“Say Cheese..Before I Sneeze”-New Digital Camera Eyewear

Smile!-You’re on my Eye Camera! (Photo Courtesy of Gizmodo.com)

What a fun way to shoot a picture!  I wondered what camera companies would come up with to sell their wares when I  can just take out my iPhone and snap a quick, crisp, high quality photo and really don’t need a camera anymore. Well, here’s one of the first of probably many fun and innovative gadgets to get you or me into carrying around a camera again.  Note:  I still use my digital camera at home when I want to take some extra crisp, well lighted, blog pix.

I personally like these and could see them selling the first batch out in minutes at a local Urban Outfitters store. Fits in perfectly with a lot of their other useful useless merch-that I bet you’ve bought in the past-I know I have a few strange things from their store in my house, but I do buy most of my things there  as gifts for friends.
Now back to the gist of the glasses, these come in 4 colors-Red, Black, Blue and white and hang from your neck with the included gold chain.  Great thing about them is they are only $60 bucks and take 2048x1536pixel pix or NTSC quality video!! I’m not exactly sure where you can buy them, they just got started talking about today on trendhunter, PopPhoto, audiocubes and Gizmodo.  But, my guess is Urban Outfitters will get them first.  Perfect for Hipsters and Ravers or even the ever inecreasing  HipsterRaver. Do you Like em’ or Not, leave a comment and LMK. Take care. SM

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  1. Peter Kleschen

    Perfect! They look just like the glasses I’m already wearing today. Sweet!


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