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On the Streetz of Legends in Concert Waikiki

Me and Legends In Concert Waikiki Lady Ga Ga 1-31-12

Last Night I had the an awesome opportunity to experience “Legends in Concert in Waikiki” at the Royal Hawaiian Center. In the past I’ve seen some of these things and didn’t think much of them. But this Rockin’ show is actually really fun and well worth it. We had the real VIP treatment, extravagant green tropical drinks when we arrived, then a backstage tour of the facilities including a trip to the “Green Room” and a visit on the stage.  According to the director the Green Room at concerts was called this because plants were there and the plants helped to keep the air moist which was good for the singers voices.  The other possibility the rooms wer green is Green is supposed to emote relaxation and they wanted the performers to be relaxed before hitting the stage.  On the stage we were treated to a huge star curtain with millions of color combinations worth $80,000!!! And I noticed that the surfboards come complete with 8 skateboard wheels on which the male dancers surf on during the Young Elvis Segment.

We also had our pictures taken with “Elton” in the Green Room- he came complete with the fun glasses, perfect hair, wild suit and shoes and even had a gap in his tooth.  He called the four of us “The Rugby Crew” which was pretty funny!

Then we were treated to a sumptuous 3 course meal.  First we had Lobster salad with a dressing with 42 different ingredients-that was my favorite part of the meal.  Then delicious Salmon and Choice Grade Steak with truffle mashed potatoes. And a few more virgin Lava Flows and I was good to go.  When I was almost full, we were served a yummy chocolate cake with syrup and ice cream. It was totally decadent!

Up next was the show.  Young Elvis, Elton John, MIchael Jackson, Lady Ga Ga, and the older Elvis. here are the highlights of each:

Young Elvis:  Looked and acted just like Elvis and the Dancers were pretty Sexy

Elton John:  Sang real well and did my favorite Lion King song.  He was actually more friendly, happy, and up-beat than the real Elton J that I saw a few weeks ago.

Michael Jackson:  He can Dance!  WOW!  and when they put the video next to him-it’s hard to tell that he’s not the real thing!

Lady Ga Ga:  I like Lady G’s music, so this was pretty fun for me. And the dancers where the best costumes in this segment and they had on some pretty nice rubberized combat boots.

Older Elvis:  this is the star of the show. he walks, talks, dances and of course sings just like the real thing. so much so that the ladies in the audience went wild over him-kissing and hugging and googling and goggling all over him.  And the DAncers wore some great retro converse shoes and some new John Varvatos Cons too!

All performances came with a killer sound system with a booming base! and some of the best looking dancers I’ve ever seen on this planet!  This isn’t even the best picture of them. but it is a good one.

Elvis with the Hula Dancers

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