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Q..R you ready to Roll

Q..R You Ready To Roll? and Win! Photo Courtesy of

Hip, Hot and Happening.  This is the Codigo Cube-Actually a 6 sided Dice with different colored QR codes on it. It’s a game you play by first zapping your QR Code Reader on any of the sides of the cube, then signing up as a contestant,  next it’s time get things rollin’ and let the games begin. All Sorts of fun trivia games await you.  I suspect I am one of the first to write about this fun new game with QR Codes, since I just got it today directly from one of the “Gifting” Suites at the  2012 Academy Awards-Thanks to Chris and Cora from Coradorables. I Hope this post makes up for me not covering the fashions at this year’s Oscars-I just didn’t plan out my day well and was way too pre occupied trying to Make the new Streetzblog Facebook page look Good.  And I had to watch a lot of YouTube videos to figure it out.

After I play with these dice a bit, I’ll either update how it goes here on or on  That’s the place I usually do up the QR Code craziness.


The Linside Up-date on Jeremy’s new Kicks

It seems to me that Nike is moving way to slow to get Jeremy Lin’s signature shoe to the stores. So, Jeremy had to go on to make his own. I was wondering what he was wearing on Friday night at the Rising Stars Game.  At least these are better than his black and white 2011’s. According to Hypebeast, you can duplicate a pair of these for yourself at, I’ll wait for the Jordan 4-Knicks or Lin’s real signature Shoe that becomes available at Footlocker or Champs.  If I’m gonna’ use, I’m going to put number 23 on them and design them myself. Well, at least his shoes finally match his uniform. Note:  The Next Knicks game that’s on mass TV is this coming Sunday on ABC.  And Don’t forget you can get the NBA league pass for free all this week, then it’s only $69 for the rest of the season.

Picture Courtesy of

Does it Tell Time?

Check out these new watches from Sony Ericcson, At the moment they’re named the Smart Web watch and retail around $180.  They make it easy to check your latest posts on Facebook and Twitter, gives you super quick access to look over your email and gives you fast access to the weather outside. I’m going to wait for the next generation on these that comes with a camera and a Dick Tracy phone. Although, They do look pretty Sweet and if you’re the first on the block with one, you’re sure to meet some new friends at your local watering hole. For now, I’ll keep using my iPhone, it works well for all of these things, and it’s  pretty funny actually because it does work well for all of these things, but not so well as a real phone.  The lines between phones, cameras, computers, iPads and watches continues to *Blur.  Since I still write notes on my hands, I’m really going to save my money for the first generation phone/watch/computer/camera that’s embedded directly into my skin. 5 years? 10 years? What do you think?  *Oh and BTW, Blur has been picked to be the band that rocks the party at the closing ceremonies at the 2012 Summer  Olympics in London.

Photos and tip-off on the new watches courtesy of Shoes-Up.Com   Have a great Monday!

“Knicks” Air Jordan Retro 4 are buzzing on the net right now

Photo courtesy of

I know it’s almost Midnight Hawaii time, but right now I’m watching the Knicks and the Heat, I know the game’s over, but in my world it’s only halftime with the Heat beating the Knicks 51 to 47, super exciting game. But the Heat do look pretty good. And while I watch the game, I’ve been checking out the sneaker news and ugh it’s ugly out there.  There’s riots and gun shots going down right now for the Galaxy Foamposites and at the Kobe Orange Volts seem to already be sold out.  But as I was looking at all the ugliness and fact that I wont be seeing any of the All Star Kicks anytime soon, I came across these nice pictures of the Air Jordan 4’s dubbed the “Knicks” version. In my Opinion, Jeremy Lin should get rid of those funky black and white shoes and Rock these starting this weekend at the All-Star Game. And me since my favorite four colors are Blue, Orange, Black and Slate Grey, I would much rather have a pair of these any day then the galaxy’s and the Volts.  Doesnt matter to me that the Galaxy’s are going for $1600 if you can find them. I’d rather have a pair of kicks I like then cost a lot or are too hard to find. There’s not much info out on these anyhow, but I do hope they arent too hard to cop.  Anyone have any details on when they come out and where?  Let us know here at  Now I gotta’ get back to my game.  and Please don’t let me know who wins..LOL

For more pictures of these click here on February 23rd, 2012

London: The City With A Thousand Faces from Press Pause on Vimeo.

As you can tell by today’s Blog Title, you’re in for a little bit of this and little bit of that. Or take the easy route and check out the vid above-it’s a little longer than I would usually post, but if your’e in to street culture and what’s hot now on the Streetz, it’s a pretty fun video featuring the hip and happening youth in 2012. I can always go for a good English Accent or later in the vid a pretty wild French one too!

In other news: On the streetz of Honolulu-Taryn Manning-One of the stars of Hawaii 5-0, 8 Mile star, also from Hustle and Flow and FHM and Stuff cover model..whew! Will be DJ’ing at Rum Fire in Waikiki on Saturday March 3rd.

Taryn Manning on the Cover of FHM

And with the NBA All Star game happening this Sunday, the NBA store just released their ever coveted, usually pretty limited edition St. Patricks Day Jerseys. They were a little hidden on their website so I figured I’d let you know that they are available now! They have Bulls, Knicks, and of course, Boston. I noticed Jersey’s for Rose, Carmello, Amare, and some Boston players, plus they have a J-Lin T, but so far no jersey. All St. Patricks Gear is in a nice Green with either orange or black tinges. I’ve been “thinking” about getting a St. Pat’s Jersey ever since Marberry played for the Knicks and everytime I get ready to buy them, all the good sizes are gone. So, if you want one, I’d buy it now or at least before March 1 comes around.

St. Pat's Carmelo Anthony Jersey available now at

Jeremy Lin’s St. Pat’s Day T-Shirt. Available now at

I sure bet the LIN T Goes quickly, even though it’s not as nice as a Jersey, Do you see what number he is?  Yep, same as St. Patrick’s Day-March 17

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Visit the Big Island 2-22-12

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green in Hawaii 2-22-12. Photo Courtesy of

Megan Fox star of Transformers and Brian Austin Green star of the First Version of Beverly Hills 90210 visit the Big Island on February 22, 2012. The Picture is somehow from the Four Seasons Hotel on the Big Island. In the past many famous people visited there and most pictures didn’t go public. I suspect it’s getting harder to keep their privacy with everyone having a camera on their phones. I suspect they still had a good time. Kelly Ripa is on the island that I live on right now. She’s doing her show at the new Disney hotel-The Aulani out by the waterpark. So Far, she’s had Daniel Day Kim from Hawaii Five-O, some Disney actors on her show and she went diving somewhere near where I live, but I missed it due to the Big Great Aloha Run expo and Run this past weekend. Have you seen any Celebs near where you live? or in Hawaii lately? LMK *The Knicks play the Heat live on TV Thursday night and the NBA All Star weekend starts FRiday and culminated Sunday for the big game. this is one time when I don’t mind the time difference, I can watch the NBA All Star Game at about 1p then the Academy Awards at Night, no fighting going on in my household on that one! LOL

Jay-Z and Beyonce at the Knicks VS Nets Game

Some fun Pix of Jay-Z and Beyonce checking out Jeremy Lin and the NY Knicks and NJ nets, along with Beyonce getting her groove on to some tunes at the game while Jay-Z talks to his neighbor.

Video courtesy of

The All-Star Kicks are almost here!

NBA All-Star Kicks of the Stars. Durant, Kobe and Lebron. Photo courtesy of

Shown above are the three Biggies for this weekend’s NBA All-Star Game.  Far left is Kevin Durant’s, Middle is Kobe Bryant’s and Far Right is Lebron James.  I noticed that earlier on they had a picture of the Kobe Kicks and said “special Nike items on sale on February 24th on  I’m not sure how limited these three pairs of shoes will be, but if the Kobe’s are limited, I’d hit up around Midnight February 23rd and check back until you see it there. This might be an easy place to get a pair, since it’s not usually the place a lot of sneakerheads go to for their fix.

Me-I’m personally gonna’ try and get a pair of the Blue and Purple mega starred and blinged out foamposite Galaxy’s.  Here’s a couple pictures of them from  The first picture is when the light is on, the second shows the sweet glow in the dark soles when the lights go Black. I did see a pair of these about a week ago on some website being sold be a celebrity for $2,000.  Most sites are listing them around $220-$230 SRV.  If you have any hook-ups you want to share with  Let us know in the comment section or you can just email me directly (LOL) at  Here’s the pic of the Galaxy’s when the lights are on:

Photo courtesy of Kicks on Fire Dot com

And here’s a pic of the Galaxy’s when the lights go out and the glow comes on!

Wow! that's some bright Glow! Looks like they really work? Photo courtesy of kicks on fire dot com

And in other sneaker news, reports that Nike will be making a Jeremy Lin “Linsanity” Player Edition Zoom hyperfuse 2011 for Jeremy Lin.  So far, he’s been seen playing in Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2011 lows in Black and White and Blue and White.  His PE’s are supposed to be in Orange and Blue.  My biggest question is what’s taking them so long to get the Knicks colors on to his feet AND where are the Jeremy Lin Nike Hyperfuse 2012 highs for all of us out here who want to “Live LIke Lin” I know I’d stand in line overnight to get a pair. And for these, I would play in them, just like we did back in the day with our Jordans. I don’t know about you, but  my first few pairs of kicks were bought only because of who wore them and how they could help me dribble better, shoot bombs and mainly to help me jump higher. My first real kicks were canvas orange with blue laced converse to fly like Dr. J, Pony’s because they could bounce better than anything out there, then Converse leather one star Hi’s to score like Billy McKinney and finally Jordan 4’s to “Be like Mike”.  I used to and I still will try anything my favorite players wear to score more points on the B-Ball Court.  But if I can get a hold of the Galaxy’s at a good price, I’m wearing them to the Cake Concert This Friday night! I really doubt those will ever see a busted up cement basketball court.

Air Jordan Retro 4’s-White Cement Out Now

Air Jordan iv-White-Cement-Picture Courtesy of

Here they are! The brand new Air Jordan 4 Retro White/Cements, these just came out this weekend and as of Sunday 2/19/12 they are going for $265 on eBay. Me personally, I don’t much like white kicks, I really dont have the time or patience to keep them as clean as I would like. Thus, it’s ok if I don’t get a pair of these.  I’ve still got my eyes on some Jordan 11’s-really in any color. But as I mentioned before, I need to make a big score before I can get them. Kinda’ like a little goal of mine. Gonna’ get some Space Jam or Concord 11’s (Yeah I know they have a lot of white on them, but the Patent is totally SWEET!) and hopefully a black or Green St. Pats Jeremy Lin Jersey-neither are out yet, but I have my eyes out for both colors!  Here’s a nice pic of Kanye West Rockin’ some Retro 4’s-Man, this guy must have one of the best J’s collection around.  And when are those Yeezy’s coming out? Hype is gonna’ disappear if it’s not soon.Me-I’ve got my eyes on the NikeFoamposite One Galaxy’s right now-those soles glow too and they are bad ass!

And here’s a nice picture of Marcus Jordan swishin’ and dimin’ in his own pair of Air Jordan retro 4 white Cements.  During this game he had 17 points.  It’s funny other than D-Wade and a few others, I don’t see to many people wearing J’s to actually play B-Ball much anymore, mostly we all wear them to go out to the mall, concerts and the clubs.  Funny how things have changed.  I actually never wear my J’s to play Ball-I tend to wear my 10 year old retro Penny’s-they seem to have the biggest bounce and best cushioning for the crackly cement court across the street from my pad.

Marcus Jordan Scores 17 points in his Jordan 4's. Picture courtesy of

You know what I like best about the 4’s in white is these were the shoes that were highlighted in Spike Lee’s movie, “Do The Right Thing” back in the day. Buggin’ Out who was usually pretty pissed off was wearing his nice, clean bright white J’s when they got scuffed by a bicycler. He huffed and puffed a bit, but than whipped out his toothbrush and took quick care of his scuff, bringing them back to the brand new look-the only LOOK you Rocked when you were wearing J’s back in the day. That was such a classic moment in the movie-If you’ve never seen it, rent or buy it and see the nostalgia of the infamous white 4’s. If you don’t have time to see the movie, here’s a quick excerpt from the scene:  Buggin’Out: You almost knocked me down, man. the word is “excuse  Me”. Clifton:  Ah, Excuse me, I’m sorry. Buggin’Out: Not only did you knock me down, You stepped on my BRAND NEW WHITE AIR JORDANS I just bought and that all you can say is is “excuuuse me?” Clifton: What! Are you Serious? Buggin’Out: Yeah I’m serious…Now, If I get some 4’s, these are the one’s I’m gonna’ get-Black/Fire Red/Grey. Or I may wait for the Grey’s to come out again, I missed them last time by ONE day, they still had 9.5’s and 10.5’s but no 10’s the day I went to Niketown for my Grey/Maize.

My next 4's? PIcture courtesy of

Air Jordan Retro 3-Jay-Z and Beyonce


Jeremy Lin has been taking up a lot of Blog time lately and for good reason. But since the Knicks lost today, I figured it would be a good time to get back to some HOT shoes and clothes. I was looking for some fun pictures of the Air Jordan REtro 4’s since they came out this weekend, but while looking for the 4’s I found this great picture of Jay-Z wearing His White 3’s and Beyonce has on her Loubatons-I gotta’ admit I don’t know much about women’s shoes, but I do know that the L’s are pretty expensive.  My sister asked me if I could re-create a pair for her since the pair she was trying to score were $3400 retail. This picture is from March 12, 2011 at a Nets game in New Jersey-Soon the Nets will be playing in the Bronx-That should be pretty fun! Picture is  courtesy of  Next blog posting will have the Air Jordan 1v retro 4’s in White Cement.

I also like this picture because they look so happy together and their outfits match nicely without doing the “Twin” Match, just nicely complimentary.  And I wouldn’t mind a pair of Jay-Z’s Jeans.  Everytime I see him he rocks some pretty nice Jeans and fatigues.

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