Daily Archives: May 22, 2012

Ashley Olsen’s gotta be wearin’ a ton of Sunblock in the HI

Keeping you up to date on celebrities in the streetz and at the Beachez in Hawaii, here’s a pic of Ashley Olsen taken in Hawaii on either May 21st or May 22nd-2012.  She looks a bit cold-must be 2-3 seconds out of the water.  and for sure she has on tons of sunblock because the weather has been very sunny and perfect as of late.   Photo Courtesy of the Newyorkpost.com   And she sure looks a lot different then her usual quadruple layered clothing and ubiquous starbucks cup.  If I were a betting blogger, I bet you could find her at Starbucks! That’s where D. Beck hung out when he was here!

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