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Nike Air Yeezy-2 set to release this Saturday June 9, 2012

This morning I checked Shoes-up.com to see what’s going on around the world on the streetz and I noticed info on the Nike Air Yeezy 2. According to the French site, these extremely popular coveted kicks are set to release this Saturday June 9, 2012. After reading this, I checked Nicekicks.com and they also confirmed the release date. And since we’ve gotten so much pre hype on this shoe and many fake release dates, I also checked nikeinc.com and they also confirmed the release date of June 9th. So looks like it’s happening this Saturday. Check Nikeinc.com for some stores that may have these at retail pricing or get ready for some extra-large prices on E-Bay next week.

Update: Kicks HI has some on Oahu-But not many.  21 Mercer in NYC has some and various House of Hoops locations are starting to let people know via twitter and on line enter to wins.  They’re trying not to have a big bad scene like what happened all-star weekend with the Galaxy Foamposites.  The Shoe game getting harder or easier depending how you look at it. Me, I’m somehow cool for now. I just look in the closet or behind the couch and find new kicks to wear when I get the craving.  Anyone need some Lebron First game shoes-I got two pair of them that don’t even fit! LOL

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