Hot Trend 11.11.11

Stick-Boarding? Land-Paddling? Stick-Skating? Paddle-Skating? Street Paddle Boarding?

I’m going to write this Old School Street Trend spotting style first. Then I’ll go to the internet and see what I can find. A little backward then what I’ve been doing lately, but the way I’ve been spotting trends for many a year!

A few weeks ago, as some of you may know, after about a month of deliberation, I bought my 5BORO Empire State Building Skateboard and have been having a pretty good time on it.  When I mentioned it to a friend, they said, “Why don’t you Get a Paddle? I’ve been seeing a bunch of guys and gals skating around with big, long sticks lately”  I said  “You’re joking, Paddle-Boarding is for the Ocean..I know you’re just messing with me”  Well this past weekend,  I saw my first “Stick-Boarder”- the name I like the best out of the five I made up at the top of this blog.  I didn’t think much of seeing the Stick-Skater-and kind of thought it was too much of a coincidence and maybe I was just seeing things.

But then, Tonight I saw my first REAL Stick-boarder over by 7-Eleven on Piikoi in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Now this guy was moving and grooving like he was in the Ocean.  I ran up closer to check him out and Yes, this has to be labeled a Trend as of NOW. He didn’t get that good in a day or two, must have been doing it for a few months or so.  The guy had a board the Size was between a Pro Model and a long Board and his stick or pole seemed to be wooden with some sort of Black stub on the bottom. He was for sure without a doubt, Paddling down the street on a skateboard  with a stick made for this new sport and he was very good at it.

Now, Let’s check the Internet and See What’s There?!?!

There’s some other Vids on YouTube, but you get the drift, its real, not sure if the trend is moving from Hawaii to the Mid-West or from the Mid-West to Hawaii.  Let me know if you know more about this new sport or if you spot anyone in your neighborhood Stick-Boarding down the street.  Let’s see how big this Gets. I for one will stick to skating once or twice a week and working on my Ollie before I get really hurt. So far, no really bad wipe-outs, just a couple of slip-ups, but still no Ollie and the internet says that’s the first trick that I gotta’ learn to be a skater. We’ll wait and see, hope I can get it before getting too bloody.

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  1. Spotted a guy going down Madison ave, NYC in speedos. He was booking it between cabs and traffic. Might work in Hawaii but its total fruit up in the mainland.


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