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Sunny Soles for Spring!

Ever since I went to Chicago last month and saw all those Pink and blue, brown and green, and even black and purple shoes at Nordstrom, I’ve been seeing the colorful shoes everywhere.  There was a HUGE article on them in Esquire and a similar article in GQ. They have them in two-tone colors on the vamp and like last year the colorful sole shoes.  I spent the big bucks on the Black Grenson Fred’s with the white crepe soles, and until tonight I havent seen a wild color i like until now. These are Mark McNairy New Amsterdam Brogue Boots available at Barney’s New York.  The sole is a nice flow Yellow and they are well constructed and retail right now at $480.  So far I haven’t seen a duo color shoe with the colors on the vamp and uppers but I am still looking.  But it was crazy the  guy at the Nordstrom in the suburbs of Chicago told us that the Pink and Blue two-tone Suede wingtips were the fastest selling and at the time they were ALL sold out. Go figure.  Alas, I have yet to see someone wearing them.  BTW:  The two buckle Monk Strap looks like a big trend for Spring and Summer and did you know that Barney’s on-line shopping site has 240 shoes for men!  That is just crazy!  And most are pretty nice.

Also when I was checking out the Mark McNairy Shoes, I found these somewhere on Google Images. Thought these might work well too. I like the finish on them.  They call it a special “waxing”  not sure where to get them or how much they cost. Have you been seeing the two-tone colored shoes on Men this Spring on the streetz?  LMK  Take a pic and tweet it to me if you can.  @scottmackenzie3  or upload it to

Hunger Games-Work-Out for the Hard-Core

The Hunger Games-Work-Out Courtesy of MTV

It’s kinda’ funny, I haven’t been writing as many blog entries because I’ve been so engrossed in the second Book “Catching Fire” and working out harder than ever since I have a DR’s appointment coming up this Monday. I’ve already cut out my favorite drink of most of my life-Gatorade, but I quite haven’t given up Steaks and Sweets. This Monday’s DR’s Appointment will let me know what I can and can’t drink for at least a while. We will see on Monday.

Tonight, I took a break and went to the HedKandi party at Aloha Tower, it was pretty cool. I saw some old friends, met some new ones and had a good time. but needed to leave a bit early since I forgot to eat lunch and dinner. I got a bit too dizzy and needed to come home for some food. And its at this point that I found this video-The Hunger Games Workout!   Just what I’ve been doing, starving and working out too much.

I read about this in New York Magazine and it sounded kinda’ fun. But after watching this video, “I Don’t Know” the lady teaching it seems a bit to strict and pissed for me. I prefer Don over at Clark Hatch. Today we did 30 exercises with 12 reps each, that was pretty hard, but he is so positive I barely noticed the 26 minutes that went by. To me it felt like about 12 minutes and it was fun and we did legs which I usually don’t like at all

I bet I could come up with a funner Hunger Games Challenge, Here’s my shot at it:
Run on the treadmill while watching bootleg Hunger Games DVD’s turned up real loud.
Take a break and Shoot Bows and Arrows with the XBox Kinekt.
Break into two groups and do an old-fashioned tug of war with the losers falling into some fun mud pit.
Then to rinse the mud off and Since I live in Hawaii, we’d take something out of the second book and do a 6 lap swim, mostly the crawl stroke or whatever you are able to do.
Boxing with jabs, crossovers and by favorite-the wholloping upper cut. All with the pad things, of course no hitting each other for real.
Then a nice 10 minute Jacuzzi with a cold plunge-giving props to  the torturous weather in book two, but I’m sure much more enjoyable.

How do you like that Hunger Games Work-Out? I’m Game..How bout You? Or would you rather have the yelling lady at the New York Sports Club? HeHeHehe. I bet she’s actually pretty nice in real life, she’s probably just putting on a show ..and why not …it was on MTV’s on-line Channel. And their viewers probably need something more intense than The Sitch and whoever knocking themselves into walls or passing out on the floor.

LMK if you find a fun Hunger Games work out or click on comments and give me yours.  Have a Nice Weekend.  I have Kentucky to win the Final 4, Who do you have?

Streetz-Gear for the Hunger Games

“My Stomach’s Growling like a Starved District 12 resident for the HUNGER GAMES Movie Premiere”

The Hype is growing bigger day by day for “The Hunger Games” Movie premiere. Some have been lucky enough to see it in LA, Chicago, New York and London. And many more of us can go to see it on Thursday night at Midnight or like me I need to work early Friday morning, so I’ll be there at 6:00PM on Friday Night.  After reading the book in less than a week, I’m looking forward to checking out the city of the future and the awful in concept-yet extremely exciting in print “Game” that is played through most of the book and the movie.

For some reason, many of the people I work with aren’t in the know on the Big Hysteria surrounding the movie, maybe its because we live in Hawaii? or maybe, we just don’t have any Teens hanging out around the offices? or the Teens and young adults who have parents that work with me, just arent talking about “The Hunger Games”  to their parents? Whatever the reason, there’s not much of a buzz where I work, but there sure was a buzz in Atlanta and Chicago when I was there last week and the National media is doing it up Big Time! David Letterman had Katniss/Jennifer Lawrence on last night and he has Peeta/Josh Hutcherson on there tonight. Me, the first time I saw the TV commercial trailer for the movie, I could tell there was something special about it, so I tracked down the book and read it cover to cover in less than a week.  I asked my 8 and 11-year-old nieces about it, but they had to read it for school, so werent to “hype” to it. Be warned-this is Gonna’ be BIG and at least two more movies should come after the first.

For Streetzblog, here’s a few cool Ways to rock the gear without being to Gaudy or over the top.  The three things I have picked out seem to be hard to find, when I’ve clicked on the shirts on two other blogs, they took me to some site called etsy and it said that the shirts were NOT available. It didn’t say they were sold out, it didnt say they were getting more in, it just said “not available”  what’s that supposed to mean?  if etsy was my site, I’d sure make the two shirts available and do it now. the movie is Tomorrow night at Midnight and the Hype is only going to get bigger throughout the weekend and onward.  Well, maybe etsy will read this blog and let us know how to get the two shirts that are shown below that are in my opinion pretty hip without being too commercial.

The FirstShirt I would rock is the Grey District 12 T, it tells just enough about the fact that you’re hip to the movie without going over the top and as you know I like the color Grey.

Second T I dig is the Cinna shirt. It’s kind of like my “I have my own T shirt Company Too” T that I bought in 2009 in NYC. Did you know that Lenny Kravitz plays Cinna in the movie?  I like kinda’ recognized him in the trailer but couldn’t quite place who he was,I needed to read about it on the net.

And the Kicks are by converse, you can most likely get these at Cons customs on the web or for sure at the Converse store on Broadway in Soho/Noho in NYC.  That store totally rocks with the iPads that help you customize your cons. They were ahead of the game bringing the pads to the store in 2010.

If you want something to wear this weekend, the easiest places to get gear is at Hot Topic either here or at the brick and Mortar store or at Amazon Dot com-they have tons of T’s including the ever popular-“Boy with the Bread” and “May the odds be always with you” shirts.

Friday Night, if I have enough energy I’ll do a quick street stylez review on what people wore to Opening Weekend and maybe a little review about the movie.  However, I’m one who when I really like a book, I tend to have a hard tome with the movie version until I’ve seen it a few times, we will see Friday night what my brain thinks. Hopefully good things. See you at the movies. If you’re there, say “Hi” I’d love to get some quotes from you for Friday night/Saturday mornings blog or we can twitcast something or you can leave some comments below if you like..just click on “comments”  Have a nice Thursday! Cheers and Aloha!  Note:  I’ll be attending the special Scion premiere this Friday night at Ward Theatres at 6;00PM at the Ward theatres in Honolulu, HI on the island of Oahu.

Flow with the Glow by Reebok

Custom Glow in the Dark Reebok Kicks 3-19-12

Sky High, Blow By and Glow Sides

I’m not much for low-tops, but when I received this Hot new tip on my email today, I just had to write about these.  You can customize your ZigPulse shoes by Reebok. If you choose the Glow add-on for the logo on the zig-pulse, they should look like the picture above in the evening sky. So, I went over to and did up a pair.  Here they are:

Since I probably won’t wear low-tops in less they are extremely comfortable, I made these as blinding as I could, although maybe I could have added a bit more yellow to them..LOL  They still look pretty hot.  I just wonder who long you would need to put them under a light for them to glow?  And as I was at their site, I tried to design a pair of Hi-Tops. Here they are:

I like these a bit better, might be a bit too bright for me and I don’t really like the white on the back, but other than that, I could wear these to a club in Ibiza or Vegas.  Here’s the top view and the back view too.

What do you think?  Stick to Jordans? Get the custom D-WAde Jordans? Wait for the Yeezy’s?  Get the Vanquish  x Adidas? Or get a pair of Glow in the Dark Reeboks?


Hunger Games go up in Flames!

I needed to check out the Hunger Games book to see what all the hype was about. It was seriously the fastest I’ve read a book in years! Was really hard to put it down, moves quick, characters well-developed and the story is way over the top. We all better hope something like this doesn’t happen to us. I’d give the book 4 stars and now I’m awaiting the premiere this week.

In anticipation of the movie, there’s a ton of info on the web including this video of an artist making the logo. Be sure to watch it to the end..or like me .. just watch the beginning and then skip to the end. Its pretty awesome!

My Wish List-March 17-2012

Black Patent Vanquish x Tricker’s High Top Brogues-These are on the very top of my March “Wish List” So nice!-just gotta’ think of a couple of $10,000 interactive Advertising Campaigns and I can get them. Shouldn’t be too hard, everyone needs a reason to wake up in the morning with mission and this is mine!

Even bloggers have a wish list, especially bloggers who blog about Street Styled Kicks and clothes who don’t work in retail, probably have longer wish lists. First on my middle of March wish list are these Vanquish x Tricker’s black Patent Leather High top Brogues. I know, I just got a similar pair at Christmas, The Grenson Black High Tops with the light white crepe sole. But these are just so, so nice.  Check out the box and accessories they come with!

Now that’s some dope, drop, Fading, exquisite LUXE at the highest point on the Power Spectrum Gear.  I can feel the nice soft felt on the shining cloths. Oh..if you do own patent, Here’s a quick lesson on how to clean them.  Use the clothes like above with a bit of warm water and dry completely. NEVER use the ol’ reliable Mr. Clean magic erasing sponge that works for most other sneaker fabrics-it will scrap the patent right off, right quickly like it did to my limited Edition Blue and Orange And1 Marbury’s back in the day.  But if you do have a pair of J’s or other leather sneakers, especially AF1’s, the Magic Eraser is unbelievable how well it works to make your kicks Icey crisp, clean and vibrant.

These Vanquish Guys have a pair of pants I actually tried to buy today, but I got through the Japanese only so far, I couldn’t figure out the cost of shipping to Hawaii, Thus, I went to Old Navy and bout a pair of $11 and $18 jeans that I will take my bleach pen and sand paper pen  to make them look similar.  Or my friend at broke2gear or my other friend at can help me order them up.  If you need help, give me a call or email and both Thomas and Sharen have some great Japanese speaking skills. BTW-I start Japanese in April. My goal is to go there, buy a bunch of stuff at good prices and sell it right here on or on  Here’s a picture of the Jeans I want and here’s where the Vanquish site is located.

One more item I like is this Hoodie.  I think the main reason I like so many of their clothes is the come in mostly black and that is for sure my favorite street color with slate grey a close second.

And here are the last three things on my wish list:
The Black and Orange NYK Carmelo Jersey:

The Black, Blue and Orange Jordan 4’s. Labeled various names on the internet like the Cavs-Yuk, The Knicks-Ok and the JorLin’s-I like this name. I sure ain’t no Cav fan, used to be Lebron fan but never was a Cav’s fan. Note: These are not out yet or at least I couldnt find them earlier this morning on the internet. And so far, no release date mentioned.

And as you already know, I still want a pair of Concord 11’s size 10. But I am waiting until I make a big deal like selling my book “Wave-Goodbye” to a movie studio or selling a bunch of “How to make it in NYC” Shirts. Or maybe some other idea I havent thought up yet. But being stubborn on these and need to make something happen before I can get em’.

And when I do get them I am for sure getting the real one’s with the Icey blue sole. I’ve seen some ok fakes out there, but the soles were extremely “Off” BTW I don’t own any fakes, unless my cements are and I just don’t know it,for some reason they didn’t come with a retro card, but maybe they don’t do the cards anymore. LMK if you K. Thanks What’s your wish list for March or April? Comment it up if you like.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from

Hi and Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Honolulu Hawaii. Above is a picture of real Shamrocks-Photo taken last week in Glenview Illinois at Trader Joe’s. I remember finding 4 leaf clovers growing up and how good they tasted to eat right out of the ground. But for some reason, I don’t remember ever seeing real Shamrock’s, well here they are! Enjoy!

Did you know that 34.7 Million Americans claim Irish Ancestry, 2nd only to Germans.  And there’s 2.3 Billion pounds of cabbage grown in the U.S.A each year.

Above you can see one of my favorite pairs of kicks and I’ll be wearing these babies ALL day long on St. Pat’s Day! Hope they start to scuff a bit more so I can see the cool burnt orange colors underneath the Green Paint. Speaking of Green, it takes 40 pounds of dye to make the Chicago River Green each year on St. Pat’s Day.  Back in 1987, I tried to convince my boss at the radio station that I worked at to dye the Ala Wai Canal in Hawaii Green.  I thought it would have been a great stunt and would put our New radio station (92X) on the Map.  He didn’t go for it, instead we spent the money on TV advertising..Oh Well. I Tried.

Wow! Now that’s some GREEN  Photo courtesy of  The NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade started in 1762 and at the time it was the first SPD Parade anywhere!  Nowadays, 3 Million People attend the Parade each year-That’s about how many people live where I live on the island of Oahu!!! Next up, isn’t a picture of the parade, but Jeremy Lin Planking-figured it would be cool since there’s green in the picture and the Knicks just won two in a Row!

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  email me some photos of you having fun and I’ll post em’ on and be watching @scottmackenzie3 for tons of really fun SPD photos from my Instagram account.  Cheers and Aloha! SM


Da Bulls take Lin to School


I know,I know I’ve been helping to hype the Linsanity just as much if not more than anyone. But when you put me live at the United center just down from the center of the big city. My instincts and MJ memories remind me of who’s my main team. The D Rose dunk that you will see on ESPNs sports center exemplifies this feeling to a T and the feeling was totally excilleratting. Or as the announcers said

get up or get out the way!wheres my poster maker and too fast too strong too good!

You can get the stats and more of the game elsewhere. Here I’ll let you know about some fun things you can only get from the first hand experience of being there.
I saw many black red green and white Bulls jerseys. Mostly Rose then Jordan Boozer Pippin Noah Korver and some Knicks jerseys most of them Melos with a scattering of Lin jerseys and a bunch of Linsanity T’s. In regards to kicks there were lots of fake J’s the coolest were an aqua colored version of the 10s. There were also real J’s including cement 3s, white and black 4s and a pair of concords!
The weather was exceptionally warm and I did see a bunch of teens in shorts unheard of in most March winters in Chi Town.
Celebrities at the game included Charles Oakley, Scottie Pippin, the Bears-Chris Williams and Chicago Mayor-Rahm Emanuel.
The Rose dunk had the whole place going wild with a standing ovation, they dropped t shirt parachutes from the rafters,the crowd loved when Scalabrine came in The game and Rose was getting seriously pissed at Lin and the refs and thus went on a scoring tear to win the game.
On The streetz they had Rose not Hoes and White Mamba shirts, lots of really friendly happy people and a big Bennie the Bull van banging the jams! A very fun night indeed. Now I’m watching the replay on CSN. Then getting on a plane and will be back in the 808 by Tuesday night. LMK any street trends you notice in the meantime. TTUS

Street Art in Chicago


I can’t get on my computer this weekend, thus testing out the mobile blog App. This is more like a FB post. Just trying it out this morning. If it works well. I’ll put up some Chicago Street Trends on the site soon. Have a nice Sunday.

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