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Ashley Olsen’s gotta be wearin’ a ton of Sunblock in the HI

Keeping you up to date on celebrities in the streetz and at the Beachez in Hawaii, here’s a pic of Ashley Olsen taken in Hawaii on either May 21st or May 22nd-2012.  She looks a bit cold-must be 2-3 seconds out of the water.  and for sure she has on tons of sunblock because the weather has been very sunny and perfect as of late.   Photo Courtesy of the   And she sure looks a lot different then her usual quadruple layered clothing and ubiquous starbucks cup.  If I were a betting blogger, I bet you could find her at Starbucks! That’s where D. Beck hung out when he was here!

A couple of J’s for the End of May

Some J’s for the end of May!

Air Jordan Metallic Green Samples now available on ebay at this moment (May 21 at 2:00pm HST) for $620-Only Size 9.  And below these we have the Air Jordan Son of Mars Black, Red, elephant print with Ice blue soles.  Whatcha’ Think..Cop or Not?

Free to Pee you and Me!

Well this video is one I don’t think I need to write much about. It’s just pretty awesome, maybe a little weird when you can actually get an mpee3 of it afterwords. But the gist of the concept is for sure fun as can B/Pee! so far it’s touring Brazil, but it really should be in the Hard Rock Cafe – I agree with my friend Aron who emailed me this sizzling vid. Maybe open up a place called Guitars and Bars and have it all across the country.  What do you think?

Try These Kicks on-Get Off to the Races!

I know this is a commercial for some Kicks, but check out all the culture in the spot and the fun in the whole City Challenge. I really like the dub-step Tune-sounds like Noisa had something to do with it. If there was and Adidas Store in town, I’d go down and try a pair on after watching the vid.

Also, I suspect his prize it to play with some pretty famous Soccer/Football stars..I love when they give away prizes that you can’t just buy down the street. Pretty genius marketing.

European Color Magic-5/3/12

These guys use camera’s and computer’s to let us know what the HOT colors or on the streetz in Paris, Antwerp and other fun European places. If they tried this in Waikiki, they would get lots of light brown, dark brown, white and flourescent red from all the various suntans-Not too much clothes happening during the day down in Waiks.

I guess this is somewhat cool? But me, I’d much rather just people watch and figure out what’s hot or not. Takes a lot of the fun out of it. But still kinda Cool Technologlicy. What do you think?

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