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Lin-Sane in the Mem-Brain!

Why I like Jeremy Lin!

Just one of the many LIN smiles last Friday night-Photo courtesy of: sportige.com

  1. He is Fun to Watch:For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been doing my same job, while training for another.  This has made for some pretty long hours-830A-800P.  And this past Friday I made it home at 930 in time to watch the 10pm re-play of the Knicks vs Lakers game. I was pretty worn out and kind of hurtin’ but just watching Jeremy Lin and the Knicks put a BIG smile on my face and sure cheered me up quickly.  Note:  From my spiritual studies I’ve learned that we all can change our thoughts and be happy anytime.  I can believe that, but when my body aches and I’m pretty worn out from work, having Jeremy Lin play sure helps me big time to get Happy!  It’s much easier to watch Lin do those spin moves and last-minute theatrics to make me happy, then changing the thoughts in my mind myself.
  2. He has Fun and Smiles:  When Lebron does a big slam he let’s his arms fling and gives a mean looking roar, When Kobe scores a big 3 he kinda’ smiles/kinda smirks. When silly ol’ Nowitski scores, well, he doesn’t do anything-that’s gotta be the lamest-kind of like the coach of the Patriots-no matter how many touchdowns Brady throws, that Dude just does not ever smile.  Anyways, what I like about Lin is every time he scores he Smiles, With a Big Teethful Grin, he let’s us all know that he’s having fun out there. And while many of us are working in an office building, he’s out there playing a game-basketball. I know when I play games and score a big shot, throw a nice pass, or even kick a football through the uprights, I smile, laugh and show everyone how much fun I’m having. Next time, you see Lin play, check out how many times he smiles throughout the game.  I suspect it will be a lot.  And you know what smiling and having fun does, His team-mates start to laugh, have fun and WIN! The New York Giants also have fun, smile and laugh and guess what?  They won the Superbowl.  I suspect I could smile more at work, that would be a good plan, maybe some of the new things I’m learning are actually fun?  Or at least I can pass my smile around to make others happier.
  3. He’s Humble and Thankful:  After the games I’ve watched or from the snippets on Sportscenter, when Jeremy Lin is interviewed he is very humble.  He always thanks his team-mates and family and is thankful for the opportunity he has to play in the NBA. The last time I saw him interviewed he thanked at least 4 other players, his family members and even 1 or 2 of the coaches.  And the Coaches rarely ever get any praise from the players. I suspect that we could all be more thankful and grateful at our jobs.  Even after 12 hour days, I try to write down at least 3 things that I am thankful for: Friday night I was thankful for  1. Learning new skills, 2. Realizing that no matter how hard the new things I’m learning are, with enough patience, I can and will be able to do it. 3.  I made it home safely in the rain and 4.  I got to watch Jeremy Lin Go-Off after I got off of work.  Now, I’ll start working on thanking and uplifting some of my co-workers/team-mates.  Some days I get so intense on learning these new things I don’t even notice people, my plan for this week and next is to thank more people and help to uplift their spirits.
  4. He’s got a Cool Name:  Or the Knicks were just super smart and started calling him and his phenomenon, “Linsanity”.  I’ve been having a great time adding to the list with: Linsatiable, The Lin-Spin Move,  Lindestructable, Linsane, Linsation, the Knicks will Lin, Lin it to win it, Linteresting, Linnen the Life, and hopefully 10th Lin in a row! Here’s some more fun one’s from jeremylin.net-Linsomnia, Adrenalin, Merlin, J Lin, the Linja Assasin, Lin God We trust, Statue of Linerty, and for today: Happy Va-LIN-tines Day.  Jeremy also recently told ESPN that he really likes:  Super Lintendo and a fan at the game today had a sign that said Linsomnia and another had one  that said Linsane Asylum.  (Spellcheck is going crazy on me right now..LOL)
jeremylin.net says that Spike Lee will be rockin’ Jeremy’s #4 Palo Alto High School Jersey this Sunday when the Knicks play the Mavs live on TV-I hope you get a chance to watch him and he LINS!  And Here is where you can get some Jeremy Lin Merchandise..if it’s still available, it’s Lin-Stock right now but selling like crazy!

LIN for Da’ WIN-12-14-12

Happy Valentine’s Day from us at Streetzblog.com. Other than candy, flowers, and dinner, here’s another great way to celebrate the big day.Just take a look-see at the Linsanity going on AGAIN at a this New York Knicks game from Today. Yep, Lin does it again! He hits the winning Shot! The Question I have is: What Kicks is he wearing? Whatever they are-I gotta’ get a pair, Right Now! Real Quick! Happy Valentine’s Day from Streetzblog.com

BTW: Lin had a double-double with 27 points and 11 assists. And the New York Knicks WON their SIXTH Str8t Game!!

*I don’t have this confirmed, but I did read on the internet somwhere that NIKE signed LIN back when he was with the Golden State Warriors, I’ll follow up with it and see if it’s real or not. If so, it will be more Nikes for my aching feet.

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