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Olympic Gear I’d Wear

After watching all of those Ill fitting Khaki pants and the numerous versions of white pants in the Opening Ceremony;  I figured I’d look for something that I would wear. And this is what I found-The Nike 21st century Windrunner V Reflective Olympic Jacket, I first saw it on Michael Phelps after he won his silver medal, then again when he won his gold and I last saw it on the Gold winning Female Gymnastics team.  It was here that it started to grow on me and it was here where I saw it do it’s magic.  As the lights in the arena changed, the colors on the jacket also changed from silver to blue to a crazy pink haze that actually glowed!  That’s when I decided I needed one of these HOT Jackets.

So, Just like quick strike Jordans that are hard to find, this turned out to be just as hard to get. I checked the usauniversal.com site-even sent them a message that so far has not been returned 27 hours later. I did get that stupid “Oh we got your question request and will get back to you soon message”  Soon!  soon is not 27 going on 28 hours now. Next, I checked the usual suspects like the fanatics site, Olympic gear, Nike.com,  google etc. And I couldn’t find it for sale anywhere.

The place I did find it at was on the livethecounterculture.com site. It was here that I found the video you can see above and it was here that I learned that it’s a jacket only made for the winners of many of the Summer Olympic Sports.

If I do find a knock-off or a possible sale of this item, I will let you know. For now, the only way to get one is if you know one of the American Olympians who win Gold, Silver or Bronze. Hey BTW did you see the American Women’s team Kicks?  They all had on nice Bright Flourescent green Nikes-they didn’t match the red, white and blue vibe and may have at moments matched the jacket, but the real big deal here is Adidas payed a lot of money to be the shoe sponsor and those bright green shoes sure blew away any Adidas I’ve (not) seen so far in the games or the commercials.  its like that year Red Bull stole the show from Mountain Dew at the Winter X games.  Everytime a snowboarder won-he drank a Red Bull or on occasion a Monster Energy Drink right on camera during the winning interviews.  Didnt see any Mountain Dew sippin’ that year! Just a few banners here and there.

August 1 6:50pm Update on the jackets.  I just noticed that NBCUniversal got back to me on “Where can I buy one of those nice Grey jackets like they wear on the Olympics?” The answer is they dont sell them.  But they suggest that if you would like one, you can hit up their product development department and it may be available for purchase in the near future. Here is the link

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