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I like to be positive whenever I write a streetzblog, but I gotta’ tell you right now, writing a blog in NYC is very frustrating, the internet and the phone goes out about every 10 minutes out here. I really don’t know how people communicate here. I suspect they text most of the time. So, I will write this up, but it may get jagged, because the internet keeps going on and off both yesterday and today. Staying positive, I’m doing my best to hook you up w/ the action on the streetz of NYC Dec 2011 and the Streetz are blazing this year!

I’ll write quick and edit it more later when the connection is better, here goes for Saturday December 16, 2011:

1. Premium Laces on Spring Near Lafayette. Kicks galore, but don’t let what you see on the wall tell the whole story. when the guys working there were having fun playing mini baseball, I saw some crisp new Cements in the back. Just ask and you may find your Holy Grail at this store!!  I was out of money at the time, hopefully i wasn’t dreaming and they’ll have some “CRIPS” when I go back.
2. Kid Robot:  you’ve probably seen the logo, the T’s and the Toys. But it’s the store where all the fun is really at!  I spent about 30 minutes here just having fun.  We answered a trivia question and won a limited edition kidrobot vs Adult Swim mini toy, I bought a few “surprise” boxes, and the limited Edition SkullCandy VS KidRobot headphones are to die for.  What a fun time, even if you don’t spend a dime here, it’s a fun place to hang. BTW I spent and got some really cool KR logo’d bags too.  
3.  82 Mercer-Pop up Store with Yelp:This place was so much fun!  It was just a two-day pop up store, but extremely entertaining.  They had 35 local Soho and Brooklyn based booths.  Free Cocoa when I walked in, then free pop chips with a toss and win game.  I bought a pretend butterfly in jar that looks super real. It flutters around in the jar just like it’s stuck in the jar.  So cool!  I also bought a jar of liquid coffee brewed like a fine wine. You just mix the liquid coffee with water and voila – Killer coffee in seconds.  Here’s the picture of the liquid coffee Concentrate bottle:

Can't Wait to try this out-it tasted great at the Pop-Up Store!

The 82 Mercer-Pop-Up-Store also had a really fun Custom T-Shirt Booth.  It was very, actually lets say VERY,VERY Old School, Yet pretty contemporary with the shirts it outputted. Basically you could choose a design or a few designs to customize your shirt. then the man spread the paint down, then took a really heavy plate and placed it on the shirt. then He put it on a table with an old looking metal crank and he hand cranked the plate and paint on to the shirt.  Was pretty cool and a fun experience. Here’s a picture of the shirt making contraption from   

The Ol' School Printing Press

My favorite part about the 82 Mercer Street Pop Up store was the B.GOLD clothing release Party in the back.  I had a great time talking to the Posse of the designer and goofing around with them.  I hooked them up with a couple of Starbecks shirts and they really liked them. I tried to buy a couple of things, but most was too cold weather. but i will order something from them later on.  They have really nice clothes for guys that are extremely detailed.  They also had free beer, free shots of vodka, free meatballs and free mix tapes. Along with a DJ who played everything from Jay-Z to Rihanna to Swedish House Mafia.  Great Time all the way!  Thanks for the fun time!  
Here’s a picture of the vodka bottle withe a blue neon scrolling sign embedded on it.  WOW!  Awesome!
 These bottles were on the table at the B.GOLD clothign line party. the Neon sign scrolled across the bottle. Was really Cool.
And before I even knew I was going to their party, I put one of my stickers near their poster in a real “Phone Booth”  Who would have thunk, I would end up having such a good time with the B. GOLD Crew!!  Also, thanks to Yelp for putting on the party!

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