Get Busy (Child) This Saturday with the Crystal Method

Crystal Method in

The Crystal Method Return to Oahu this Saturday!

The Crystal Method return to Hawaii This Saturday August 11th at the newly opened Republik Concert Venue Thanks to BAMP Project and 00spot. Sorry the flyer picture is so small, I got it from a friend of mine as a link on Facebook, But if you need more information on the event, just click here or here  The last time they were here it was my same friend that hooked me up with an interview with them for Our world-famous XLR8TV Show that played on Olelo on Oahu. Now that was totally AWESOME! #funtimes

I remember the last time I saw them in Hawaii, It was quite a night! They played in Pucks Alley and Matt Grimm played a snippet of a song I was really digging and was telling him about at the time-“Music Sounds Better with You”.  He had it powered up on a pumped up remix with major steroids that I didn’t even recognize it, but I was still stoked he played it for me. Matt got the crowd warmed up and warmed up is NOT and understatement at all.  That place was a major Sweatbox. Even though it must have been 10 or so years ago, it was one of those times I felt too old to be at a place like that.(It was actually just too hot and there were too many people packed in there) But many years later and many more raves, concerts and EDM extravaganzas later, I’m still not too old to go to things that I like. What am I supposed to do?  See the Opera? or the Symphony?  No way Jose-I would rather stay at home and crank the IPhone in the iHome Speakers.

As I’ve mentioned before, if you like something do it, no matter what your age is. And even though this isn’t a fashion blog post today, if you didn’t hear me before, if you like to wear something and it makes you feel good-then wear it. Don’t listen to GQ or Details when they tell you some of the crip clothes and kicks are just for the kids.  I believe we only live once, so wear and go where you want.  And actually, you notice what you’re wearing much more than the crowd, nowadays many of them just care about themselves or they’re too busy tweeting on their smartphone to see you or the entertainment playing at the gig!

picture on
“We want you to See you This Saturday!” or “The 3 Finger Shaka”

Here’s one of my Favorite Crystal Method Tunes-“Get Busy Child”.  See you at the show.  Maybe, I’ll get lucky again and get to interview them Or maybe go surfing with them on Sunday?

And Since I’m not quite ready for sleep (12:04AM) Here’s “Keep Hope Alive” – The Live in the club Version.  Check out the Gals in the Angel Wings.

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