Lookin’ Good Today!

Guess How Long it took me to get ready today? Picture courtesy of thesartorialist.com

I like this picture a lot. It doesnt come from my camera, was from another fashion/Streetz Blog site.  And I’ve never been to Milan, but it sure looks like fun, if you can dress like this.  I wonder if this lady got any sleep at all picking out all of the mixes and matches of her delicious look she’s rockin’ today.

Her hat matches her gloves, Her gloves match her bag.
Her Coat matches her Upper Boot, Her upper Boot matches the bottom Stripe on her bag. 
Her Socks match the guys hat behind her and they also match the top stripe on her bag.
Her pants and shoes both compliment all 4 colored stripes on her bag and her hair and skin 
match her whole look.  About the only thing Out of Whack is the Purple belt and feather on her hat..it just doesn’t seem to match anything.  But it still works-In NY I think they call that a “Color Splash” or maybe I just made that up-I know it’s either that or something similar. Anyways,  Nice Outfit! I actually wouldn’t mind a pair of those boots-change the black sole to green and I’d buy em’. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment or send me your favorite street pic and we’ll give it a “look-see” here on streetzblog.com             Have a nice MLK Day! 

About Scott Mackenzie

Blogger, Designer, Artist.Owner: Streetzblog.com You can contact me at (808) 275-1106 anytime.

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