2012 Trends


This is one of those vids that I can’t seem to get on to my site, but if you click on the link above it will take you to a pretty fun video on what’s going to be hot for 2012.  It’s the “2012 Trends with Amber Mac and Sarah Lane”.  The two reasons I clicked on it to watch it were 1.  I like TrendSpotting and 2.  They talk to Jeremy Gutsche the founder of trendhunter.com. And the reason why I like him, is when he did an article on customization. I emailed him to tell him about the Converse Store in NYC that I visited in December 2011. The Store uses iPads to personalize your new kicks right in the store. And the cool thing is Jeremy responded to my email. And not only did he respond, but he responded with “Sweet-Thanks for sending Scott”-To say the least I was Impressed! Note:  Maybe like you, not everyone I talk to who I don’t know personally responds and he responded within minutes,  and with positivity.

Anyways, you can click on the link and watch the Vid or just check out the highlights that I gathered from watching most of it..listed below:

1.  Digital Eating:  This will get bigger than ever before with ipads taking your order from your seat.  Jeremy talks about ordering a round of drinks without waiting upon a waiter or waitress to come to your table. And the lady hosting the show says she orders her ice cream and pays for it before leaving her house. Then just picks up her dessert at the corner store.

2.  Virtual Fashion:  My audio wasnt perfect on this one, but I did hear them talk about some Hot “Facebook” kicks from Adidas.  

3.  Augmented Reality Shopping:  Talked about virtual on-line fitting rooms getting bigger and better in 2012.   

4.  Socialbusiness.org: This is Trendhunter’s new site where they are trying to help create positive social change.  Things like Toms Shoes, where if you buy a pair of shoes a pair of shoes goes to the needy.  Pretty sure there’s also a sunglass store that does something similar.

And the most fun part of watching the video for me!! He talked about the Converse Store in NYC!!

Happy New Year!  I’ll be posting Hot shopping, trends and slang from Chi-Town and the Suburbs of the Windy City soon.  Still trying to catch my breath from the whirlwind trip to NYC and Chicago. Happy Thoughts and positive vibes to you in 2012!


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  1. Thanks for the article, Scott! I appreciate it! Cheers.


    • Hi Jeremy, Thanks for checking in to streetzblog.com and Thanks for the mention on the Converse Store. That was lots of fun for me! This past trip to NYC, I really liked the KidRobot Store-tons of creativity going on there. For me, was like an hour at a creativity museum. Note: We just tweeted Charlie Sheen with an idea-We’re thinking he would make a great upstairs neighbor for the guys at the Big Bang Theory-Rich, Heckler, always hitting on the blond, with a private elevator that only opens up on their floor for charlie to smile and make a wise crack. They still have to take the stairs. Take it easy. SM


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