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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Streetzblog.com

Hi and Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Honolulu Hawaii. Above is a picture of real Shamrocks-Photo taken last week in Glenview Illinois at Trader Joe’s. I remember finding 4 leaf clovers growing up and how good they tasted to eat right out of the ground. But for some reason, I don’t remember ever seeing real Shamrock’s, well here they are! Enjoy!

Did you know that 34.7 Million Americans claim Irish Ancestry, 2nd only to Germans.  And there’s 2.3 Billion pounds of cabbage grown in the U.S.A each year.

Above you can see one of my favorite pairs of kicks and I’ll be wearing these babies ALL day long on St. Pat’s Day! Hope they start to scuff a bit more so I can see the cool burnt orange colors underneath the Green Paint. Speaking of Green, it takes 40 pounds of dye to make the Chicago River Green each year on St. Pat’s Day.  Back in 1987, I tried to convince my boss at the radio station that I worked at to dye the Ala Wai Canal in Hawaii Green.  I thought it would have been a great stunt and would put our New radio station (92X) on the Map.  He didn’t go for it, instead we spent the money on TV advertising..Oh Well. I Tried.

Wow! Now that’s some GREEN water..eh?  Photo courtesy of inspiredwater.org  The NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade started in 1762 and at the time it was the first SPD Parade anywhere!  Nowadays, 3 Million People attend the Parade each year-That’s about how many people live where I live on the island of Oahu!!! Next up, isn’t a picture of the parade, but Jeremy Lin Planking-figured it would be cool since there’s green in the picture and the Knicks just won two in a Row!

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  email me some photos of you having fun and I’ll post em’ on streetzblog.com and be watching @scottmackenzie3 for tons of really fun SPD photos from my Instagram account.  Cheers and Aloha! SM


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