Daily Archives: April 5, 2012

Indiana’s In Hawaii

Indiana Evans is on Maui this week filming the Lifetime movie, The Blue Lagoon.  It’s a remake from I’m pretty sure the early 80’s. Photo is courtesy of news-freak.blogspot.com

Fun Fact for the Day:  Two of Five 18-34 year olds have at least 1 Tattoo.  Source:  March Nielson US Digital Consumer Report

Heard on the streetz of Downtown Honolulu Today:  Man 1:  Shouting unaudable noices over and over as he stomped down the street-being chased by mall cop on segway.. Then I walk about 20 yards away and bump into Man 2: Who’s looking a bit crazed  himself-Hint: Knit hat in 82% weather, dirty, out of date clothes etc who says to me: “There sure are a lot of Wacky-Jacky’s wondering around here these days”. I’ve never heard that saying beofore and  I kinda’ dig the lingo-how bout  you?

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