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Jean Trends for Spring 2012


According to Bloomingdale’s Loyalist email that was delivered to my Hotmail today-4/16/12, The Hot Trends for Spring Denim are: Dark Washed, Colored (in Greens, burnt orange and bright blue-that’s the colors I’ve been seeing-Bloomingdale’s just said colored) , Vintage and White.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not too keen on most of these “trends”. I can deal with the Dark one’s and then I personally would go with Distressed/Sandblasted/with rips and holes.  I suspect they are correct with the colored jeans being HOT, I’ve been seeing them in all the mags and menstanista sites as of late.  And the white is spot on as you can see in the Calvin Klein Ad below. But me, no way’s I’m gonna’ wear any white jeans, no how, no way.  They would end up black, blue, yellow, green and brown by the end of the day and that is plain YUCK!   Unless you don’t go out of your house, how in the world would you keep them clean!  I think I did have a pair in the 70’s. But that was the 70’s and this is now and no way am I gonna wear the white ones. Although the Green one’s do look pretty good on the model below. How bout You?  Whatcha’ Gonna’ Rock this Spring?

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