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Does Prada Wear Nike?

New Prada shoes with fancy

Available now at

How bout’ these for a major fashion statement for Fall? I like the two-tone burnt brown/Tobacco colors on the top. Cordovan is such a HOT color, The bottoms look nice and comfy but are a bit debatable, I would need to see them in person. Although, the real question I have is “Does Prada want Nike to notice these for some free publicity?” Because no where do I see that this is a Nike air sole unit, but it sure looks like one. I know that the Cole Haan’s  do have the sanctioned Nike sole and are legit.

Maybe Prada noticed how much publicity the Lebron 10’s got from the $315 price? And figured, hey why don’t we make a sole like there’s and see if the bloggers and newspaper writers talk about us?  *As you can see it’s working. **For additional styles and colors like black and anthracite click here.  There are truly some nice new styles  in the new Prada Levitate’s-they have brogues, a Chelsea Boot, even a nice black shoe with a velcro closure; all with the Air Bubbly Sole Units! Shoes while they last are going for $660.

Speaking of the Lebron 10’s, here’s another blogger/me talking about them on their post, mainly because of the sole, but I wouldn’t want to miss out on the excitement-these kicks made the front page of the WSJ!!

The recent Nike press release was pure bizzareness!! Nike says it will no longer have stores open at Midnight to sell the new releases, but will wait until 8am. You should see all the funny comments all over the web. This Totally makes no sense. The biggest comment I’ve seen numerous times is “Ok, so let’s have them camp out through Midnight until 8am, what good will that do? 8 more hours to hang on the streetz?

And the other bizzareness is Nike asked stores not to post pictures of the new releases. That is totally whack, because all you need to do is go on the internet and the pictures are everywhere, the picture I have below is from some website in Japan. I can’t even give them props because the writing written below the shoes was in Japanese.  But it was easy to find. And if it wasn’t easy to find, I still would have found it!

And last funny thing about this whole new Nike thingy is one commenter said something like this: “Why doesn’t Nike just shut down all the sneaker hype blog sites and then we can all get the shoes we want?” Aaaah Good luck on that sillyness. As long as there are shoes, kicks, sneakers, boots that impress me, I’ll be writing about them and probably wearing them too.  How would you shut down sneaker bloggers?  Too silly.

I’m going to check out the new Prada’s at Fashion’s night out at Ala Moana on Thursday September 6th. If you’re in town or your town has a Fashion’s night out, I recommend it. The first year it was really fun, lots of free champagne, free prizes, great deals, DJ’s and I met a lot of cool people. Last year, I was kinda stressed out from work and didn’t have a good time. But this year, I plan to have fun. See you there!

Upcoming on the streetz of Oahu:   WalterFRENCH is performing at Soho on Oahu this Saturday night-9-1-12.  TopShop/TopMan is coming to Nordstrom on Oahu on September 10, 2012. #britishstyle  I’ve been to this store in NYC and it tends to ROCK!  Medium priced, yet very in the now fashions with quality higher than other “chain” stores.

Topshop coming to Hawaii-Picture courtesy of

50 Ways to Say Grey

Moleskin Hooded ways to say

50 Shades of Grey is one of the biggest book trilogy’s of all time. Last I checked over 40 million were sold! I’ve been meaning to do a trend report for fall color fashion for a while now and I was gonna’ post a bunch of cool grey clothes and let you know that grey or gray is the color for Fall. Well, I figure it would be more fun to see if I could find 50 ways to say the word Grey and find fashions that used these words.  After almost giving up twice, I think I did it. Listed below are many ways to say Grey in the fashion and street culture world. Hopefully You’ll have fun reading all the great words and maybe you’ll find a new street brand or two to check out later this week.

And BTW, as I was looking for ways to say grey, I noticed three pretty big trends for fall:  The color grey because of the book and the fact that fall is just a few weeks away, the fashion mags pushing the color purple, and CAMO is coming back in a Big, Big Way! Green and grey camo, flourescent camo, Grunge 90’s camo, Neon camo, camo on wing tip hi top shoes, bright camo on top of dull colors.  One of my favorites back again!

50 ways to say Grey and the matching street culture merchandise:

  1. GRAY with an A:   at 35 Items!
  2. CHARCOAL:   Gap-City by the Bay T
  3. IRON:   Rag&Bone NYC-Basic Tee
  4. GUNMETAL:   Finally-Snoop Dogg Tank available at Topshop
  5. MOONLESS NIGHT:   Gap-with their solid Oxford button down shirt
  6. MIDNIGHT:   Rag&Bone-Grosvenor Waistcoat
  7. GRAPHITE:   Obey-Juvee Jean
  8. GRANITE:   Free People-The Printed Seamless Leggings
  9. PEWTER:  Vans-The style 31 Sneaker
  10. HEATHER ONYX: VINCE Zip up Hoodie
  11. BOTTLE:   Topshop-Moto Pyramid Stud Jamie Jeans
  12. CARBON:   Elwood-Drifter Jeans
  13. RESIN RINSE:  VINCE-Straight Leg Jeans
  14. HEATHER SHADOW-HEATHER SLATE:   VINCE-Breton Stripe Cashmere Hoodie
  15. HEATHER SLATE:   VINCE-Stripe Cashmere Sneaker
  16. HTHR CHARCOAL:   J.Crew-Ludlow two button suit jacket wt double vented back in Italian wool
  17. MERCURY:   J.Crew-Vintage Cord Pants in relaxed fit
  18. SMOKE:   Spiewalk-Ash Field Coat
  19. DEEP HARBOR:   J.Crew-Sunfaded Chino in Classic Fit Color
  20. CHARCOAL WAX:   Comune-The Davis Jean
  21. SPECKLE BLACK:   Crooks and Castles-The BullyBikerButtonDown Shirt
  22. BLACK ROCK:   AH by Android Homme-The propulsion HI Sneaker
  23. BOULDERS:   Kazbah-Fyasko Shirt
  24. CASPER:   Kazbah-191 Unlimited Long Sleeve shirt
  25. SLATE:   RVCA-Toiler Jacket
  26. COAL:   Cheap Monday-Tight Fit Jeans
  27. CEMENT:   KR3W-K Slim Fit Erik Ellington Jeans
  28. LITHIUM WHEEL WASH:   Analog-Creeper Jeans
  29. TUMBLED MERLIN:  Levis-508 Jeans:
  30. H CARBON:   VINCE-Peacoat Sweater and double-faced top coat
  31. GRAVEL:   Vans-V66 Slim Fit Jeans
  32. STEEL:    Puma-Heritage Wind Jacket
  33. POOL:   Gravis-Arto Sneaker
  34. LEAD:   Adidas-AR 2.0 Sneakers
  35. ALUMINUM:   Adidas-Ar 2.0 Sneakers
  36. STONE:   HUF-Mateo Sneaker
  37. DARK SHADOW:   Vans Footwear-The 106 Vulcanized sneaker
  38. WILD DOVE:   Vans-The Sk8 hi Sneaker
  39. NICKEL:   Alexander Wang-Zippper Sunglasses
  40. DUSTY BLACK:   Obey-The World Tour Cut off Armhole Tank
  41. MINERAL:   Obey-The Push Peace Tee
  42. STORMY SEA:   Obey-The Waves Tube Skirt
  43. NIGHT:   Funktional-Slash Leggings
  44. PEWTER ANIMAL:   Dittos-The Dawn Mid Rise Skinny pant/pany
  45. SHADOW:   J.Crew-Wallace and Barnes Slim Fishtail Pants
  46. DARKNESS:  Denimocracy Anarky knit Sknny Pants
  47. ALUMINUM:  Sol Republic-Amps HD Headphones
  48. BLACK SPECKLE:  All Day-the short sleeve Henley
  49. GUNNY:  Supra-Vaider Sneakers
  50. STONE WASHED METAL:  Palladium-Pampa Boot
  51. STEEL:  Puma-Blaze of Glory LWT Sneaker
  52. BLACK ICE:  Creative Recreation-Cesario Sneaker
  53. BLUE NITE:  Sebago-Docksides Boat Shoes

And here are the grey names that I just made up over the last hour or two.  Some would work well as colors for the 50 Shades of Grey clothing deals.  *According to an article on, the 50 Shades of Grey author E.L James has 3 clothing deals coming up.  These are with Freeze Clothing, Briefly Stated and HYP.

  1. SLAB
  2. Used Nail
  3. Seattle Sky
  4. Thunder
  5. Dirty Pigeon
  6. Denim Rail
  7. Dodge and Burn Black
  8. Slippery Skate Ramp
  9. New Year’s Day
  10. Lake Michigan
  11. Tarnished Bullet
  12. Acid Rain
  13. Industrial Storm
  14. Old Screw
  15. Silver Medal
  16. Crushed Saw Blade
  17. Dirty Martini
  18. Indian Nickel
  19. Nuts and Bolts
  20. Chicago Slush
  21. New York Hail
  22. Elephant
  23. Blurred Black
  24. Blank DVD
  25. MacBook Pro
  26. Change Without Pennies
  27. Frog Pond
  28. Hapa Black
  29. Winter Sidewalk
  30. City Sky
  31. Ash

BTW:  Today, Hawaii Five-O was shooting a show down the street from where I work.  They were right in front of Soho on Pauahi near Bethel in Downtown Honolulu.  I like to be respectful of what they were doing, so I won’t tell you about the scenes that were filmed.  But I will tell you that to do the shoot, the day before I noticed 4-5  booths being set up. I thought that they were for an HPU Fun Fair or something. Come to find out, they were built specifically for the set of today’s #H50 shoot.  They had a shave ice stand, a fruit stand and 2-3 others-Amazing!

It was fun to watch some people who were either in a hurry or didn’t notice the cameras trying to go over to the stands for lunch or dessert..LOL

And of course, if you have any great ways to say grey, leave us a comment or send an email.. Have a Great Day!

Hawaii Five-O Season 3 Premiere Confirmed on SOTB-for 9-23-12


About 250 Yards away from SOTB in Waikiki. Photo Courtesy of

Book em’ on the Sand-O!

The Hawaii Five-O Facebook page confirms #H50 news that the Season Premiere of Hawaii Five-O will be on Sunday September 23rd at Sunset on the Beach in Waikiki.  Get there early, this is a great place to get some up close and personal pictures of the stars.  And I bet one of the Hottest tickets in town will be for the expected Aston Waikiki Pre-Party right across the street from SOTB.

I could tell this official announcement would be made soon, since just a few days ago much of the speculated SOTB information started to disappear from the internet. Funny how that can happen?  Well, the Hawaii Five-O page with 1,742,291 fans confirmed the information 10 hours ago from this exact moment.

LMK if you want me to take some pix for your Or say “Hi” if  you’re down there and we’ll get some Street Shots of you and your fashions and kicks for the special evening under the stars in Waikiki.

Waikiki August

Getting ready for September 23rd, 2012-PIcture courtesy of taken just two days ago on August 18, 2012

Kendall Jenner on her way to Oahu-Soon!

Last Blog posting, we told you about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (The Kanyashians) being in town. Today, we found out that more Kardashians are coming to town soon. From an exclusive from Life and Style Magazine, which I found through, Kendall Jenner is coming to town to shoot some scenes for her acting debut on CBBS’ Hawaii Five-O.

According to Life and Style, Kendall will play a sales assistant in an episode set to air in October, that means she should be in Hawaii soon. And since she is 16, at least one of her famous parents will be joining her on the trip. So we’ll be seeing Kendall Jenner and either or maybe both Bruce and Kris Jenner in town soon too!  BTW:  Hawaii Five-O should be gearing up for a mid September Sunset on the Beach.  Rumors are brewing.  We’ll bring you the details (if it does happen) soon. And two weeks ago, I forgot to tell you, but my friend bumped into Mike Brown the Head Coach of the L.A Lakers. He was staying down at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. My friend said he was really cool and he got a picture with him. That of course he forgot to send to me. I’ll admit it, most of my friends are pretty flaky.  But, most do come through, just on Hawaiian time.

More #celebsigtings by me about an hour ago, I was walking down Fort Street Mall and bumped into musician Walter French and DJ Romeo Valentine. Walter’s doing well, he’s in town to open up for the Big TYGA show next Thursday August 23rd at the blaisdell.  Hit up Romeo Valentine if you’re looking for some tix, He’ll be over at Summer Wonderland Saturday night.

This weekend, I’ll be in Chinatown on Saturday looking for fashion and kicks on the streetz.  If you’re around say “HI” and I’ll get a few snapz of you and what you’re wearing.  See you soon.  Have a Great Weekend!!

Here’s walterFRENCH with BAKE:

Finding Kim K?

Kim Kardashian Tweets she's in

Thank You to and Kim K’s tweet for this picture! It was really cool of you to let us know you are in Hawaii! How cool is that!

Kim Kardashian tweeted this picture. She say’s that she is in Hawaii on Vacation and calls this picture “Happy Sunday” After I saw it on Twitter, I asked around and my LIVE not read on the net this time sources say:  “She is currently in Hawaii with Kanye West who is busy recording and finishing up his album which is due out hopefully before December!”

Then I asked my other source and he said “Apparently ‘Two Chainz’ is also here recording tracks.  Word has it that Beyonce and Jay Z are coming to join Kanye and Kim”.

Now there is a very exclusive recording studio about 5 minutes from where my dad lives near Koko Marina in Hawaii Kai that is for sure and that is probably where they are most of the time, at least that’s where Kanye most likely is hanging. Me, I work at 6 radio stations and know 2 people who know the people that run this “studio”  but for some reason, I have yet to me invited for a tour.  I have driven by it and it is hard to find, kind of like the old Batman and Robin TV show, hidden under some trees, practically under the water in a corner with gates and high security. Maybe one day, I’ll get an invite, I’d be happy to leak a few beatz to a track if Jay-Z, Beyonce, Two Chainz or Kanye would like it?  Up to you guys?   Or I can stop by and keep everything quiet if you like, I can keep a secret 100%.  We could always talk Kicks, I bet I have almost as many as Jay-Z and Kanye, hey maybe we can trade some too.  I wear size 10 and have a pair of size 8 and size 13 Lebron firstGame kicks I’d love to trade or sell to someone.

On the subject of Celebs, a third source of mine got to check out the video shoot of the upcoming Tyga Video.  Don’t forget Tyga is coming to town next week on August 23rd, along with Walter French and Glasses Malone. Both to really nice, solid guys.  I don’t know Tyga, but suspect he’s pretty cool if he has Walter and Glasses opening up for him.  Hit up Romeo Valentine if you need some tix.  His email is:  Let him know that streetzblog sent you and I’m sure he can hook you up with something..maybe some after party tickets..LMK what he says.

Wow, I sure got side-tracked tonight. I wanted to post up Kim then do a couple of polls. I guess I really must want to go to that Bat-Cave studio sometime.  Here’s the polls.. First is do you think Kim looks hot or not in this shot. Personally, I like her Salt, Sun and Sand waves in her hair and she looks quite happy1  Second poll is what beach is she at? We all live here and can’t figure it out.  I’ve heard everything from Sandy’s to Makaha to Kailua to Hawaii Kai.  It’s so bizarre how 20 some people who live here can’t figure it out? I don’t know either, to me it looks like a neighbor island or the North Shore. So please fill out this poll or the other or both.

BTW:  Last weekend Kim and Kanye were spotted over at Ward and also at a Starbucks somewhere on the island.  Let us know if you have a Kim, Kanye, Two Chainz, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Tyga, Walter French or Glasses Malone spotting over the next couple of weeks. Keep your eyes out, there’s not too many places to hide on Oahu. Have an Awesome rest of the week!

This Weekend’s Cocktail Small Talk Cheat Sheet-8-10-12

What I'm wearing today-July 2012-Streetzblog.comWell, this is an interesting blog today, I needed to re write it in my head 3 times already.  Finally I settled on “This Weekend’s small talk” Here’s why I think I needed a better title other than “who’s the entertainment at the Olympics Closing Ceremony.  It’s because, almost always, like 95% of the time, things I write are confirmed, real and true. This time however, the information is very sketchy and pretty hard to find.  And if you’re going out tonight or tomorrow, you always need something to talk about, so why not say “oh I read it on the net, it’s gotta’ be true”. Well, who really knows what will happen Sunday evening, but this is the best I could do in the time I had and the limited resources that are being provided by the secretive police over in London.

Here are the 5 (Unconfirmed) CONFIRMED acts expected to Perform at the 2012 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony:

  1. The Who – I heard it at the gym yesterday and read it on the net.
  2. The Spice Girls (Reunion) – I saw the Today show this morning and they did not say that they were going to perform, but they did Allude to it.  And I read it on the net. And D’Becks came in on the motor boat at the beginnign of the Olympics, I would suspect he will also be at the finale. And His wife has got to be close by!
  3. George Michael-I heard this on some radio station in Hawaii and also read it on the net.
  4. the MUSE-Most of the on-line English tabloids have these guys confirmed to perform live.
  5. One Direction-I heard this rumor way back in May and saw it on the net today.

Early on in April or May I mentioned that New Order, Underworld and Blur were going to play.  I have my doubts about New Order right now, since they pretty much disbanded according to my seat mate at work, Underworld I still have hopes for since the man in charge of the show-Danny Boyle knows them pretty well from Trainspotting, and Blur, well I think I was in a blur and got them mixed up with the MUSE. a 4 letter British band that’s not electronic or street sounding-Easy thing for me to do.

Now Here are the Unconfirmed UNCONFIRMED acts who may possible perform on Sunday: (In order of who I would like to see the most)

  1. Tinie Tempah – the rapper on Swedish House Mafia’s “From Miami to Ibiza”
  2. Madness
  3. Fat Boy Slim
  4. Pet Shop Boys
  5. The Specials
  6. Queen
  7. Jesse J
  8. Beady Eye
  9. George Michael
  10. Kaiser Chiefs
  11. Ray Davies
  12. Ed Sheeran
  13. Annie Lennox
  14. Kate Bush (oh man, that one song about running up that hill still makes my stomach cringe)

And there is still a buzz that Sr. Paul McCartney wants to come back for an encore and Here’s the news of the day-maybe?  Music Director of the Closing Ceremony-David Arnold has told the “Telegraph”  this will be QUOTE “The Greatest After Party in the World”.  Now what that alludes to is the Rolling Stones have been named “The Greatest Band” of all time, thus he may be hinting that the ENGLISH blokes-Mick, Keith etc may make an appearance.  It does make sense, but there’s not much concrete evidence on it other than the quote. At least there wasnt anything at 730AM on Friday August 10, 2012. 

Either way it goes, It’s gotta’ be pretty awesome.  Hey and even if I didn’t see or hear it anywhere, I bet there’s still a chance that the Chemical Brothers might make it out Sunday night-they did produce the track that they play in the Cycle-Drome at this year’s Olympics.   Have a Great Weekend!  Tonight I’ll be at Tsunami’s if you want to stop by and say Hi, I’ll get a pic of you for streetzblog. And tomorrow night I hope to go to Crystal Method.  See you around town and on the Streetz!

Get Busy (Child) This Saturday with the Crystal Method

Crystal Method in

The Crystal Method Return to Oahu this Saturday!

The Crystal Method return to Hawaii This Saturday August 11th at the newly opened Republik Concert Venue Thanks to BAMP Project and 00spot. Sorry the flyer picture is so small, I got it from a friend of mine as a link on Facebook, But if you need more information on the event, just click here or here  The last time they were here it was my same friend that hooked me up with an interview with them for Our world-famous XLR8TV Show that played on Olelo on Oahu. Now that was totally AWESOME! #funtimes

I remember the last time I saw them in Hawaii, It was quite a night! They played in Pucks Alley and Matt Grimm played a snippet of a song I was really digging and was telling him about at the time-“Music Sounds Better with You”.  He had it powered up on a pumped up remix with major steroids that I didn’t even recognize it, but I was still stoked he played it for me. Matt got the crowd warmed up and warmed up is NOT and understatement at all.  That place was a major Sweatbox. Even though it must have been 10 or so years ago, it was one of those times I felt too old to be at a place like that.(It was actually just too hot and there were too many people packed in there) But many years later and many more raves, concerts and EDM extravaganzas later, I’m still not too old to go to things that I like. What am I supposed to do?  See the Opera? or the Symphony?  No way Jose-I would rather stay at home and crank the IPhone in the iHome Speakers.

As I’ve mentioned before, if you like something do it, no matter what your age is. And even though this isn’t a fashion blog post today, if you didn’t hear me before, if you like to wear something and it makes you feel good-then wear it. Don’t listen to GQ or Details when they tell you some of the crip clothes and kicks are just for the kids.  I believe we only live once, so wear and go where you want.  And actually, you notice what you’re wearing much more than the crowd, nowadays many of them just care about themselves or they’re too busy tweeting on their smartphone to see you or the entertainment playing at the gig!

picture on
“We want you to See you This Saturday!” or “The 3 Finger Shaka”

Here’s one of my Favorite Crystal Method Tunes-“Get Busy Child”.  See you at the show.  Maybe, I’ll get lucky again and get to interview them Or maybe go surfing with them on Sunday?

And Since I’m not quite ready for sleep (12:04AM) Here’s “Keep Hope Alive” – The Live in the club Version.  Check out the Gals in the Angel Wings. Hot Orange Flames Logo

Michael Phelps x Deadmau5 x Josh Davis Headphones-Summer Olympics 2012

The Headphones Michael Phelps wore prior to winning the 100M Butterfly.

First: Thanks to everyone who’s been following Streetzblog’s Fashions and Fun at the Summer Olympics 2012.  It’s been lots of fun to write about and even more fun seeing and meeting lots of new friends from America, Canada, Belgium, Great Britain, the Philippines, London,Ireland, Spain, Latvia, United Arab Area, Puerto Rico, The Netherlands, Belize and Brazil.   TU!!

Second: I thought after I wrote about Michael Phelps’s Head Phones’s the other day we found all their was to know about the Sol Republic Headphones.  But, what does Michael Phelps do?  He comes out with a pair that I’ve never seen on the SR website, Thus I needed to investigate to find out what these were all about.

And OMG, I can’t believe I didn’t see it last night when I saw him come out with the new Headphones.  I saw some writing on the top of the interchangeable headbands and just figured Sol got smart and put their  name up on there.  But lo and behold, I just watched the repeat on my DVR and guess whose name is on there?  DEADMAU5!!!! How cool is that! The Best Swimmer in the World with one of the Best DJ’s/Producers in the World.  Deadmau5 actually does 2 out of my top 20 of all times tunes-“Hi Friend” and “I remember”.

Now I know I need to get an HD TV, I for sure would have noticed DEADMAU5’s name on the Headphones yesterday.

Here are the details on the Headphones:  Yes they do say DEADMAU5 on the top. they are yellow, red, orange and various other colors. They were designed by Josh Davis Who also does a lot of design work for DEADMAU5.  These were made for Phelps, but the smaller versions of them were made for Cats, yes cats.  They made 10 pairs of these for $999 each and the Sol  Republic website says they are all sold out and has a waiting list for them.  Now, I need to repeat that one more time-the Headphones aren’t available for you or me right now, but my cats and yours might be able to get a pair.  Hmmmm?  I personally have inherited 3 cats, but all their getting for Christmas is Cat Treats, they barely hang out long enough for a nap, I’d never get a pair of headphones on their scrambling, speed fuel’d heads. Below is the Video for the Cat Headphones and a couple of vids of my favorite  DEADMAU5 tunes.

BTW:  I bought some pretty awesome TYR Metallized Tracer Ti Goggles today, going to swim in them tomorrow.  Today, I made it 4 laps with some borrowed goggles.  The good thing is I can still swim pretty fast, the bad thing is the swimming sure makes my heart pound, hope it’s safe and let’s see how long I stick to this “new” endeavor in my life.  Seems like right as I get good at something I don’t have enough patience and move on to something else. Although, I’ve kept up with the blogging for over a year and I’m not planning on stopping this, I’m way too passionate and it’s just too much fun! I’ll keep you posted on this swimming thing.

The above vid seems mostly like a marketing ploy and a good way to help a charity. I bet everyone who bought the cat headphones were either HUGE rich Cat Lovers,  really dedicated DEADMAU5 fans, People with Money for non profits/ASPCA, or maybe a few who think they can get more than $999 on Ebay.

This Song is an older DEADMAU5 Song, that I played for years on my Soundz from the Scene Radio show.  Actually played it before he was on the MTV Video Music Awards.  I just played it cause I liked it.  Here’s DEADMAU5 with “Hi Friend”

And next up is DEADMAU5’s “I remember” Video.  I totally dig the Vid on this one.  Check out the Traditional English Breakfast and it’s just such a cool story of following your dreams and not the traditional 9-5.

Oops almost forgot to give a big thanks to ChipChick for the Michael Phelps photos-Thank You!!! Check out ChipChick’s blog for even more Headphone, Fashion and Smartphone fun!

“Bling” on the 2012 Olympic Games!

Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman-Check out those smiles! and Aly’s earring! photo courtesy of

Aly Raisman’s Stunning Ruby, Saphire and Diamond Earrings

As you may have seen, Gabrielle Douglas, Alexandra Raisman, Jordyn Wieber, McKayla Maroney and Kyla Ross won the first team Women’s gymnastics Gold Medal since 1996. And they did it by winning by an amazing 5.066 points, with the final floor exercise performed by #icebath queen Aly Raisman. Congratulations to the Golden Girls or as the media’s been calling them-“The Fab Five”.

Continuing on streetzblog’s passion for fashion and accessories at this year’s Olympic games tonight we’re going to find some of the Bling being seen around the games.  I bet you’ve noticed Aly’s special earrings! They sure do POP on the TV screen! And from a bit of research and a really nice note from Anny from we at found out where you can get your own pair of these custom gems.  Aly wears customized  round, stud earrings from the award-winning Adamas Fine Jewelry in Newton, Massachusetts.

Veronica Sagherian-Owner of Adamas Fine Jewelry says “Aly’s family has been a client of ours for a while and in support of her accomplishments we wanted to create something that fits her style in the Olympic Games. We hope that this is a piece she will wear forever”. I personally have to agree, I’ve noticed her attractive  earrings since the first night of the competition. I guess my TV is getting a bit old, because I couldn’t quite see all the colors in them.  But Now I know why they look so powerful and exquisite-they  were made to match the U.S.A’s colors with Ruby (Red), Sapphire (Blue) and Diamonds (White-well kind of, I’d rather have diamond studs then opaque white, wouldn’t you?)

Aly’s earrings are ruby, sapphire and diamonds representing the colors of team U.S.A and if you’re in the Massachusetts area, you can get your own customized pair by just stopping by Adamas Fine Jewelry  located on 23 Lincoln St. Newton, MA 02461   *I’ve been looking for a custom diamond earring in the NYC Yankees design as seen in the beginning of HowToMakeItInAmerica Season 2 for a while now, maybe I’ll give them a call and see if they can make some of them-Maybe I’ll add a bit of a black gem with the sparkly diamonds!.

Ryan Lochte’s Grill 2012. Picture courtesy of the

Ryan Lochte’s Custom-Made American flag dental Grillz

Since I had to have my left front tooth pulled a few weeks ago, I’ve been very jealous of people with all their teeth. And one day at the dentist’s office my dentist tipped my off to Ryan’s older diamond grillz and joked about getting me one of those instead of a new tooth.  I told him it would be cool with me, but then I found out the price and said “oh, that’s ok, we can stick to the tooth”.  The picture below is the grill my dentist was referring to, it’s Ryan’s grill from 2009.

Ryan’s 2009 Grill. Photo courtesy of

Well Ryan has a brand new grill just for the 2012 Summer Olympics and it didn’t come cheap either.  The New York Times has heard that it may have been around $25,000!!!  And check this out his grill is all diamonds in the shapes of Stars and Stripes  and it was designed with the help of rapper Paul Wall and Houston Jeweler-Johnny Dang.  I bet Lochte helped with the design too, since the other day I heard he wants to pursue a career as a fashion designer. Which makes sense since he helped to design these bright green custom kicks: (On TV, I noticed that on the bottoms one side says Ryan and the other side says Lochte, so when he walks on his deck, you can see his name spelled out; especially when it rains!)

Ryan’s Bright Green Custom Kicks by Speedo. Picture courtesy of

 Olympic Beach Volleyball Player Kerri Walsh’s Golden necklace

Kerri Walsh’s Gold Knecklace. Picture courtesy of

And the last Olympic fashion piece we’ll look at for tonight is Kerri’s necklace.  I’ve seen her wear it during the last 3 games and I notice that it’s pretty dear to her heart.  She sometimes kisses it for luck? and you can also see her make sure it’s still there by putting it under her shirt for safe keeping.  I don’t know all the details on this golden circle. But in Thursday’s Honolulu Star Advertiser, I noticed Elle Couture Jewellers has dime and nickel sized 18 Karat gold medals for sale. You can purchase them with your initial, peace signs, hearts and crosses all in diamonds.  These “Disc Pendants” designed by Roberto Coin  start at $620 and can be purchased at Elle Couture Jewellers, 909 Kapiolani Blvd. in Hawaii or by calling (808) 591-8080

Golden Roberto Coin Disc Pendants.

Have a great weekend, time for me to turn on the DVR and watch some more 2012 Summer Olympics from London, England. I keep wondering why I didn’t go to these?  London is such a fun place to be even without the fun and games of the Olympic games, fashions, kicks and pageantry.  Oh well, next time. Talk to you soon or see you on the streetz. Saturday I’ll be out at Aloha Stadium and later that day at T-Mobile Kunia, then Clark Hatch and after that Open Space Yoga.  On Sunday..who know’s..maybe the beach or the Basketball court. Or hopefully shopping for gold and diamonds..LOL

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