Does it Tell Time?

Check out these new watches from Sony Ericcson, At the moment they’re named the Smart Web watch and retail around $180.  They make it easy to check your latest posts on Facebook and Twitter, gives you super quick access to look over your email and gives you fast access to the weather outside. I’m going to wait for the next generation on these that comes with a camera and a Dick Tracy phone. Although, They do look pretty Sweet and if you’re the first on the block with one, you’re sure to meet some new friends at your local watering hole. For now, I’ll keep using my iPhone, it works well for all of these things, and it’s  pretty funny actually because it does work well for all of these things, but not so well as a real phone.  The lines between phones, cameras, computers, iPads and watches continues to *Blur.  Since I still write notes on my hands, I’m really going to save my money for the first generation phone/watch/computer/camera that’s embedded directly into my skin. 5 years? 10 years? What do you think?  *Oh and BTW, Blur has been picked to be the band that rocks the party at the closing ceremonies at the 2012 Summer  Olympics in London.

Photos and tip-off on the new watches courtesy of Shoes-Up.Com   Have a great Monday!

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