My Wish List-March 17-2012

Black Patent Vanquish x Tricker’s High Top Brogues-These are on the very top of my March “Wish List” So nice!-just gotta’ think of a couple of $10,000 interactive Advertising Campaigns and I can get them. Shouldn’t be too hard, everyone needs a reason to wake up in the morning with mission and this is mine!

Even bloggers have a wish list, especially bloggers who blog about Street Styled Kicks and clothes who don’t work in retail, probably have longer wish lists. First on my middle of March wish list are these Vanquish x Tricker’s black Patent Leather High top Brogues. I know, I just got a similar pair at Christmas, The Grenson Black High Tops with the light white crepe sole. But these are just so, so nice.  Check out the box and accessories they come with!

Now that’s some dope, drop, Fading, exquisite LUXE at the highest point on the Power Spectrum Gear.  I can feel the nice soft felt on the shining cloths. Oh..if you do own patent, Here’s a quick lesson on how to clean them.  Use the clothes like above with a bit of warm water and dry completely. NEVER use the ol’ reliable Mr. Clean magic erasing sponge that works for most other sneaker fabrics-it will scrap the patent right off, right quickly like it did to my limited Edition Blue and Orange And1 Marbury’s back in the day.  But if you do have a pair of J’s or other leather sneakers, especially AF1’s, the Magic Eraser is unbelievable how well it works to make your kicks Icey crisp, clean and vibrant.

These Vanquish Guys have a pair of pants I actually tried to buy today, but I got through the Japanese only so far, I couldn’t figure out the cost of shipping to Hawaii, Thus, I went to Old Navy and bout a pair of $11 and $18 jeans that I will take my bleach pen and sand paper pen  to make them look similar.  Or my friend at broke2gear or my other friend at can help me order them up.  If you need help, give me a call or email and both Thomas and Sharen have some great Japanese speaking skills. BTW-I start Japanese in April. My goal is to go there, buy a bunch of stuff at good prices and sell it right here on or on  Here’s a picture of the Jeans I want and here’s where the Vanquish site is located.

One more item I like is this Hoodie.  I think the main reason I like so many of their clothes is the come in mostly black and that is for sure my favorite street color with slate grey a close second.

And here are the last three things on my wish list:
The Black and Orange NYK Carmelo Jersey:

The Black, Blue and Orange Jordan 4’s. Labeled various names on the internet like the Cavs-Yuk, The Knicks-Ok and the JorLin’s-I like this name. I sure ain’t no Cav fan, used to be Lebron fan but never was a Cav’s fan. Note: These are not out yet or at least I couldnt find them earlier this morning on the internet. And so far, no release date mentioned.

And as you already know, I still want a pair of Concord 11’s size 10. But I am waiting until I make a big deal like selling my book “Wave-Goodbye” to a movie studio or selling a bunch of “How to make it in NYC” Shirts. Or maybe some other idea I havent thought up yet. But being stubborn on these and need to make something happen before I can get em’.

And when I do get them I am for sure getting the real one’s with the Icey blue sole. I’ve seen some ok fakes out there, but the soles were extremely “Off” BTW I don’t own any fakes, unless my cements are and I just don’t know it,for some reason they didn’t come with a retro card, but maybe they don’t do the cards anymore. LMK if you K. Thanks What’s your wish list for March or April? Comment it up if you like.

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