real coffee instead of the instant stuff I just drop into the cup and pour hot water on Mon-Fri, and write. So, before heading to the beach or to the mall (LOL) As you may know I’m still on a shoe probation until December 18? And Now I’m also on a clothes probation until the same date, but man that mall is calling me more than the beach!

Before I do anything, I wanted to let you know all the cool clothes, gadgets and accessories that Daniel Craig will be wearing in the upcoming James Bond “Skyfall” movie.  I usually go to the Bond movies and try to figure out what kind of mobile he has or how did he get that suit to fit so perfectly? However, Entertainment Weekly has supplied us with much of what we need to know ahead of time.  Here’s the Run-Down on Bond’s new Gear: (Thanks to EntertainmentWeekly)

  1. Smartphone:  Nope not the iPhone5, He’ll be tracking the bad guys on the new Sony Xperia T Android Smartphone.  It’s available in Britain right now and the U.S version will arrive just in time for the Holiday’s for those living stateside.  I think it will be cool to see how they make it do all sorts of things on the big screen-hopefully it has some of that floating 3-D “action” once it comes out to the general public.  Me, personally I think my iPhone 4S is the best smartphone I’ve ever had and I like it so much I don’t even want to take a chance with this or the iPhone5.  The 4S just always works and never causes me trouble even with 2163 pictures and 720 songs on it!
  2. Suit:  Now this is where it gets fun! The designer of his suits gave the movie’s production team 60 suits JUST for the Opening Scene!  30 of them for Daniel Craig and 30 for his Stunt Double-I wonder where they are? It would be awesome if they did a contest to win one or auctioned them for charity, that’s quite a lot of suits and Daniel Craig is 5’10 just like me-One can wish! James Bond will be wearing Suits, Tuxes, Shirts, ties and even shoes designed by Tom Ford exclusively. Only his underwear is generic-if you want to know, EW says-he wears the Boxer-Brief in white.
  3. Sunglasses: YAH! He’s going to be wearing Aviators similar yet different from the Michael Kor’s Aviators I purchased during fashion’s night out.  Actually they look a bit like the Prada pair I wanted that night, but were a bit pricey. These of course are designed by Tom Ford and are “Ruthenium Aviator Style Marko Sunglasses” basically the blue-ish grey lens similar to the Prada pair from Fashions Night Out in Honolulu.
  4. Wrist-Watch: Bond’s still going with the Omega. In this movie he wears two different versions.  I think Omega has done a great job marketing the Omega/James Bond Connection through their print ads in GQ.  I pretty much have that one implanted in my brain.  I personally like the Orange dial style.  But when it comes to watches my wrist gets pretty itchy with most everything other than my Krink-NYC-G-Shock. Not quite the GQ or JB look I’d like to achieve, but at least it doesn’t itch. Not to say that the Omega would itch, it’s just a bit pricey for me to take the chance.
  5. Cuff Links:  Now depending on the price of these babies, I think I might need to get a pair.  They are black with a silver James Bond Crest on them. The Bond Family crest is very classic, provides the essence of English Aristocracy, and a definite feel of  The Old School King Arthur Power vibe. These are also designed by Tom Ford.

You may notice in the trailer above that Daniel Craig (44yearsold) is pretty ripped. I’m sure Men’s Health or Men’s Fitness will let us in on the specifics on his regimen. But if you can’t wait, here are the highlights from the

  1. Craig Gave Up Smoking and Junk Food
  2. He cut back on Carbs and Alcohol
  3. Lifted Heavy Weights Really Fast
  4. Ate High Quality protein including Chicken, Fish, Eggs and Shakes
  5. And also consumed lots of vegetables and some fruit

Nothing too earth shattering from the list above.  But it’s sticking to it that does the trick.  I suspect he also ate 4-5 smaller meals throughout the day instead of 2-3 big ones. I personally try to do a similar regime, however I get way too consumed in projects I work on and totally forget to eat sometimes, that is one of the worst things I could do. But I am working on getting better on that.  I also only drink water nowadays.For years I used to chug 2-5 bottles of Gatorade a day! I think changing to water is a pretty big accomplishment for me! Just harder to be “Like Mike” Great Marketing gets me all the time!

Have a nice Week, See you at the Beach…or the Mall!

Brooklyn is TRENDING Big-Time Right Now-10-20-12

Staying on the Brooklyn Tip!

Here’s a fun catchy tune by  Theo Katzman entitled “Brooklyn” It gives a Bit of the vibe and shows some of the local hang-outs of the Borough

And Here’s Fabulous Freestylin’ on the first Episode of the “Association” on NBATV.

We Might as well introduce you to the Brooklyn Nets Cheerleaders while I’m in this new-found Black and white Brooklyn World. Check out their Boots-Pretty Hyper-Fashionista

And Here’s some Brooklyn Hip-Hop with “BK Till I Die” featuring SYMphONY, Mr. Fantastik and Bess repping Brooklyn with some tight rhymes and interesting dance moves. The video shows a bit of the local vibe and is shot all over Brooklyn’s famous landscapes. I like how they have so much fun with the video. The diamond or Q-Zironia that says “Fake” on it is  pretty funny! I’d like to think it’s made out of real Diamonds then that would be something I’d Rock! And check out the dudes Bright Yellow and Silver Polo Shirt.This sure ain’t Manhattan style. Brooklyn in the House..fer sure. Enjoy!

Next new posts will be about some interesting Hawaii goings on including some up and coming designers and some Halloween Hots. In the meantime, please fill out the survey below. And also if the answer is Yes, where in Brooklyn I should visit while I’m in Manhattan December 18-23, 2012-Just click on the comments section. TU

Chris Paul “Cuts Through L.A”

In honor of the New Jordan CP3 VI Shoe launch, Nike did a stunt in Venice Beach entitled “Cut Through L.A” This is the kind of video where I don’t want to tell you too much about it ahead of time. But being a blog writer, I can’t resist letting you in on a few fun things:

  1. One of my favorite parts is the lady with the NY coffee cup that’s spilling out plastic like coffee
  2. Chris Paul is wearing black, I’d think it would be Navy Blue and red? And check out what the defensive players have on! Yellow-which seems to me to be a bit of a jab on the Lakers?  Hmmm Kobe is a Nike Guy-Kinda’ funny.
  3. Where are the crowds of people watching this being filmed?
  4. The music soundtrack is perfect.
  5. And lastly, why doesn’t Chris Paul slam the ball in the end? Other than that Pretty crazy Vid.

What do you think?

Caught Up in The Hype!

It’s pretty funny actually, I’ve been to NYC 29 times but only 2x to Brooklyn. Yet I’m all caught up in the Brooklyn Nets Hype. It must be the Black, Grey and White color scheme and I’m sure Jay-Z being a big partner in the marketing scheme doesn’t hurt either. One of my friends Brother’s band made the hook for “Empire State of Mind”, so I have a special place in my heart for the song. And I totally dig it when they play it after the Knicks win a game at Mad Square Garden.

The 2 times I went to Brooklyn, I did have fun? it’s just I get so caught up in NYC, I run out of time to get on the train and go over to it. Maybe this year?

The First time I went to Brooklyn was in the early 90’s when my daughter was about 2 or 3 years old. I woke up super early, got on a train with her and her carriage and went to Coney Island. I remember being totally blessed by the infinite, because I made it there and back with her safely. When we got off the train, vodka bottles were being tossed around the train station like snowballs in a Chicago Winter. It wasnt at all like the Disneyland as I imagined. It was actually one of the scariest moments of my life. I’m not joking when I say “They were throwing around glass vodka bottles”  they were!  And the bottles were breaking into lots of bouncing bits of sharp glass, plus the people throwing them were staggering and swerving into and off of the metal fences like hand balls. We somehow made it out into the sun unscathed.

When I got out of the train station, I made it over to the Coney Island’s “Amusement Area” and it was pretty run down and dirty. So I didn’t trust the rides, thus I headed to what I know best-the Beach. It was here that I found serenity. The Nice blue water and freshly manicured sand saved my sanity and trip to Coney Island-Phew!

After that we had a bit of food then ended up at a HUGE Irish Festival. OMG another place not to be pushing around a baby carriage. After a quick look at the masses at the Irish gig, I headed back on the train and back to Manhattan.

The other time I went to Brooklyn was pretty cool, I went with my friend Alan who lives in Manhattan.  We went to check out the Basquait Exhibition.  I like making art and I do enjoy seeing it, but I move way to fast to stick around and really take it in like a lot of people. But the Basquait Exhibition was different.  We were actually the last 2 to leave and had to be shooo’d out by the security guards.  Then we had a delicious burger and headed back to Manhattan. Pretty fun time!

Lately I’ve been to the Nets website about 30 times debating on getting some gear.  I personally think it totally rocks! But so far, I havent put my money down on anything. Still a Bulls, Knicks and Lakers fan in that order. I suspect I’ll end up getting a custom jersey just for the fashion statement. But the Nets? Brooklyn?  hmmm At the moment I’m still a fan of NYC-Manhattan, Hawaii and Chicago (HiChiNy).  Although, I’m going to make it a point to check out Brooklyn this year when I visit NYC, I’ll let you  know how it goes. Or LMK where to go?

The video at the top of the blog is the announcement that NBA TV’s ” The Association” will be following the Nets around this year-starting October 16th on TV.  The HYPE continues! and BTW, This weekend is a Brooklyn Nets “All Mix” weekend on Hot 97 and I heard earlier today that Jay-Z will be streaming his 8th concert from the Barclay’s Center on YouTube this Saturday October 6th , 2012.  Anyone know how to record YouTube?  I have 3 classes on Saturday and won’t be home.  But I sure don’t want to miss another minute of the Brooklyn’s soemwhat Uhmm… Netoxicating.

October 17, 2012 Update: I just watched the first showing of the “Association” starring the Brooklyn Nets. It was pretty cool, Rosie Perez took Joe Johnson around the Neighborhood and introduced him to Gleason’s Gym and other Neighbors. The Show started off with a :34 freestyle rap by Fabulous. Next episode of the “Association” will be on November 2nd on NBA TV.

No Sleep Till’ Brooklyn!

Back in

Custom Brooklyn Nets Swingman or Replica Jersey’s available now Here!

Back in Black

Not really Back since the Nets have moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn. But they are in Black and look pretty frickin’ Banging Good.

The Brooklyn Nets gear is this year’s MUST HAVE look for Fall.  Better than double monk straps, Fireman Coats, Suits that cut off at the waist, Even better than my Fav- The Hi-Top Brogue. The new look Nets is as good as it gets when it comes to lookin’ Hip, Cool, and on Trend. And whatever your body type, you can’t go wrong with any of the gear because it’s all in Fashion’s favorite color-Black!

On Monday when I first went to the Brooklyn Nets new website  the first thing that they showed me was a black and grey screen with the new black jersey. Then a click thru to purchase the Jersey, caps, a few T’s and a few other things. I loved the site, ALL BLACK and GREY, no color at all, felt completely comfortable like I was in my own living room or dj’ing Big Banging underground hit at the nightclub.  *Today when you head to the website, it’s still mainly black and grey, but they have moving pictures and a lot more clutter then I would prefer, but the clothes are still all Black and white sizzling with style and pizzaz!  I really liked the minimalistic  first website with just the basics and all in black, grey and white.

Here’s my favorite Hat with the brand new logo designed by part owner Jay-Z-the New Era 59FiFTY Brooklyn Nets Hat  $32 available here  Jay-Z Was one of the Biggest reason the website and street vendors sold so many NY caps, now he’s bringing the Heat with this and other Black and White Brooklyn Nets Caps.

Brooklyn Nets New Era 59FIFTY

The only Hat you’ll need for Fall 2012-Soon to be seen on many a head-seen here first on Here

New York and Brooklyn may already be rockin’ some of the new gear, but out here in Hawaii it’s still extremely fresh!  Today, I paced the halls at work until Power 104.3’s KC fell to the spell of the new look Nets.  Record Rep Davey D who lives in Manhattan is sending KC his new cap on Wednesday. As soon as he gets it, I’m doing a photo shoot for our websites and changing out his ugly white hat.  BTW-KC does have some nice caps like his City Stars hat and many upon many hats with the letter “P” on them.  But the hat he wears on the website is just plain ugly-the material is whackity whack! Anyways back to black and the new look Nets:

Thursday Night Jay-Z debuted his 40/40 club at the Billion Dollar Barclay’s Center and is now in the midst of 8 nights of concerts, each with close to 20,000 in attendance.

Jay-Z on Day One of  8 NIghst of Concerts at the NEW Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. Picture courtesy of

The New Arena has some good eats at it:  Nathan’s Hot Dogs, Junior’s cheesecake and Pizza from L&B Spumoni Gardens. The first Night’s concert was of course also filled with lots of celebrities including Jay-Z’s wife Beyonce, Rihanna, Russell Simmons, Magic Johnson and others. Jay-Z had on his custom Nets Jersey with a number 4 on it with CARTER on the back, he also had a new Nets Hat, a sleek black down vest, dark pants, boots and a few pounds of gold chains.  For more information on the concert, check out this New York Post article

Jay-Z in concert-New York

Photo courtesy of the New York Post and Asadorian/Mejia

Since I’m attracted to Kicks more than anything Jay-Z has been  rocking these Custom Gourmet Brooklyn Nets Kicks.

Jay-Z's Gourmet Custom

Jay-Z’s Custom Gourmet Kicks. Pix Courtesy of

Back to the Fashion Craze for fall, here’s one of my favorite T’s paying homage to True Blue Brookynites-The Beastie Boys!!!

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Available now at Modells

I’ll leave you for now, because I need to get up and go to work Wednesday morning.  But before I go, here is one last look at the New Brooklyn Nets Logo. According to MTV News, Jay-Z says the logo he designed is inspired by the old black and white Subway signs.

The New Brooklyn Nets logo-Picture courtesy of

And I’m sure I’ll tell you this more than once, I’ll be seeing you at the Knicks vs Nets game on December 19th at Mad Square Garden. It’s not the Barclay’s Center, Doesn’t matter to me, those are the two teams I totally want to see play against each other and I love the vibe at MSG. Just going to be hard to decide what to where to the game. I suspect it will be my black and orange Carmello Jersey. Hey after all my hype on the Nets Gear, I’ll still take the Knicks over the Nets and my jersey is BLACK, definitely in Fashion!

Forefront Photo Background Fashion trend

Fun Fashion Trend found in the Background of the Foreground Photo!

During NYC’s Fashion week Sept 2012, I followed a bunch of blogs and saw many trends, colors, hot finds and of course a few obscurities.  It was a lot of fun following blogs this year during Fashion Week, I learned a lot and also noticed that many of the blogs I follow had representation in some of the best seats at some of the best shows.  I wonder if it’s as fun as it looks to be there?

One of the blogs, I follow is WaxWayne’s and Jake Gallagher and his posse from the WaxWayne for GQ Blog have some really good pictures on their site.  Many different Men’s collections including Mark McNairy-whose Hi-Top Camo Brogues I have on my shopping’s Bucket List (even though I’m on my shoe buying probation until Mid-Dec), Michael Bastian, Billy Reid, General Idea, Raleigh Denim and N. Hoolywood.

Of all the shows Jake and his pals attended, I liked the Firemen Coats the best, although the picture I was most drawn to is the following picture from N. Hoolywood. I was first attracted to the  green plaid pants and the dark grey plaid scarf.  Then after looking at the picture a bit more I noticed the fashion trend within the runway show photo.  Check out the front row of the show, practically every guy there is wearing shoes without socks. some have slippers/flip-flops, but the majority are wearing leather dress shoes without socks. I read about the trend a year or two ago, but never had the chance to see it for real. The guys in Downtown Honolulu all wear socks to work and I tried it once but my feet turned all bloody and blistery. If you look at the front row some more, it’s easy to see the rolled up cuffs on Jeans trend too. What a fun picture!  I bet we can find even one more fashion trend in there  LMK if you find one.

Here is the sockless dress show trend in plain sight. Maybe, just maybe they wear real short socks or they just suffer for the look like ladies do with their high heels. Have you seen this trend where you live?  Ever tried it out yourself?  Personally, my feet hurt even with socks whenever I rock my Jordans, I think after all these years, my feet are just too wide to fit in them correctly. Oh well, if something looks good, what’s a little pain when some Band Aids and a very HOT hot tub can fix in a matter of 10 minutes.


N. Hoolywood Runway Shot courtesy of the WaxWayne Blog for GQ

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