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Hot in the NYC Streetz-Streetzblog.com Live Dec 17, 2011

The Company that made my skateboard and the Streetzblog QR code live and direct in SOHO NYC

1.  Atrium on Broadway in Soho:  Has a brand New Shoe section in the back with lots of HOT street brands.  But beware, don’t get too excited when you see something you like, they have a very limited supply of sizes. I asked for a 9.5 or a 10 and he brought out a size 11.  Aaah..I don’t quite think that will work!  Trendy item of the week at Atrium:  “Naked and Famous”  Raw Denim from Japan GLOW IN THE DARK  Jeans.  About $250. These  need to be charged with a light source then they are guaranteed to glow. Would be fun to wear to a club or two.

2.  Fun Shirt at Urban Outfitters:  “If I came back as a Zombie, I’m eating you First”.  They also have Spam Mints and Bacon Flavored Candy Canes.

3. Flight Club NYC:  I went here with a couple of people, the line was 20 deep with people purchasing items. And the two people I was with both bought a pair of hard to find mint condition kicks.  I also liked that a few pairs that I have lying around the house NIB have gone up about $100 since last year at this exact same time. Note:  You can also buy from these guys on-line, it’s the same place I bought my Flo-Green Statue of Liberty Limited Edition Dunk SB’s.

4.  Hot brands at Bloomingdale’s:  Lots of new and exiting designers have been put in from the rennovation of the Uptown store. Here’s a short sampling of a few of them:

Drykorn for Beautiful People-Really nice Jackets ala’ HTMIIA

Red Collar Project: Cool T’s

Warriors of Sadness:  Shirts and T’s

Officine Creative:  NiceStreet shoes and boots at uptown prices

5. UNIQLO-Uptown-Flagsip Store-NYC (5th Ave at 53rd Street):  Hi-Tech-HEATTECH Clothing:  this is a must have if it’s cold outside.  Really thin long and short underwear that keeps me warm!  On sale now for very inexpensive prices of $9.90-$12.90.  piece have Heat Generation, Heat Retention, Anti-Odor, Odor Control, Stetchable Comfort, Quick Dry, Anti-Static and Non deforming properties.  I bought a thin black pair of long johns and a thin black long sleeve shirt and I havnt been cold since. And since they are so thin, no one even knows I have them on, not even me! a far cry from that thick yucky long underwear of 10-20 years ago. Get em’ now while they’re really inexpensive!

6.  The Ugly Christmas Sweater Pub Crawl:  I have never seen so many ugly Christmas sweaters, why do they even make these things, do people really think they look good?  Maybe Uniqlo could make some hipster versions?  anyways they did this pub crawl on Saturday-it started at Noon at the Village Pourhouse. more info at pubcrawls.com

And as always, Here’s a picture of my kicks in NYC.  These are very comfortable calfskin black leather with light weight wedge sole Grenson FRED V’s from Barney’s NYC.

I love these shoes!

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