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Kicks and Camo in the Streetz of Paris

Paris Streetz-photo courtesy of

My mom always used to tell me “Don’t wear striped shirts with Plaid Pants” I wonder what she’d think of Funky Camo and Multi Colored Brogues?  I personally like this look, the pants look pretty comfortable too.  I’d just get the Hi-Top Version of the colorful Brogues and change the laces to bright white and I’d be good to go.  Just couldn’t really pull it off out here in Hawaii.  Paris-Yes, NYC-Probably, Chi-Town-I’m not sure, Mississippi-Hell No.

Rick Owens Hi-Tops in the Paris Streetz-Photo courtesy of

OMG! Look what we have here-those ultra expensive Yet still on my Hit list Rick Owens Black and White Hi-Top Kicks that I wrote about back in July.  And they are on a real person in Paris! Way to go with the skinny pants tucked in to show off the Kush Kicks!  I bet those shoes are comfortable-they just look comfy! And Looks like he has a pretty fashionable lady with him too!  The Rick Owens Kicks are still looking good six months since I first laid eyes on them-I Wonder if they ever go on sale? or if Rick Owens has a Credit Card I can apply for?  I’m on a mission to pay off my Barney’s card that I bought my Grenson Black Brogues with crepe white soles with, until then, I’m not even going to look at the Barneys DOT COM site.  But if anyone gets these, I bet they do.

Thanks to Highsnobiety for the Fresh picks from Fashion Week in Paris.  According to their site, these two shots are from Mid January 2012 somewhere near the actual Rick Owens Fashion Show.   Before I retire from, I am going to Tokyo and Paris and if I get to those two places, next stop is MILAN!  Have a nice Sunday! Go Giants!

Spark It Up

Sizzlin' HOT Sparks-Wear available now at

Check out this HOT model wearing one of the newest’s T’s and Sport Panties.  It’s the female version of the new Shane Sparks Shirts and Shorts available now at You can get it here now, or click here and just like I’ve mentioned before, you can order a customized shirt, cap, shoes or hoodie of any image you can imagine.

The Shane Sparks-Wear comes around  as Shane embarks on his next chapter of his career, with a new logo, new website and renewed outlook on the world, Shane is ready to Go!

Shane is a world-renowned Choreographer most known for MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew”, the Fox Hit-“So You Think You Can Dance” and The Dance Battle movie “You got Served”.Shane has worked with many celebrities including Lindsay Lohan Aaliyah, Monica and Benji Scwimmer.   Here’s a new video of one of the newer projects Shane has been working on:

You can get your own Shane Sparks Custom Rhinestone shirt by clicking right here. Super Brand new, wear it and hopefully it will help you with the Funky-Chicken,The YMCA or even my favorite move that I just can’t seem to get perfect-the classic always awesome Moon Walk.

Picture courtesy of

Available now at

With Zippers, you dont have to tie your shoes ever again!

Converse-Addict by NIGO - Photo courtesy of hypebeast.comAfter being in NYC and Chicago and seeing things in real-time, it's a bit hard for me to get back in the swing of things out here in Hawaii. Usually, I feel normal after a couple of weeks of being back here, this year..I'm still craving the excitement and instant fashion finds on the streetz in the big Cities. Good thing is I still have some notes for some great Blog postings of HOT places to shop and score in Chicago and some awlright stuff from the suburbs too. Until I find me notes in my suitcase, I figured I'd put some nice shoes up for your Friday night. These are Converse-Addict by NIGO, Available sometime in March in Japan. I found the picture on and followed the blog posting to NIGO-where there's a few more pix. These have nice Vibram soles and the happening side zipper. I got a pair of Camper's in NYC that have a side zipper and the best thing about these is-You DON'T have to ever tie your shoes again!! So far, these Cons are available in Black and White. Whatcha' wearing this weekend? Let us know over here at Streetzblog. We'd love to see some pix too. Saw some nice Jordan 6's on Twitter last night too-Blue Olympics set to hit the stores sometime in July 2012. Here's a few pix of my Campers with the Zippers that I purchased in Soho, NYC Dec 2012

Zipper so I never have to tie them again, plus ultra Coushy-Flexy red bottoms

In-Style Right now-hip, trendy fronts, with easy entry and exit zip sides

Some Hawaii News:  Rihanna is on Oahu this week, rumours are she is going to go to Zanzabar maybe *tonight/Friday Night or tomorrow or Sunday. And should be Heading to Winter Wonderland at Wet n Wild on Saturday Night.  Eddie Griffin is also here and is going to Zanzabar tonight.  And “How to Make it in America” star, Luis Guzman is somewhere out here in the 808.  So, even though it’s a week before Pro Bowl, the stars are already starting to stagger in.  Check back here on Wednesday and I’ll let you know who else I either see or hear about being out here. Usually Pro Bowl Week is packed with sport stars and entertainers, we’ll also be checking their feet to see what their wearing.  Have  a nice weekend!
*I talked to my friend KC Today/Saturday and he confirmed that Rihanna was at Zanzabar last night!! “ once again giving you the TMZ advance notice”

Lookin’ Good Today!

Guess How Long it took me to get ready today? Picture courtesy of

I like this picture a lot. It doesnt come from my camera, was from another fashion/Streetz Blog site.  And I’ve never been to Milan, but it sure looks like fun, if you can dress like this.  I wonder if this lady got any sleep at all picking out all of the mixes and matches of her delicious look she’s rockin’ today.

Her hat matches her gloves, Her gloves match her bag.
Her Coat matches her Upper Boot, Her upper Boot matches the bottom Stripe on her bag. 
Her Socks match the guys hat behind her and they also match the top stripe on her bag.
Her pants and shoes both compliment all 4 colored stripes on her bag and her hair and skin 
match her whole look.  About the only thing Out of Whack is the Purple belt and feather on her just doesn’t seem to match anything.  But it still works-In NY I think they call that a “Color Splash” or maybe I just made that up-I know it’s either that or something similar. Anyways,  Nice Outfit! I actually wouldn’t mind a pair of those boots-change the black sole to green and I’d buy em’. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment or send me your favorite street pic and we’ll give it a “look-see” here on             Have a nice MLK Day! 

Golden Globe Awards 2012-Match Game

Winna' Winna' Chickin' Dinna' Picture Courtesy of Madonnascrapbook on Tumblr

I’m pretty much easy into the new year on and what better way then to do it the easy way utilizing info from Twitter, E on TV and E on-line LIVE from the “Blush” not RED carpet at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.

Pretty quick synopsis of the looks-then We’ll play Match-Game with the Women’s Designers.  EVERYONE including the guys looked 5-10 years younger than they did last year. Something fishy in the water over in Hollywood. Especially for the guys to looks so perfect.  The Girls always look hot, but the guys? When did they get longer hair than last year and completely flawless wrinkle free skin!

You can check out the other blogs for more on the looks and what people think, here, we’re just going to play a little game.  All you need to do is guess the famous lady with the designer or accessory that matches.  And-Yes, it’s not a mistake, Madonna is on here 3X.  She finally looks like herself again, no more of those freaky non fat muscle arms. So, I’m giving her 3 matches-everyone else has just 1. and 2 actors have the same designer  Have fun!

Charlize Theron               Atelier Versace
Madonna                           Zac Posen
Michelle Williams          Jason Wu
Kate Winslet                    Gucci
Emma Stone                     Lanvin
Zooey Deschanel            Victoria Secret’s Underwear
Sarah Michelle Gellar   Prada
Madonna                          Nina Ricci
Angelina Jolie                Monique Lhuiller
Rooney Mara                  Versace 
*Hint:  The Girl with the Black Dress
Salma Hayek                  Jenny Packham
Madonna                        Dior
Reese Witherspoon     Cut-Off Black Gloves
Nicole Kidman              Lanvin
Natalie Portman          Keem Acra
*Answers after this quote by Stacy Keibler:

“Party! Yeah, just face down drunk. This is always the most fun night of the year!” Stacy Keibler-George Clooney’s Girlfriend. When asked what she was going to do tonight.

I’m sure it’s pretty easy to do, but I’m not really in the mood to figure it out right now. Thus, the answers aren’t Upside down like they should be.  They are just listed as follows:

Charleze Theron-Dior, Madonna-Reem Acra, Black Glove and Victoria Secret Underwear, Michelle Williams-Jason Wu, Kate Winslet-Jenny Packham, Emma Stone-Lanvin, Zooey Deschanel-Prada, Sarah Michelle Gellar-Monique Lhuiller, Angelina Jolie-Atelier Versace, Rooney Mara-Nina Ricci, Salma Hayek-Gucci, Reese Witherspoon-Zac Posen, Nicole Kidman-Lanvin, Natalie Portman-Lanvin.

“Say Cheese..Before I Sneeze”-New Digital Camera Eyewear

Smile!-You’re on my Eye Camera! (Photo Courtesy of

What a fun way to shoot a picture!  I wondered what camera companies would come up with to sell their wares when I  can just take out my iPhone and snap a quick, crisp, high quality photo and really don’t need a camera anymore. Well, here’s one of the first of probably many fun and innovative gadgets to get you or me into carrying around a camera again.  Note:  I still use my digital camera at home when I want to take some extra crisp, well lighted, blog pix.

I personally like these and could see them selling the first batch out in minutes at a local Urban Outfitters store. Fits in perfectly with a lot of their other useful useless merch-that I bet you’ve bought in the past-I know I have a few strange things from their store in my house, but I do buy most of my things there  as gifts for friends.
Now back to the gist of the glasses, these come in 4 colors-Red, Black, Blue and white and hang from your neck with the included gold chain.  Great thing about them is they are only $60 bucks and take 2048x1536pixel pix or NTSC quality video!! I’m not exactly sure where you can buy them, they just got started talking about today on trendhunter, PopPhoto, audiocubes and Gizmodo.  But, my guess is Urban Outfitters will get them first.  Perfect for Hipsters and Ravers or even the ever inecreasing  HipsterRaver. Do you Like em’ or Not, leave a comment and LMK. Take care. SM

2012 Trends

This is one of those vids that I can’t seem to get on to my site, but if you click on the link above it will take you to a pretty fun video on what’s going to be hot for 2012.  It’s the “2012 Trends with Amber Mac and Sarah Lane”.  The two reasons I clicked on it to watch it were 1.  I like TrendSpotting and 2.  They talk to Jeremy Gutsche the founder of And the reason why I like him, is when he did an article on customization. I emailed him to tell him about the Converse Store in NYC that I visited in December 2011. The Store uses iPads to personalize your new kicks right in the store. And the cool thing is Jeremy responded to my email. And not only did he respond, but he responded with “Sweet-Thanks for sending Scott”-To say the least I was Impressed! Note:  Maybe like you, not everyone I talk to who I don’t know personally responds and he responded within minutes,  and with positivity.

Anyways, you can click on the link and watch the Vid or just check out the highlights that I gathered from watching most of it..listed below:

1.  Digital Eating:  This will get bigger than ever before with ipads taking your order from your seat.  Jeremy talks about ordering a round of drinks without waiting upon a waiter or waitress to come to your table. And the lady hosting the show says she orders her ice cream and pays for it before leaving her house. Then just picks up her dessert at the corner store.

2.  Virtual Fashion:  My audio wasnt perfect on this one, but I did hear them talk about some Hot “Facebook” kicks from Adidas.  

3.  Augmented Reality Shopping:  Talked about virtual on-line fitting rooms getting bigger and better in 2012.   

4. This is Trendhunter’s new site where they are trying to help create positive social change.  Things like Toms Shoes, where if you buy a pair of shoes a pair of shoes goes to the needy.  Pretty sure there’s also a sunglass store that does something similar.

And the most fun part of watching the video for me!! He talked about the Converse Store in NYC!!

Happy New Year!  I’ll be posting Hot shopping, trends and slang from Chi-Town and the Suburbs of the Windy City soon.  Still trying to catch my breath from the whirlwind trip to NYC and Chicago. Happy Thoughts and positive vibes to you in 2012!

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