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#icebath the newest “Planking?”

U.S Olympic Gymnast Alexandra Raisman joined in on the #icebath trend on twitter.  The Olympic ceremony is later today and the games follow soon after. But the icebath is making the headlines on many a site right now. This picture is from Instagram and also courtesy of Yahoo.com.  The others joining in on the newest “plank” are Jamaican 100 Meter runner-Yohan Blake, South African swimmer Jessica Roux looks like she’s in an icebath in Hawaii with all her blow up toys, and there’s the 4 South African swimmers in an icebath that looks like a hot tub.

The Olympians have a social media manual with lots and lots of rules in it, so we’ll see how many more of these pix we can find.  You can check the ice-cold bathing on twitter #icebath or check out #London2012 or for more info on Alexadra Risman, you can follow her @Aly_Raisman.

This is the first opening ceremony I’ve ever really wanted to watch, probably since I’ve been liking and playing music from England since the 80’s.  And it looks a lot more pop culturish and hipper than usual.  There’s so many rumours out there, I don’t quite remember who is at the opening or closing gigs.  But here are some of the names rumoured to appear/and or perform:  Underworld,The Who, Calvin Harris, Snoop Dogg,  Tinie Tempah who raps on Swedish House Mafia’s “From Miami to Ibiza”, Russel Brand doing a Sex Pistols song, Our House by Madness, Fat Boy Slim, Kate Moss, The Pet Shop Boys, Jessie J, One Direction,  and pretty sure these guys are doing the finale-New Order, Blur and Probably Underworld is doing both since the man in charge was the boss behind the movie, “Trainspotting”.  And that’s where Undeworld’s smash tune “Born Slippy” made its mark.

If you have an ice bath, be sure to share it at #icebath on instagram or twitter or send us a link in the comment section, At my condo, I could probably do the #icebath feet, but condo not big enough for the full on bath. Have a nice weekend!

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