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Da Bulls take Lin to School


I know,I know I’ve been helping to hype the Linsanity just as much if not more than anyone. But when you put me live at the United center just down from the center of the big city. My instincts and MJ memories remind me of who’s my main team. The D Rose dunk that you will see on ESPNs sports center exemplifies this feeling to a T and the feeling was totally excilleratting. Or as the announcers said

get up or get out the way!wheres my poster maker and too fast too strong too good!

You can get the stats and more of the game elsewhere. Here I’ll let you know about some fun things you can only get from the first hand experience of being there.
I saw many black red green and white Bulls jerseys. Mostly Rose then Jordan Boozer Pippin Noah Korver and some Knicks jerseys most of them Melos with a scattering of Lin jerseys and a bunch of Linsanity T’s. In regards to kicks there were lots of fake J’s the coolest were an aqua colored version of the 10s. There were also real J’s including cement 3s, white and black 4s and a pair of concords!
The weather was exceptionally warm and I did see a bunch of teens in shorts unheard of in most March winters in Chi Town.
Celebrities at the game included Charles Oakley, Scottie Pippin, the Bears-Chris Williams and Chicago Mayor-Rahm Emanuel.
The Rose dunk had the whole place going wild with a standing ovation, they dropped t shirt parachutes from the rafters,the crowd loved when Scalabrine came in The game and Rose was getting seriously pissed at Lin and the refs and thus went on a scoring tear to win the game.
On The streetz they had Rose not Hoes and White Mamba shirts, lots of really friendly happy people and a big Bennie the Bull van banging the jams! A very fun night indeed. Now I’m watching the replay on CSN. Then getting on a plane and will be back in the 808 by Tuesday night. LMK any street trends you notice in the meantime. TTUS

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