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Cool Tunes, Not sure about the fashions

Tunes and Fashions from the 2012 Summer Olympics OpeningCeremony!

Summer Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony

Before the Opening Ceremony started they traversed through the sky and showed the England’s countryside. And low and behold one of the Songs they played a snippet of was “God Save the Queen” by the Sex Pistols. As the English would say that was pretty  “Cheeky”. And I’d call it pretty “daring” since it’s not the nicest song to play with the real Queen in attendance.  But pretty funny! And really no big deal since it’s gotta’ be 25-30 years old.  Punk music is actually pretty old!

Then there was some pretty cool greenery in the stadium that transformed to an industrial aged city complete with the molding and fusing of one big golden O, then the other four O’s attached through the sky to form the Olympic logo-pretty awesome stuff! So far everything is pretty cool, although the music isn’t as hip as I had hoped, but hopefully that will come later.

Next up Daniel Craig/James Bond met the Queen of England and they walked through red carpeting with some dogs to a helicopter. It flew through the sky from Buckingham Palace Passed Big Ben, the giant Ferris Wheel. And arrived at the venue, where James Bond and I guess the Queen? Jumped out of the helicopter into the fluorescent blue stadium while the James Bond themed played. I don’t know though, her dress looked pretty red when she flew down, but then looked pinkish orange. So, not sure if she really flew through the sky. But it was still pretty cool.

Where’s Pippa?  One of the most sought after bachelorette’s on the planet? I did see the two married chaps (Prince William and Princess Kate), but they didn’t look very happy.  Actually they looked a bit too cool for school to me. Although, they probably take thier lead  from the Queen who looked pretty stoic herself.

Next up, we got to see Mike Oldfield play bass to some slow then swanky song called “Tubular Bells”.  This is when I got bored and thought about turning it off.  But I’m still waiting for Mr. Bean and some ultra bangin beats to appear!

The real JK Rowling-the author of the Harry Potter series read a bit of a children’s book..  Then it was fun again with a giant 100-foot  puppet of Lord Valdermort.  Then a ton of Mary Poppins flew in to take on the giant Lord. And of course Mary P won the “fight”.  The lights are bright, the stage aglow but Where are the Ravers? I do however dig the reddish orange, Cobalt blue and dark blue hue and lights in the stadium.

Next up a live rendition of “Chariots of Fire”, that started off looking a bit boring. (I’m really not a fan at all of classical type music). But then Mr. Bean busted out his piano and goofed on his iPhone, He then joked around a bit more, which was pretty funny as he dreamed of running in the a Chariots of Fire movie. He was losing pretty badly, but then got in a car and made it to the front..Where he barely won the race.  Now that was pretty awesome!

Next up the digital age, this was a bit goofy with some fake looking goody-goody teens running around. But the music picked up a bit with some ska, The Who’s “My Generation”, “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones (Meredith Vierra started to sing to this-ugh), The Kinks, the Beatles, Led Zep, Madness, David Bowie, Queen which played for a while and was pretty spectacular, then the Sex Pistols which Meredith and Matt cut off (ugh) and   New Order, Frankie goes to Hollywood with “Relax”, “Sweet Dreams” by Annie Lenox, then OMG finally Keith Flint and the Prodigy did “Firestarter” and Underworld kicked in with Born Slippy-oh finally the good stuff!!! I rewound my dvr to watch the Prodigy and Underworld a second time. And it was funny when Matt Lauer said “whoah” whenFirestarter kicked in with the first beat and glowing Orange blast..hehe.  Then rapper Dizzy Rascal came on with some LIVE jams with a mean beat grazing behind him.  Next up, some Amy Winehouse and that rock song I don’t really like, Next some Hip Hop mini mix, and some low-key jungle-Then Out.

Next up, David Beckham blazed in on a speedboat dressed in a nice black tux with fireworks and a light spectacle all around him.

*Danny Boyle who did trainspotting and slum dog millionaire was the creative director of the ceremony and the person that put the whole event on.  I’d say “Well Done, got the British vybe, some great tunes and that sure looked like a TON of work to Coordinate and build the whole thng!”

Next up the athletes came in during the “Parade of Champions” this is where we can observe the fashions of the teams with a bit of help from the New York Times: BTW:  after the parade the Arctic Monkey’s played Beatles songs and Paul McCartney played 1.5 Beatles tunes including “Hey Jude”.  But I’m not a big Beatles fan, so I didn’t watch-I read it on the Internet as you are doing now.

Team Fashion info:

Bermuda:  Blue Suit Jackets and ties with Bright red “Bermuda” shorts and Skirts.

Italy:  Giorgio Armani Designed Monochromatic suits and striped ties.  BTW:  The Italian sailing team is rumored to have some pretty nifty Prada gear that they will be wearing later this week!

Canada:  Baggy Chinos and red track jackets-Didn’t quite match very well, was actually pretty off. I’d call it a bad take on 80’s prepster High School duds.

Denmark:  More Chinos and untucked white shirts. I kinda liked this look, but would have exchanged the chinos for skinny jeans or black suit pants.

Cameroon:  Bright Orange, Yellow and black robes and matching hats.

Cayman Islands: they had some pretty happening fluorescent green ties. But their blue jackets with the white piping were kind of’ ugly and too tight-did not fit most.

Brazilians: Lemon and Lime pants.

Oh Man-I didn’t know this went on so long, Not sure If I’ll get to everyone. But we’ll try and hopefully we’ll see some crisper clothes than all these ill-fitting camel brownish chinos.  Must have had a sale at the 1980/90’s Gap store. Before designers produced pants that actually fit and look more tailored.

Guyana:  Bright Yellow suits-extremely BRIGHT!

Hungary:  Nope not going to wear that stuff. Yuk. Not even if you tell me a famous designer made the get-ups. Just plain ugly.

India:  some very bright yellow dresses, turbans and scarves. Bright Yellow seems to be a big color this Summer

Netherlands: Had their duds designed by suitsupply with the women in Orange trench coats and the men in cobalt blue trenches and the men had bright orange pants. I dig the colors of the Netherlands – pretty sure that area is better known as Amsterdam.

Jamaica:  Really cool militaristic jackets and probably the brightest yellow pants of the night! *I want one of the jackets; I’d wear it with the boots from the Czech Republic

China:  If I liked the color red, I’d get me one of those nice red jackets with the subtle trim. (I heard the Pet Shop Boys in the background during their walk in the parade)

Czech Republic: Really nice sleek and pearlescent Rubber boots (Wellies) with matching umbrellas. These boots were one of the best fashion accessories of the night! I would for sure get a pair of them.

Cyprus:  White, Orange and blue track suits, too casual for my taste. Looked like what they would where for the events.

France:  White pants, dark blue suit jackets and red ties.  While the Americans looked a bit French with their berets, the French looked almost American in red, white and blue..LOL

Israel: More white pants.  Bright blue jackets and white shoes.

Fiji:  They played the Bee Gees, I guess because it rhymes.  Funny clothes. Black and White swirled jackets and white pants. Oh there’s those white pants again. LOL again.

Germany:  the Women had on bright Pink Jackets and the guys had on bright light blue jackets. Both made out of some sort of plastic.  Although, I did like their fedora hats.

South Korea: More white trousers. Nice white fedoras and ok looking blue suite jackets and ties.

Latvia:  White pants and red jackets

Liechtenstein:  The only ones I’ve seen in Jeans all night and faded jeans at that.

Monaco: Tailored skinny suits, pretty hip and happening.

Moldova:  Even more white pants, this time with blue jackets.

Nauru:  More ill fitting badly colored khakis.

Palau:  Khaki brown pants, this time with maroonish red jackets.

Portugal:  Light brown khakis, very brightly colored scarves with their country printed on them.

Puerto Rico: White pants, white hats, white shirts accented with black ties and black pocket squares.  Pretty retro-chic.  Nice choice, I just would have had them in black pants, not the ubiquous white.

Senegal:  Bright Yellow dresses for the ladies and the same colored robes for the men.

Slovenia:  Bright blue and green shirts, grey suits and since I’m a shoe guy, I need to mention they had on matching bright blue and bright green kicks on too!

Spain:  Some guy had on a pink wig.

Sweden:  Yellow blue white striped long sleeved RUGBY shirts. Was different that’s for sure. We used to wear Rugby shirts back in 1982.  They attempted resurgence a few years ago, but never quite as big as they were in the 80’s and for sure not a 2012 style. Maybe if you’re a boat shoe type of dude.

OK, I’ve had enough of this after the rugby shirts and I gotta’ work Saturday morning. Where the Frik is England and London! Or as they like to call them-Great Britain. Oh Good they are playing U2’s “Beautiful Day” that will help me get to the end of the parade. I like that song!

America: Ralph Lauren designed Blazers and the controversial because “they make no sense at all” French BERETS! I totally do not get this at all.  I sure won’t be sporting that look anytime soon. And get this!  Guess what color pants-WHITE! Although the button down white shirts had Nice, Crisp Rounded Collars on them. And wait what’s going on?  They ALL have smart phones and are spinning around in circles taking pictures and videos. That’s the only team I saw doing this all night and Almost ALL of them were doing it.  Interesting eh?

Great Britain: White Jackets with Gold aluminum foiled looking accents made by retail chain “Next”. The backs of the jackets were actually pretty happening-the gold foil worked on there. And they had White shorts. Supposedly these designs were kept secret until today. Not sure why, doesn’t seem like I would have stolen any of their design ideas. Maybe the back design? But Hey the Queen almost smiled and Kate did smile! And they played David Bowie’s “Heroes” which was pretty awesome. *And after they finally played the “Chemical Brothers”. YAH!

Ok, I suspect this is the longest blog I’ve ever written. I guess I had Too much caffeine and exercise today. And it was pretty fun to write about the white pants, khaki pants, bright yellow, bright blue clothes and of course all the fun tunes they played all night that typically don’t get played at things like this.

See you Saturday at the KCCNFM100 #lastbash at the Waikiki Shell.

#icebath the newest “Planking?”

U.S Olympic Gymnast Alexandra Raisman joined in on the #icebath trend on twitter.  The Olympic ceremony is later today and the games follow soon after. But the icebath is making the headlines on many a site right now. This picture is from Instagram and also courtesy of  The others joining in on the newest “plank” are Jamaican 100 Meter runner-Yohan Blake, South African swimmer Jessica Roux looks like she’s in an icebath in Hawaii with all her blow up toys, and there’s the 4 South African swimmers in an icebath that looks like a hot tub.

The Olympians have a social media manual with lots and lots of rules in it, so we’ll see how many more of these pix we can find.  You can check the ice-cold bathing on twitter #icebath or check out #London2012 or for more info on Alexadra Risman, you can follow her @Aly_Raisman.

This is the first opening ceremony I’ve ever really wanted to watch, probably since I’ve been liking and playing music from England since the 80’s.  And it looks a lot more pop culturish and hipper than usual.  There’s so many rumours out there, I don’t quite remember who is at the opening or closing gigs.  But here are some of the names rumoured to appear/and or perform:  Underworld,The Who, Calvin Harris, Snoop Dogg,  Tinie Tempah who raps on Swedish House Mafia’s “From Miami to Ibiza”, Russel Brand doing a Sex Pistols song, Our House by Madness, Fat Boy Slim, Kate Moss, The Pet Shop Boys, Jessie J, One Direction,  and pretty sure these guys are doing the finale-New Order, Blur and Probably Underworld is doing both since the man in charge was the boss behind the movie, “Trainspotting”.  And that’s where Undeworld’s smash tune “Born Slippy” made its mark.

If you have an ice bath, be sure to share it at #icebath on instagram or twitter or send us a link in the comment section, At my condo, I could probably do the #icebath feet, but condo not big enough for the full on bath. Have a nice weekend!

No Sleep Till Sunday!


Import Car Show Models-April Joy and Jenn July 20, 2012


When the Beastie Boys are in NY they shout “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” Here in Hawaii this weekend, we scream “No Sleep Till Sunday”. Saturday from Noon – 1030PM is Hawaii’s Ultimate Showdown and Saturday night til’ 3am is the 14th annual Lovefest at Kakaako Park.

Hawaii’s Ultimate Showdown

Saturday July 21, 2012-Aloha Stadium-Noon-10:30pm:  Cars, Trucks,Hotrods, Bikes, Dog Show, B-Boy Contest, Bootie Contest, Hawaii’s first ever Tow Truck competition and as you can see from above-Import car models in the “Dream Model Lounge”.  $15 Pre-Sale tickets are available at Junk Shop Pros located at 1015 Dillingham Blvd or $20 tix available at the door.  I’ll be there around 2p taking pictures and checkin’ out the scene. Then I’ll be heading over to the Lovefest. *Thanks fo April Joy and Jenn for stopping by the station today!

The 14th Annual Love Festival

Saturday July 21, 2012-Kakaako Park-Whenever you get there until 3:00am:  The Biggest Dance party of the year featuring MSTRKRFT, SWITCH, MIMOSA, and of course the DJ’s who probably have been at ALL 14 Lovefest’s- JUNIOR SANCHEZ & DJREZA AND G-SPOT! Tix available all over town or at the door. If I were you, I’d upgrade to VIP or some VIP Cabana-Action, last year at the waterpark this event was so massive, it moved to practically the WHOLE Kakaako Waterfront Park.

I’ll be at the door from 4p-7p, so stop by and say “Hi” because just like last year, I’ll be checking out the fashions, kicks and garb.  Hopefully I’ll get some better pix this year. If you do say Hi, make sure I remember to get your pic!  *See what Last year’s Music and fashion was like by clicking here     

And on the music tip at Lovefest, I’m looking forward to MSTRKRFT, I’ve been playing Bounce on Sounds from the Scene since 2008, also played their remixes of Chromeo’s Tenderoni and D.A.N.C.E by Justice.  You may know them better from some of their latest tunes like Heartbreaker with John Legend, Beards Again and Back in the USSA. Or from some of their latest remixes of Katy Perry’s California Girls, Scream and Shout by Kelis or Zero by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.

BTW:  For some reason I like to call them Mysterycraft but their name is really pronounced mastercraft-it’s basically the name of a Canadian Tool Company with all the vowels taken out of the name.

See you at the car show or the rave..either place, say “Hi” so I can get some good pix for streetzblog and remember “No Sleep Til Sunday!”

Official flyer of the 2012 Lovefest on July 21, 2012 on Oahu

WalterFRENCH’s newest Vid-Nice T!

Check it Ooouuuut!! walterFRENCH’s newest Vid. I call it “The renegade” for Sprite and BET. Catchy Beat, crisp lyricism, nice black and white vid with sweet transitions. Super fresh vid too-it just released on 7/12/12. And check out Walter’s T, he’s wearing one of streetzblog’s own “How To Make it in NYC” shirts. Thanks Walter!!

When you get a chance Help Walter out with the BET HOT16 2012 and give him a like or two on youtube-TU!

*The HTMIINYC shirts were made in December 2012. Designed and sketched by streetzblog with the Photoshop help of DJ Romeo Valentine. Originally made for the “How to Make it in America” Shirt Contest, but we didn’t make the deadline, so we went ahead and had the shirts made. Only 48 of the black and white shirts were made. Designed in Hawaii, produced in Brooklyn, picked up in NYC, brought to Chicago to Oahu. Hopefully the color version will be out before Thanksgiving. Probably another run of 48.

Here’s an advanced look at the front and back of the color version:

Kicks of the Day-7-11/12

Today’s Pick are the Veja-DL distributed only at Colette in Paris.  I like the bold bright yellow contrast against the simple black leather.  About all I’d change is to add a flo green outer sole instead of the white. Other than that a perfect pair of kicks for a Friday night at First Friday in Chinatown, HI or a night on the Town in Soho, NYC.  The Vega DJ is 170 Euro and will be available at the Colette store in Paris-213 Rue Saint Honore 75001   Thanks to shoes-up for the picture!!!

What are you rockin this Summer?  I’ve seen lots and lots of White J’s mostly the 4’s and the 3’s.  Other than that some boat shoes tricklin’ in and that’s about it so far.  I’m sure I’ll have a better update after Lovefest 2012 and the Last Birthday Bash 2012.  Have a nice Week!

Oh and check out my tooth today-People say it looks a bit like Stu from that crazy Vegas movie…LOL

Happy Independence Day!

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