Swedish House Mafia from Coachella 2012

Last Night I read on Twitter that SHM was playing LIVE on youtube.com/coachella, so I quickly switched over to it. I Waited about 5 minutes, then they played about half a tune then “Save the World”, the song was pretty awesome, the lights fantastic and the Fire at the End-the Best! Hopefully the video above will stay on my site for a few days so you can check it out! *It’s the Knife Party remix, but without the Lead Singer on site.

But then it was over. So most of the SHM fans were pretty bummed including me. We tweeted on the site for them to come back on youtube for a while , but to no avail, some funny band called “James” came on next and played some old tunes from earlier that day.

But even though SHM was short, I’d still recommend checking out the youtube.com/coachella site for today’s bands, some they play longer than others and it is kinda’ fun to tweet along with other fans of each band in the live tweet section to the right of the videos.

And from what I learned yesterday on the tweets, JUSTICE is playing live on Sunday on the same channel. I haven’t seen them in like 5 years, so it should be pretty banging.

check it out and LMK what you think? or who you saw?

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