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Tokyo-Here I come!

I took my first Japanese class on Saturday to get closer to my goal of visiting and SHOPPING in Tokyo, Shibuya and checking out the scene in Harajuku!  The video above shows a really cool re-sale area-the Yoyogi Flea Market located near both Shibuya and Harajuku.  The event looks like lots of fun and from of the pictures I noticed the prices are very reasonable-more pictures and details on the Flea Market  can be seen here at tokyofashion.com.

Now back to Japanese class.  When I get a “dreamland” idea in mind it lasts me between 4 weeks and 15 years.  This one I would put somewhere in the 12 year range.  I’ve long wanted to see the fashion scene in Harajuku, even died my hair blue during a trip to NYC in the 90s, not the 80s mind you, in the 80s it was Black, Blond, Brown and Blue on various appropriate occasions. The blue in the 90’s was my attempt to get closer to the bright colors of Harjuku.  Recently, I put my mind to getting there and in order to get there, I want to be able to speak the language. I also made it a point that I wasnt going to go to another business meeting in Hawaii where everyone spoke Japanese except for me.  The last meeting I went to like that I made it a a mandatory goal that I put my words into action and learn Japanese.

Thus, this past Saturday was my first Japanese class, it’s entitled “small talk” or “Okagesama de”, I figured I’d go in and learn Hello, Goodbye, Thank You and maybe a few other simple things.  Well I was in for a pretty big shock when we started class by asking each other “where we work”  “what we do for hobbies” and our “favorite Foods”  Actually even though it was a little hard, I did learn a lot and am now watching KIKU the Japanese station in Hawaii to see how much more I can learn before next Saturday. Another reason I liked the class is I didn’t have to go through all that I am, YOu are, he is, grammar stuff like we did back in JR High French class. We went right into learning how to speak things that are important-LOVE IT!

Actually the hardest part for me and most fun part for me and especially the others in the class was the clapping our hands and slapping our legs to the rhythm of the Japanese numbers. OMG-I can’t even clap my hands and sing at the same time at Church, let alone clap my hands, slap my legs and say words I never heard of before.  It was pretty funny, the teacher finally had to stop because everyone was cracking up so hard.

The cool thing about class is I could pretty much understand what was going on.  that come from when I was 10 years old and put in an ALL French-speaking class.  I didn’t know a word of French, so I learned to figure out what people were saying by their emotions and facial expressions-it sure came in handy this past Saturday when the Teacher asked me about my favorite dessert. I was able to respond!

I think, streetzblog readers will be stoked when I get to Japan, because I plan on going to some factories to put some of my ideas into clothes and accessories and I will for sure pick up some great things at the Flea Market, that I’d be happy to sell to whoever wants them.  And for people reading this in Japan, if you ever want to shop a flea market with some pretty HOT retro sportswear and lots of Jordans, you are welcome to stop by my condo sometime, just give me an advance warning.  I’d be happy to sell or trade or give you some of my gear.  About all I crave is some pictures of what’s hot now in Japan or a few cool clothes or some of the HOT street fashion mags that are too expensive over here. I especially like Street fashion Mags-After shoes, clothes, music and food, that’s my next favorite thing in this world!  BTW:  I wear size 34 jeans, mostly XL T’s, L-Jerseys and size 10 shoes.  Arigato and hope to see you soon in Tokyo, Shibuya and Harajuku, or here in Honolulu.

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