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5 Shades of Macy’s Grey

SuperSavings at Macy’s this Weekend!

5 shades of Macy's Grey-streetzblog.com

This was one of those weekend’s where Macy’s did one of their awesome sales.  I bought a new pair of grey work pants, a pair of grey kicks and 3 T’s for just $107.16-My Goal was $100, but with these prices what’s another $7.16.  One of my favorite colors is slate grey, nothing I bought was exactly slate but it was for sure all grey.

Sales at the store were between 30-50% off, then if you had a coupon, you also received another 20% off.  2 of my 3 T’s were so cheap, I told the cashier that “they were almost free and these are brand new, unlike prices like this at Goodwill”.  The shirts were the best deal of the evening.  Marc Ecko v neck logo T was $29.50 on sale for $5.78, Marc Ecko striped shirt was $19.50 on sale for $5.46 and David Bowie Faux vintage 1972 World Tour T was $34.50 on sale for $11.19.

The kicks i really didn’t need. I of all people sure don’t need another pair of shoes. And there I was wearing my Cement Jordan’s picking up a pair of INC’s. But Hey for some reason I don’t have any grey kicks in the whole condo. So for $33.29 i purchased a pair of $79.50 Kicks.  Sure hope I wear them! Earlier the same day, I had just made up my mind that I wouldn’t buy any more shoes, kicks, sneakers etc until December 17.  instead of 3 months, my resolution lasted less than 6 hours!

And the reason I was at the mall was to get a new pair of pants for work.  At least I took care of this, they were on sale for $50.39 regular price was a bit high at $85.  That’s one of those sales that I don’t consider a sale, pants for work should be between $30 and $50, I think they mark them up to mark them down. Although these were quality Dockers, so unlike other brands, these do last a long time.  So really a good buy at either the $85 or the $50 price.

Total spent:  $107.16  Total Savings: $143.77 which would have cost $250.93. Lots more fun to shop this way, 5 shades of grey-5 new things to wear. Without the savings and deals I would have probably just bought the pants or waited until they went on sale; but who wants to go home from 4 hours at the mall without a shopping bag, not me!  Have a great week!

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