On the Streetz of Waikiki-Quicksilver teams up with the NFL!

Yesterday I was in Waikiki for a meeting about an upcoming Fireworks Display for the Honolulu Festival on Sunday March 5th-All I can tell you about that now, is it’s going to probably be the biggest and most awesome fireworks display you have ever seen. But for today,what I wanted to let you know is since I had an extra 20 minutes on my validation in Waikiki, I did some street sightings:

Stopped by Diesel, The Volcom Store, Hawaiian Island Creations and Quicksilver. Overall, things still look a bit too bright for me, the Nixon watches look really nice-but pricey, and I really like the new greyish black walk shorts that turn into swim shorts that both Volcom and Quicksilver produce. But the thing that caught my eye the most was the Quicksilver-NFL Board Shorts!

Above you can see a pretty HOT vid on them. They cost about $60 and come with the popular dobby quick dry system. The teams that I noticed they had in Waikiki included: the Bears, The Giants, The Raiders, and The Chargers. I liked the Bears the best, a nice dark blue with orange stripes and logo.

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