Flow with the Glow by Reebok

Custom Glow in the Dark Reebok Kicks 3-19-12

Sky High, Blow By and Glow Sides

I’m not much for low-tops, but when I received this Hot new tip on my email today, I just had to write about these.  You can customize your ZigPulse shoes by Reebok. If you choose the Glow add-on for the logo on the zig-pulse, they should look like the picture above in the evening sky. So, I went over to Reebok.com and did up a pair.  Here they are:

Since I probably won’t wear low-tops in less they are extremely comfortable, I made these as blinding as I could, although maybe I could have added a bit more yellow to them..LOL  They still look pretty hot.  I just wonder who long you would need to put them under a light for them to glow?  And as I was at their site, I tried to design a pair of Hi-Tops. Here they are:

I like these a bit better, might be a bit too bright for me and I don’t really like the white on the back, but other than that, I could wear these to a club in Ibiza or Vegas.  Here’s the top view and the back view too.

What do you think?  Stick to Jordans? Get the custom D-WAde Jordans? Wait for the Yeezy’s?  Get the Vanquish  x Adidas? Or get a pair of Glow in the Dark Reeboks?



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