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Clippers Get Buzzed by High Flying Hawks-“Streetzblog on the Scene” 4-24-12

On The Streetz at the Hawk’s vs Clippers Game-4-24/12

I flew in to the ATL real early Monday Morning, did a bunch of Bizz all afternoon, then took a break at the Atlanta Hawks vs Los Angeles Clippers Game live at the Phillips Arena smack dab in the midst of the big City-IN DA ATL Baby!

The game itself was pretty exciting, real close throughout and very bangin’ near the end, looked like Blake Griffin was getting kinda’ pissed off.  He had over 30 points hitting almost all of his shots, but the D on the Hawks was pretty awesome in the last 5 minutes and the Hawks prevailed for the win. Much due to a close to half court bombing 3 pointer by Joe Johnson.

Since it was the Hawks game and not my typical escapade to check out the Bulls or Knicks, really good up front tickets were  fairly easy to obtain. AND for the first time in years, at face value!  SWEET like the TEA in the ATL! Above is an action shot taken from my seat behind the basket-my favorite place to sit for the best price!  Below is one more pic of the action, then on to more of the culture and street scene at the game.

Joe Johnson had on some of the custom HOTTEST J’s I’ve ever seen and that is a hard quote to say!  They were like a chrome blueish Purple all with the fly wire casting and the Jordan insignia on the back outside corner.  I tried all night to get a good picture of them, but was hard, most came out pretty blurry, but trust me they were FIRE. But I did get this up close and personal shot of him!

Celebs in attendance included the real “DR J”-OMG!,  Singing Sensation “Brandi” Rapper/Hip-Hop artist the Dream totally blinged out in gold and some pretty fly looking white black and red Jordans.

When I go off of the train/The Marta I received two free packs of the brand new Mentos, then as I walked into the arena I received a FREE Atlanta Hawks T courtesy of the Hawks and KIA and a FREE program-Wow-pretty nice!

Front and back of the Free T courtesy of The Atlanta Hawks and KIA!

Then I saw Dr. J-one of my biggest idols back in the Walter Payton/Dr J Days.  then the cool lights out! let’s yell and scream for the starting line-up-then the game.

Above-Art Like pic of the “Calm Before the Storm”  Used a bit of instagram on this baby!

Blake Griffin was wearing some nice red and blue Nikes-He looked just as monstrous as you would expect and plays without too much emotion,solid yet very emotionless. Well until the end when he got into some crazy scrambles right next to our seats, was pretty intense-thought they were gonna’ fight!

One of the announcers best phrase in a very loud voice was: “That Foul!!  .. was ..OFFENSIVE…MO WILLIAMS!”  The crowd loved the phrase I think more than the play..LOL

And you wouldn’t believe it, in my last blog I wrote about white Jeans and guess what, the guy two seats in front of my was wearing a pair! I’d say he was young and hip enough to pull the look off-And the Kicks and cell phone also added some flair to the look. and he had the ever sought after special grand wristband that let him go somewhere in the back for free drinks that looked like fancy bourbon.

And I did see a guy three rows in front of me with real Jordan 11’s released this past December, but I couldn’t snap a pic fast enough, but I did get a picture of these cool grey  11’s, not sure if they are real or fake?  what do you think?

I also bought a custom Hawks Jersey that has my main man Jordan’s number 23 on it and Streetzblogon the back.  When I was at the train after the game an 8 year old boy asked me who number 23 was? I said Michael Jordan, he said who? I said Michael Jordan and his response was “in your dreams” Well, I don’t exactly know what he meant, but yes, I will have good dreams tonite from my great day in the big City of the ATL.  I’ll probably add a bit to this blog some other time, but for now i gotta get some sleep. Aloha. Sweet Dreams!

Jean Trends for Spring 2012


According to Bloomingdale’s Loyalist email that was delivered to my Hotmail today-4/16/12, The Hot Trends for Spring Denim are: Dark Washed, Colored (in Greens, burnt orange and bright blue-that’s the colors I’ve been seeing-Bloomingdale’s just said colored) , Vintage and White.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not too keen on most of these “trends”. I can deal with the Dark one’s and then I personally would go with Distressed/Sandblasted/with rips and holes.  I suspect they are correct with the colored jeans being HOT, I’ve been seeing them in all the mags and menstanista sites as of late.  And the white is spot on as you can see in the Calvin Klein Ad below. But me, no way’s I’m gonna’ wear any white jeans, no how, no way.  They would end up black, blue, yellow, green and brown by the end of the day and that is plain YUCK!   Unless you don’t go out of your house, how in the world would you keep them clean!  I think I did have a pair in the 70’s. But that was the 70’s and this is now and no way am I gonna wear the white ones. Although the Green one’s do look pretty good on the model below. How bout You?  Whatcha’ Gonna’ Rock this Spring?

Snoop, Tupac, Eminem, Dre, Nate Dog, 50Cent, Warren G 2012

Late Friday evening, I was checking out my twitter feed and found out that Swedish House Mafia was playing live on youtube at Coachella 2012. I admit I was a bit out of it not to know this ahead of time. But I did work a lot of hours this week and .. well just missed the NEWS. But as soon as I found this out I switched it over to youtube/coachella and saw 10.5 minutes of Swedish House Mafia. It was pretty awesome, just short.

Saturday I saw a few Ol’ regular “rock” bands and they were somewhat ok. But I was really looking forward to seeing Justice on Sunday. So on Sunday I turned it on, they, just like SHM only played 2 songs or 12 mintues of music. It just didn’t make sense that the two best EDM bands had the least airtime. Maybe the Coachella people don’t want the world to know..duh..that Hip Hop and Dance have taken over.

At least that’s my “conspiracy” theory for the lack of play for the dance bands. But I suspect they figured it was too late to change history with hip-hop. And totally made up for the lack of SHM and Justice with a stellar 52 minute show of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. Snoop and Dre came on with Terrific backdrops and special effects.Then brought us Wiz Khalifa, Warren G, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, and a nice tribute to the late Nate Dog.Then My two favorite portions of the night-Eminem all dressed in grey and black-sounding as good on the beat and slick as ever and TUPAC Shakur Live from the dead via hologram!! Now this was totally awesome! He first goes off by himself, then you see him and Snoop together on stage. By the amount of spleef Snoop was smoking I bet a few people in the front rows, were really trippin’ or blinking like crazy to see if what they saw was really happening.

It was pretty funny watching Snoops Eyes get smaller and smaller as the night went on. I for one don’t know how he can do so well performing while smoking all the time! And what’s so cool about Snoop is he always plays the songs that are his best hits, Tonight he did it and he for sure did it when I saw him at the Waikiki Shell. Thanks Snoop! I like it when the performers play what the fans dig instead of what they want to push at the stores or think is cool themselves. Oh and If you missed the show tonight, you can see most of it on hypebeast or check above for the super-cool super-awesome Holographic Tupac Tune. Just beware, unlike anything else on my site, this song does swear, but the coolness of the performance makes up for the swearing. Hope you enjoy it!

*Rumor has it that Playstation and XBox are to get Holograms in 2015, not sure how true that is, but I did read it on Twitter earlier this evening. How cool would that be?  I want to shoot arrows with Katniss. Or sing with AC/DC. LOL  What would you want to do?

Swedish House Mafia from Coachella 2012

Last Night I read on Twitter that SHM was playing LIVE on, so I quickly switched over to it. I Waited about 5 minutes, then they played about half a tune then “Save the World”, the song was pretty awesome, the lights fantastic and the Fire at the End-the Best! Hopefully the video above will stay on my site for a few days so you can check it out! *It’s the Knife Party remix, but without the Lead Singer on site.

But then it was over. So most of the SHM fans were pretty bummed including me. We tweeted on the site for them to come back on youtube for a while , but to no avail, some funny band called “James” came on next and played some old tunes from earlier that day.

But even though SHM was short, I’d still recommend checking out the site for today’s bands, some they play longer than others and it is kinda’ fun to tweet along with other fans of each band in the live tweet section to the right of the videos.

And from what I learned yesterday on the tweets, JUSTICE is playing live on Sunday on the same channel. I haven’t seen them in like 5 years, so it should be pretty banging.

check it out and LMK what you think? or who you saw?

Tokyo-Here I come!

I took my first Japanese class on Saturday to get closer to my goal of visiting and SHOPPING in Tokyo, Shibuya and checking out the scene in Harajuku!  The video above shows a really cool re-sale area-the Yoyogi Flea Market located near both Shibuya and Harajuku.  The event looks like lots of fun and from of the pictures I noticed the prices are very reasonable-more pictures and details on the Flea Market  can be seen here at

Now back to Japanese class.  When I get a “dreamland” idea in mind it lasts me between 4 weeks and 15 years.  This one I would put somewhere in the 12 year range.  I’ve long wanted to see the fashion scene in Harajuku, even died my hair blue during a trip to NYC in the 90s, not the 80s mind you, in the 80s it was Black, Blond, Brown and Blue on various appropriate occasions. The blue in the 90’s was my attempt to get closer to the bright colors of Harjuku.  Recently, I put my mind to getting there and in order to get there, I want to be able to speak the language. I also made it a point that I wasnt going to go to another business meeting in Hawaii where everyone spoke Japanese except for me.  The last meeting I went to like that I made it a a mandatory goal that I put my words into action and learn Japanese.

Thus, this past Saturday was my first Japanese class, it’s entitled “small talk” or “Okagesama de”, I figured I’d go in and learn Hello, Goodbye, Thank You and maybe a few other simple things.  Well I was in for a pretty big shock when we started class by asking each other “where we work”  “what we do for hobbies” and our “favorite Foods”  Actually even though it was a little hard, I did learn a lot and am now watching KIKU the Japanese station in Hawaii to see how much more I can learn before next Saturday. Another reason I liked the class is I didn’t have to go through all that I am, YOu are, he is, grammar stuff like we did back in JR High French class. We went right into learning how to speak things that are important-LOVE IT!

Actually the hardest part for me and most fun part for me and especially the others in the class was the clapping our hands and slapping our legs to the rhythm of the Japanese numbers. OMG-I can’t even clap my hands and sing at the same time at Church, let alone clap my hands, slap my legs and say words I never heard of before.  It was pretty funny, the teacher finally had to stop because everyone was cracking up so hard.

The cool thing about class is I could pretty much understand what was going on.  that come from when I was 10 years old and put in an ALL French-speaking class.  I didn’t know a word of French, so I learned to figure out what people were saying by their emotions and facial expressions-it sure came in handy this past Saturday when the Teacher asked me about my favorite dessert. I was able to respond!

I think, streetzblog readers will be stoked when I get to Japan, because I plan on going to some factories to put some of my ideas into clothes and accessories and I will for sure pick up some great things at the Flea Market, that I’d be happy to sell to whoever wants them.  And for people reading this in Japan, if you ever want to shop a flea market with some pretty HOT retro sportswear and lots of Jordans, you are welcome to stop by my condo sometime, just give me an advance warning.  I’d be happy to sell or trade or give you some of my gear.  About all I crave is some pictures of what’s hot now in Japan or a few cool clothes or some of the HOT street fashion mags that are too expensive over here. I especially like Street fashion Mags-After shoes, clothes, music and food, that’s my next favorite thing in this world!  BTW:  I wear size 34 jeans, mostly XL T’s, L-Jerseys and size 10 shoes.  Arigato and hope to see you soon in Tokyo, Shibuya and Harajuku, or here in Honolulu.

Indiana’s In Hawaii

Indiana Evans is on Maui this week filming the Lifetime movie, The Blue Lagoon.  It’s a remake from I’m pretty sure the early 80’s. Photo is courtesy of

Fun Fact for the Day:  Two of Five 18-34 year olds have at least 1 Tattoo.  Source:  March Nielson US Digital Consumer Report

Heard on the streetz of Downtown Honolulu Today:  Man 1:  Shouting unaudable noices over and over as he stomped down the street-being chased by mall cop on segway.. Then I walk about 20 yards away and bump into Man 2: Who’s looking a bit crazed  himself-Hint: Knit hat in 82% weather, dirty, out of date clothes etc who says to me: “There sure are a lot of Wacky-Jacky’s wondering around here these days”. I’ve never heard that saying beofore and  I kinda’ dig the lingo-how bout  you?

Some Bling For Spring 2012

The Giuseppe Zanotti Mirror High Tops

Click  here  for more pictures

Black Vanquish VS Adidas Club Kicks

And here’s the Vanquish VS Adiddas which can be found here


Kicks for VS Converse

Get your customized Rhinestone Sneakers Here

The Loubitoun’s – “The Ultimate Bling”

And I would Call these Women’s Heels the “Ultimate Bling” My sister says their worth $6,000 and I guess if you have that much to spend you can probably find them without using a click here buttoon.

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